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  1. idlewild

    this site is dead

    I'm still here.
  2. Thanks! What about Ballage? I was thinking Ballage > Anderson > Blue....
  3. Yes, HELLp. My team is crap. .5 ppr Pick One: -CJ Anderson @ ARI -Kalen Ballage v JAX -Alfred Blue @ PHI -Curtis Samuel v ATL -Josh Reynolds @ ARI Rest of team: -Patrick Mahomes @ SEA -Robby Anderson v GB -Robert Foster @ NE -Jaylen Samuels @ NO -Marlon Mack v NYG -Travis Kelce @ SEA -Matt Bryant @ CAR -Tenn D v WAS (18 points)
  4. idlewild

    Quick need help at wr

    Robby and Alshon. I have a feeling about Anderson is gonna go off tonight.
  5. idlewild

    PICK 2 WR - Leave Link!

    I really think Robby is going to go off today. Ugh.
  6. idlewild

    Dak or watson

    Dak. I live in NYC and the NWS just issued a gale warning. I thought it was supposed to rain, but it isnt. I think Houston will be up and relying on their run game a lot.
  7. idlewild

    PICK 2 WR - Leave Link!

    Sterling Shepard Robby Wiilams Josh Gordon Curtis Samuel
  8. I'm also starting Jaylen Samuels (@ OAK) and Justin Jackson (vs. CIN). Thank you, Hunt and Conner. FML.
  9. idlewild

    HELP An Old Timer

    Need 1 WR, 2 RBs, 1 Flex from this pile of dog : WR: J. Gordon @ MIA C Samuel @ CLE RB: S. Ware v BAL J. Samuels @ OAK M. Mack @ HOU J. Jackson v CIN Thanks!
  10. idlewild

    Are you guys still starting Aaron Jones?

    I have him and my opponent just picked up Ty and is playing him too. Homo.
  11. idlewild

    Seems crazy to ask, but start Rodgers or Watson?

    Rodgers will get injured. Start Watson with confidence.
  12. idlewild

    **Official Week 5 FU**

    Oakland and Philadelphia fans. Every week. Also, Jay Ajayi.
  13. idlewild

    F.U. Week 15

    Cast another vote for Ajayi. ODBoomorBust too.