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  1. Fireballer

    Not only is Trump racist, he is WORSE than a racist

    These things are tough. Just remember that you have to continue to take care of yourself, in order to take care of others. Sounds like Dad needs a mental break too.
  2. Fireballer

    Not only is Trump racist, he is WORSE than a racist

    Damn sorry to hear. Did you come intending to be on vacation and your mom unfortunately became ill?
  3. Fireballer

    Not only is Trump racist, he is WORSE than a racist

    Are you over here in the US?
  4. Fireballer

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Public safety is held to a higher standard of professionalism than general public. It just comes with the territory. Seriously, what profession, besides maybe the clergy, would you allow to walk unfettered through your home like you would a firefighter? We cannot allow erosion of our public trust.
  5. Fireballer

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Heres one now in S Carolina. http://www.firelawblog.com/2019/07/21/sc-captain-terminated-for-blm-post-can-allege-race-discrimination-but-not-1st-amendment/#.XTTjuw1EJoM.twitter
  6. Yeah so what has changed that she feels comfortable to get in dudes face now? Waste of oxygen.
  7. Not so fast cowboy. Dont you remember that cameras were needed to expose the raciss cops? Now it found the footage is being used more as evidence for convictions and exhonorating cops. Cameras is raciss.
  8. Fireballer

    Why don’t strip clubs have daycare

    I bet they would if you asked. 25-30 year old chicks that have ruined their lives love mulling over lost opportunities of having a family. Win-win situation.
  9. He said, she said will go to the side of the minority/woman nowadays. That was the intent of Kavenaugh right? Reminds me of this dumba$$. https://www.newsweek.com/darnell-byrd-mcpherson-mayor-lamar-south-carolina-hate-crime-pollen-spray-1349289?amp=1
  10. Fireballer

    Saddest music video

    And hats...dont forget hats. Agressive, hate filled, white, catholic school boys from Kentucky in hats.
  11. Fireballer

    Saddest music video

  12. Fireballer


    Out of curiosity, how did she become your ex? Really good years just become really bad years?
  13. Mostly this. Hunting and fishing are deeply engrained into the cultural of the rural southern/midwest white dude. Clothing companies, like Carhartt, make very durable clothing these guys wear doing their rural jobs and farming. Most if them have gun racks in their jacked up Powerstrokes and Duramaxes. Its just part of life.