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  1. For those of you who want to follow along for funsies, I've put all the teams in a best ball league again. You may want to double check your rosters to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. Good Luck! 2022 - FFToday July Mock Draft
  2. Mr. Landry

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

    Sorry guys, I've been out for awhile and haven't been checking here. Thanks for the heads up. I think I just fixed it and selected for it to be applied retroactively. Hopefully the scoring will update shortly.
  3. Mr. Landry

    Your drafts biggest reach?

    Allan Lazard 3.08 Justin Tucker 8.03
  4. Mr. Landry

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

  5. Mr. Landry

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

    7, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Mr. Landry

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

  7. Mr. Landry

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

    No problem. I'm on summer break so I have a lot of time to kill.
  8. Mr. Landry

    2022 - July Mock Draft Website

  9. Mr. Landry

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

    Sounds good to me!
  10. Mr. Landry

    August Half-PPR Mock Draft

    I'd love to do it, but my availability gets spotty on the 10th. If you think we can be done by then, or don't mind me sending in a list after that point, count me in!
  11. Mr. Landry

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Speaking of comments, might as well close this out: I originally was planning on taking Austin Hooper to close out my draft. Not too long ago he was the highest paid TE in the league and put together back to back top 6 finishes. Then he was shipped off to the Cleveland wasteland and shared time with Njoku and some other guy I can't remember. He's "the man" now in Tennessee and they have a lot of targets up for grabs. All that to say he has the same bye week as Hockenson, so I had to pivot to Engram. The guy has talent and is in a new situation in Jacksonville with a coach who fed Zach Ertz. The Colts are a defense. They tied for the highest turn over rate in the league last year, they play Houston and Jacksonville twice each and the Legion of Boom creator is now their D-Coordinator.
  12. Mr. Landry

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Mark Ingram went to Ray in the tenth.
  13. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    16.01 - DEF Indianapolis COLTS
  14. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    15.12 - TE Evan Engram, JAC
  15. Mr. Landry

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    The QB's left are getting sketchy, so I grabbed Lawrence for his upside. He finished as a very low end QB2 last year, but his situation has improved tremendously. Meyer is gone and Doug Peterson is in. Peterson has done wonders with QB's in the past, so Lawrence should improve. The Jags also added Christian Kirk and Evan Engram (and Zay Jones), so he'll have a better arsenal around him. I took a "flyer" on Garrett Wilson. He finds himself in a potentially crowded situation, but the Jets took him 10th for a reason and I think he slides into the WR2 spot on the team. He won't produce world beater numbers, but at this point in the draft that is very hard to find. And if something were to happen to Moore...who knows?
  16. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    14.01 - WR Garrett Wilson, NYJ
  17. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 13 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    14.12 - QB Trevor Lawrence, JAC
  18. Mr. Landry

    Round Eleven - Sixteen Commentary - July Mock 2022

    My squad definitely needs some help at RB and guys I'd be interested in rostering at that position are getting very thin, so I thought I'd double up. James Cook should step in as the Bills pass-catching RB. The Bills tend to throw a lot and this is a PPR league, so those are two positives. The Bills also have seemed hesitant to hand the reigns over to Singletary and they did spend a second rounder on Cook, so he hopefully will find himself in more of a committee role. Robinson is insurance for Etienne. He is quite the capable back and put up RB1/RB2 numbers when healthy last year.
  19. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 12 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    12.01 - RB James Robinson, JAC
  20. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 11 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    11.12 - RB James Cook, BUF
  21. Mr. Landry

    Round Seven - Ten Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Rhamondre was a must pick for me. Of the RB's left, I felt he had the highest floor/upside. He can run and catch. James White is questionable to be ready for the beginning of the year, so he most likely will start the year as the "receiving back". He spent about 8 weeks in Belichick's dog house last year and still posted 728 yards/5 TD's in 12 games. Now, in his second year in the Patriots system, he most likely has more of the confidence of the coaching staff. He'll put up stats sharing time with Harris and, if Harris goes down, the door is open. Unless Belichick slams it in his face... Drake London was a BPA pick. I was a bit surprised to see him still sitting there, as I think were a few others. His QB situation isn't the best, but he is about all Atlanta has. He'll be stepping into Calvin Ridley's role (WR1) and Ridley averaged over 10 targets a game last year. He could easily see north of 120 targets, which would land him, at the worst, as a solid WR3. I'm happy to take that from my WR5.
  22. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 10 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    10.01 - RB Rhamondre Stevenson, NEP
  23. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 9 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    9.12 - WR Drake London, ATL
  24. Mr. Landry

    Round Seven - Ten Commentary - July Mock 2022

    Didn't expect Hockenson to fall to me at 7.12, so I had to adjust my plan. He is a bit injury-prone, but he if he played a full season last year he would have averaged out as TE4. I liked him a whole lot better than what would have come back to me in round 9 so I had to pull the trigger. I also had to pull the trigger on Rodgers, as rounds 8-9 are when a lot of people grab back up QB's. He was the last of what I considered the QB1's. A lot of people are shying away from Rodgers because of the loss of Adams, but he has produced great numbers in a variety of different systems with a variety of different personnel. Although it is a small sample size, Rodgers numbers (TD's, YPA and overall fantasy points) have been higher without Davante Adams in the line up. So, while he will most likely slip this year, I don't believe it will be as much as many people fear. At least I hope so...
  25. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 8 Selections - July Mock 2022 **

    8.01 - QB Aaron Rodgers, GB