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  1. I knew I took him early, but I didn't think I took him THAT early.
  2. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 9 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    9.01 - QB Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr, NEP TB
  3. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 8 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    8.12 - RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn, TB
  4. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 7 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    7.01 - RB Tarik Cohen, CHI
  5. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 6 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    6.12 - WR Stefon Diggs, BUF
  6. Mr. Landry

    Black man sucker punches a 12 year old white kid

    Attacker in custody
  7. Mr. Landry

    ** Round Four-Six Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    Got a little nervous when the RB's started drying up, but was quite happy Conner made it to me. There are some question marks around whether he can stay healthy, but those are the only question marks about his game. Big Ben will be back this year and the entire offense, which took a huge dump last year, will raise its game. He's one year removed from a top ten finish and I expect he'll finish closer to that than his RB33 finish from a year ago. If he stays healthy, he's great value at this point. Keenan Allen is another "high risk-high reward" pick. Over the last three years he's averaging 148 targets and 101 receptions a year. Losing Rivers is going to hurt, but he's still the focal point of the passing offense, Even with a 20% drop in catches he'd still be catching 80 balls, which is solid production from a WR2.
  8. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 5 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    5.01 - RB James Conner, PIT
  9. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 4 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    4.12 - WR Keenan Allen, LAC
  10. Mr. Landry

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    Golladay was my pick at 3.01 if I hadn't taken Kittle. I think the sky is the limit for him with his QB back this year. He was WR9 in PPR last year and that was with David Blough and Jeff Driskel throwing him the ball for half the year.
  11. Mr. Landry

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    Allowed myself a glimmer of hope when I saw Godwin falling. I think Robinson is an excellent consolation prize. He's got virtually no competition for targets this year, after pulling over 150 last year. Plus he should get a QB upgrade if the Bears aren't stupid (I know, a big if). The third round pick was painful. I was really wanting to go with another guy at another position, but felt the drop off after Kittle was too severe. I HATE taking TE's early, but I veered from that course last year and it served me very well.
  12. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 3 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    3.10 - TE George Kittle, SF
  13. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 2 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    2.12 - WR Allen Robinson, CHI
  14. Mr. Landry

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    Pardon my starting this thing early, but I have no desire to get up in less than five hours to make my pick if I don't have to. There were, obviously, other options here, but I didn't really consider them. McCaffrey was a beast last year and will be a beast this year. He outscored the next highest RB by over 156 points in 2019. That is just about 10 points a game. So, even if he regresses, he should still be the closest thing to money.
  15. Mr. Landry

    ** Round 1 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    1.01 - RB - Christian McCaffrey, CAR