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  1. Fireballer

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Now youre no longer talking about legal asylum
  2. Fireballer

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Absolutely…in Columbia, Costs Rica,. Honduras, Guatemala, or any other country they pass through to get to the US
  3. Fireballer

    Kids are different these days….

    I’ve got 3 kids and try to act like I’m raising them in the 80s. They have phones, but I limit their screen time. Lots of thir friends don’t even have bikes these days. And, I always have them invite friends to hang out at our house for movies or S’mores around the fire pit. It’s like social media and FaceTime have become a substitute for actual human interection.
  4. Fireballer

    Tiffany Henyard....jfc

    The product of identity politics.
  5. Fireballer

    RIP Kagney Linn Karter

    Damn that’s hardcore, especially a chick
  6. Truly, one of the most egregious things that you will read about, and it’s crickets.
  7. Dividing the family unit is but one of the spokes in the wheel of the growing radical Leftism. I know there’s numerous people here who have advocated for schools keeping secrets from parents…same church, different pew. Good job idiots.
  8. Fireballer

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    Welcome to Tim’s “serious” debate thread
  9. Fireballer

    Timmy’s thread for serious discussion and debate

    This thread is ironic since most of your stances are based on your feelings and no evidence. Shall we start with police shootings, Tim?
  10. Fireballer

    Failure of the public education system

    Well, at least this one admits it…fuckin POS. Can we drop the “nobody wants to sexualize kids” narrative?
  11. As they often do, another liberal dream ends in disaster. No unicorns and rainbows here.
  12. Fireballer

    Nothing about the waste management insanity?

    Kiz is outstanding in the booth