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  1. Jackal

    gratefulted is dead

    Cotd was great, as was Ju-day!! Posted that awful pic of herself, and then "supposedly" got killed by a window air conditioner falling on her haid!! Also GiantsFan claims of heroism on 911 and the GFIAP moniker!
  2. Jackal

    How did you guys discover this place?

    1999 Internet search for Fantasy Football Rankings.
  3. Jackal

    gratefulted is dead

    So sad. I was in a couple leagues with him and remember talking to him once or twice on the phone. Great guy. And Rusty, thanks for bringing up all those memories! Also "Sipppah Cup", "Guess what NFL Player I Am", "Mookie's uncle and the gallon of milk challenge".....and all the flame wars between Meph, Megla, Torrid, posty, Rusty, stick, Gutter, etc.
  4. Jackal

    DPL 09

    Helloooooo test
  5. Jackal

    DPL 09

  6. Jackal

    Why do evangelics love Trump?

    This is a very broad statement wiffleball. I consider myself a fundie Christian but by no means intellectually stupid. I agree that certain "religions" tend to be of less than average intelligence when it comes to matters of politics, I call that the "sheep following the shepherd" rule. The leader makes his stance known, the "flock" trusts said leader and believes whatever he says without researching and making their own decisions.
  7. Jackal

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    Good point. Maybe I should have said hundreds of people with thousands of aliases.
  8. Jackal

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    Name and SSN Jackal - What you are known for at the Geek Club Sippah Cup - Favorite moment in Geek Club history Couple come to mind: the great steak debate, Guess which NFL player I am, Curly Board Jihad....but mine would have to be the 911 thread. While the events of that tragic day were unfolding, it was great to see every one here put aside all their petty differences and show genuine concern for other posters living in the NYC/DC area. - Reason you left my work blocked all websites having to do with Fantasy Football. I snuck into the sanctuary because of some Fantasy Football League draft being over there and have been hanging around since then. -Favorite story about another Geek Club member Ju-day having a window AC unit falling on her head was tragically funny. Cyric appearing on everything from a slice of toast, to a burrito, a prosciutto, etc. Swerski thumbs up. While all those above were classic, I would have to say my favorite was Mookie and his stories. Like his uncle (?) trying to drink a gallon of milk within a minute. - Most important piece of wisdom to impart to the new Geek Club members It's a message board filled with thousands of people with thousands of different opinions. Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not make them wrong. There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge here, but by the same token there is a lot of BS to wade through to find it! If you offend easily, then this is probably not the place for you. Peace
  9. Jackal

    Hello, I'm old here!

    Miller Lite!
  10. Jackal

    Hello, I'm old here!

    Sippah Cup was Jackal Jr. He's now 16......yes it's been over 10 years!!!
  11. Jackal

    College savings

    Same here. GI Bill paid for my degree. I'm pushing my son to go that route as well, except for the blowing up thing.........
  12. Jackal

    College savings

    Did the state prepaid tuition plan when my son was born (2000). The younger they are, the cheaper it is to get this started. I think I ended up paying around $6500 total, but he is guaranteed 4 years worth of tuition to any school within the state when he turns 18. Liked the flexibility (transfer it to another family member, cash it out with interest, use it for other college expenses if son gets scholarship). Plus, if he decides to go to an out of state school, they will pay whatever the highest tuition is in the state towards the out of state tuition. He's 14, so don't know how it's gonna pan out yet.
  13. Jackal

    The Sanctuary is broken

    Yep, and they thought it was such a great idea they pulled the plug on the root site as well!!
  14. Jackal

    The Sanctuary is broken

    J. Lambert, R. Aguayo, J. Oberkrom, Z. Gonzalez, A. Schneider, K. Brindza, C. Van Winkle, J. Haig, J. Lambo, A. Phillips
  15. Jackal

    The Sanctuary is broken

    Aw HELL no!!