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  1. "Bring them in" "Dr. Walensky spoke to this in her personal capacity"- Jen Psaki
  2. Fireballer

    Wagering thread

    I'm glad I didn't pay much attention to the NCAA slate tonight. Coastal -2??? I may have dropped some inappropriate funds on this game.
  3. Fireballer

    Trans Kids

    Message to parents...conform or we will take your kids. This is pure evil.
  4. Fireballer

    Minnesota: Leading The Way

    Yeah, I was trying to find any commonality, but there's really not anything that jumps out
  5. Fireballer

    Oh holy crap

    Wokeness virtue signaling is a huge deposit in your wokeness bank account
  6. Fireballer

    Faces of Death was fake????

    I remember one specific scene where a bomb technician was killed while fuking around with a device. Pretty sure that was real too.
  7. Fireballer

    Trans Kids

    Interesting Twitter thread. Seems like Vanderbilt is on the cutting edge of gender bending, including minors. Who woulda thunk it could be lucrative for hospitals? We should all be horrified by this, but we're numb to it...that's the point. The only saving grace here is that the Feds don't support mutilating kids.
  8. Two other good ones.
  9. Fireballer

    Wagering thread

    I can't imagine how many teasers and ML parlays got busted on the Bengals.
  10. Fireballer

    Wagering thread

    Have you been using the Pine Sports stuff for any props? I hit a few longest rush and under rushing yards last week with their numbers.
  11. No. No sugar means no sugar. Literally none. I know at least a dozen guys at work that have been on meat and fat for years. I don't advocate it because I think it presents some gut health questions, but they seem to thrive on it.
  12. Fireballer

    Chumba casino mail in cash

    What skill is involved in these games? Is it all just video slots and stuff?
  13. Fireballer

    Chumba casino mail in cash

    I'm gonna dig into this more tomorrow, but I still don't understand the jist of this. How does sending letters get you money? And how does the casino part play into this? Edit: so you have to write the canned statement on every card? When they receive it, you get $5 of casino credit? Then, if you win a casino game, you can then withdraw cash???
  14. Fireballer

    What Type Of Workout Do You Do ?

    A version of 5/3/1 with lots of mobility work. I also walk to the top floor any time one of my companies goes on a fire alarm at a hi rise building. I usually get in about 100 floors total every day I work.