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  1. Mr. Landry

    Football Team at Eagles: SNF Discussion

    If the Eagles were even trying a little bit, they'd have this in the bag.
  2. Mr. Landry

    Football Team at Eagles: SNF Discussion

    The Eagles, apparently, are taking a look at what they'll have available behind center next year. Or blatantly tanking to give Washington the East. One or the other depending on who you are rooting for.
  3. If you scored in both departments, like FROZENBEERNUTS did last year, you'd average over 15 points per game from the two positions. If you screwed the pooch, like ICEMAN, you'd average about 6 points a game. Most teams averaged about 11-12 points a game from the spots. Right around 180-200 total points over the course of the year.
  4. Mr. Landry

    FFToday July PPR Mock

    I appreciate your thought out response. And your willingness to share your opinions in a somewhat dead forum. I don't disagree with much of what you've said (except maybe that Foles is not better than Trubisky), which is why I agree that all four should be very close in rankings and could be interchangeable in a draft depending on personal preference. What I took issue with was the declaration that it was an 'awful' pick and maybe the worst one of the draft. As it was my pick, I was probably more sensitive about it than I should have been, but even if it wasn't I would have argued against the thought. I just took a look at fantasypros, which averages the "experts" rankings. For a PPR league the four WR's in discussion here are ranked as such: 7. Robinson 8. Golloday 9. Evans 10. Smith-Schuster Clearly, all four have very similar value. The majority of experts think Robinson has the most upside of the four. I don't think picking one over the other is "awful", nor would it qualify for "maybe the worst pick in the draft". But, you are entitled to your opinion. And, I suppose, I need to respect it. Even if I think you are way off.
  5. Mr. Landry

    FFToday July PPR Mock

    You are going to quibble over "might be"? All right. I'll correct my statement: To call Robinson "an awful pick", much less one that might be the worst pick of the draft, is a little imperceptive. And I appreciate your opinion about my explanations as to why I picked him. When I said "proven it", I meant he has proven it in the sense that he has put up the receptions with the targets. In 2018 (in a full season with Stafford) Golladay put up 70/1063 (in a season where the #2 and #3 WR didn't make it through the season, which should have left Golladay as the clear cut #1 like Robinson was last year). Robinson is returning to the same offense with either the same QB or a better one. I'm not sure why it is so easy for you to say Robinson can't do what he did last year (in, virtually, the same situation if not better), but then turn around and say Golladay will do something that he hasn't done yet. You've explained why you think picking Robinson in regards to Golladay was so awful. I'd be interested to hear why it was so awful in comparison to JuJu and Evans. Thanks.
  6. Mr. Landry

    FFToday July PPR Mock

    As the picker of Robinson, I'll respond. Robinson, with Trubisky as his QB, got 154 targets and 98 catches. You say with "no real starting caliber Qb for the Bears, I dont see Robinson having 98 rec once again". At worst he will have the exact same QB. At best he'll get a better one with Foles under center. Why could he not produce similar numbers? Evans: The only real competition for targets in the Bears offense is Anthony Miller. Evans has to compete with Godwin (who most believe is now the #1 in Tampa) as well as Tommy's best friend Gronk. Plus, I don't think the Bucs are going to sling it deep as often as they did with Winston under center. That isn't Brady's bread and butter. And it is a major part of Evans' game. JuJu is a question mark. He very easily could be better than Robinson, but as Frozenbeernuts pointed out, he very easily could be much worse. In my second/third round pick, I wanted something with more stability. Golladay: This would have been my pick had I not gone with Robinson. With Stafford back, I predict WR1 numbers from Golladay. I think at the end of the year their numbers will be very similar, but I went with someone who has already proven it. I can see an argument being made for any of those three guys over Robinson. But, I can clearly make an argument for Robinson over them. To call Robinson "an awful pick", much less the worst pick of the draft, is a little imperceptive.
  7. Mr. Landry 2359 138.8 robb 2188 128.7 remote controller 2068 121.6 Frozenbeernuts 2053 120.8 WhiteWonder 2040 120.0 The Football Guru 2009 118.2 Ralphster 1985 116.8 shovelheadt 1930 113.5 Ray Lewis' Limo Driver 1881 110.6 Matt Mueller 1779 104.6 Hawkeye21 1761 103.6 ICEMAN 1529 89.9 I think having McCaffrey, Prescott and Kittle sealed it for me.
  8. As far as I can tell, the rosters are loaded and the scoring settings are correct. You may want to double check one or both to make sure I got everything correct. Nice draft, all! https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/35277#0
  9. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    16.12 - K Dan Bailey, MIN (formerly DAL)
  10. https://www78.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/69769#0 I'll set up another one for this year...
  11. Probably should have clarified the format before. My later picks have been angled more for a Best Ball experience. It doesn't matter to me, though. Either way, I'll probably throw this up on MFL for giggles if nothing else.
  12. The last three years I have stuck this up on MFL so we could track the teams and see how they played out. Best Ball style...
  13. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    15.01 New Orleans Saints Defense
  14. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 14 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    14.12 - TE Jonnu Smith, TEN
  15. Proctologist. Which is why I picked Reagor. Being there reminded me of the Eagles...