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  1. Fireballer

    Caribbean, tamarind glazed jerk shrimp with maque choux

    Give me your best jerk recipe. I'm at the beach and in the grilling mood. Or maybe a decent bottled jerk marinade?
  2. Paul Casey gets it...
  3. Fireballer

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Well, at least he said it out loud
  4. What does this even mean? "the intersection where all people who are oppressed meet.”
  5. Fireballer

    fans defy "no national anthem" at softball game

    Doesn't matter. Why it's not being played is what important. Patriotism morphed to mean nationalism. Nationalism morphed to mean white nationalism. White nationalism morphed to mean white supremacy. Are u paying attention?
  6. Fireballer

    fans defy "no national anthem" at softball game

    The left has succeeded in weaponizing the National Anthem against us.
  7. Fireballer

    What brand tires do you run?

    A cheap tire doesn't have to "blow out" to screw you. Uneven wear, protruding belts, cupping, hard to keep balanced, etc. Also, you have to consider the cost of mounting and balancing that your paying for twice in 5 years while a premium tire will last alot longer.
  8. Fireballer

    What brand tires do you run?

    You forgot to log into GFIAFP before telling this story.
  9. Fireballer

    Wiff vs nikki

    @phillybear gonna phillybear Since your father selfishly choose to be queer later in life, while in turn ruining your mother's life, do you also have to deal with the reality that your entire existence is a tragic mistake, that you never should have been born? Is this why you project such emotion into the queer issues, because you have such resentment for being born, which is a betrayal of your father's new lifestyle. I would strongly recommend shock therapy. Pour a bottle of water over your head and jump on a third rail.
  10. Fireballer

    Chinatown by state. Spermoff

    The wiff we all love...
  11. Fireballer

    Chinatown by state. Spermoff

    I haven't been been that far up 7th St in few years. Has it been de-Chinered that much? There was a great Mongolian buffet I loved.
  12. Fireballer

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Joe had something on his chin
  13. Fireballer

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    These men have signed their death warrants