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  1. 3 hours ago, weepaws said:

    Next season wait until the double digit rounds to draft a TE.  

    I drafted Goeddert in the 9th and someone dropped Kittle week 8 and I picked him up. But yeah, thanks.

  2. FU to Jeff Wilson Jr for fumbling, thus allowing Tyreek Hill to pick up said fumble and take it to the house, thus eliminating my playoff hopes. I know he scored later but I was prepared for that - I would have won with just his receiving yards and that receiving TD.

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  3. 18 hours ago, weepaws said:

    What size league. And how many teams make the playoffs? 

    10 teams, 6 get in the Championship bracket. Toilet Bowl for me if Tampa D scores more than 4 tonight.

    And whatever Axe, I'm 3rd in points scored, 2nd in points against. So yeah, it's been a crappy season of getting everyone on their best weeks.

    EDIT: I won by 0.18

  4. A giant fock YOU to the Chargers defense who allowed my opponent's Jacobs and Adams to score a combined 61 against me to erase what I thought was an insurmountable lead. I'm in 8th and needed to win last 2 to get in: had a huge week from my team including a great pickup of Cleveland D. Had a massive lead on #1 team until this game. FOCK.

    And sticking with the Chargers - Herbert you SUCK. What an absolute waste of a QB1 draft pick by me this year. If only I had waited a round and grabbed Hurts I'd have 4 more wins on the season and locked into playoffs.

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  5. On 11/19/2022 at 11:13 AM, jrokh said:

    Jameson Williams 

    Any updates on Jameson? I've had him on my watchlist for a couple weeks but doesn't seem like he'll make it into the regular fantasy season. With missing 13-14 weeks will he even be a viable option? I mean, I know the talent is there but man he's gonna be rusty.

  6. 13 hours ago, easilyscan said:

    49ers RB Elijah Mitchell exited Week 12 against the Saints with a knee injury and will not return.

    Mitchell was initially ruled as questionable following the injury but was downgraded to out later in the third quarter. We'll look for an update on his injury after the game, as his day ends with a rushing line of 7 carries for 345 yards with two receptions for eight additional yards. Rookie running back Jordan Mason took over in the 49ers' running back committee alongside Christian McCaffrey after Mitchell's exit.

    Nov 27, 2022, 6:41 PM ET


    7 carries for 345 yards?!?! What a beast

  7. 1st in my league:
    QB - Allen and Brady

    RB - Jacobs, Montgomery, Conner, Allgeier

    WR - Davante, Higgins, Kirk, Meyers

    TE - Kmet, Higbee

    He's 8-3 but only 5th in scoring but real success has been points against where he's 3rd fewest. Not terribly impressive but doesn't matter when your matchups work out. Our highest scoring team is only 5-6 and seems to catch everyone on their best weeks. He's got Mahomes/Tua/Waddle/Cooper/Chubb/Fournette/Mostert

  8. On 11/9/2022 at 11:25 AM, bfros said:

    was just offered J.Taylor by a dude who needs to win now for Fournette. 1/2 ppr. My other notable RBs are Cook and Barkley. He said he'll leave it up for 24 hrs. He's hedging that Taylor misses time. 

    Do I take Taylor for Fournette and hope he gets his ankle right, that the Colts don't utterly tank, etc. I'm really eyeing the playoffs in weeks 15-17 and am fine waiting on Taylor until then. But still worry he could be shut down or just stay ineffective. But his upside is high. 

    Thoughts? Hold Fournette or take the risk on Taylor? 

    Did you call in to XM yesterday? Someone called in with the same question!

  9. 19 hours ago, ZeroTolerance said:

    Meanwhile, made my best call of the year...said screw the rankings and analysts and sat Lamar Jackson. For Justin Fields.

    Wish I had done the same and followed my gut. All the expert sites had Herbert ranked well ahead of Fields. My gut said they were wrong since he had no weapons but then I second guessed myself - they must know something. UGH. I lost. Same thing last week "Carr should be good enough" against the same Falcons. Just needed 200 and a TD. Back to back losses with Fields on my bench. I'm not going to look at or listen to any rankings this week. My gut would've been 2-0.

  10. Well it's turning out to be Justin Herbert in the 5th round (I had 2 picks in the 5th) when I could have had Hurts in the 6th. I get that he's had a host of injuries at the WR spot but coming into the season everyone was proclaiming him a top 5. He alone has cost me 3 games this season. All would have been wins had I selected Hurts.

  11. 7 minutes ago, WR Guru said:

    Carr has not been the same player since his broken leg/broken back injuries in 2016-17, and it appears that he's bottoming out this year.  Whether its a physical issue or mental, it's been long enough now to say that he's never getting back to where he was, which was an MVP candidate.

    I also blame myself somewhat for hovering over the Add Fields/Drop Carr button just before game time. UGH, go with your gut.

  12. On 10/31/2022 at 7:01 AM, rotisserieking said:

    I started DJ, CMac, and AJ Brown and because of ##### Carr I still need points from Boyd tonight. Daniel Jones and Ehlinger had 9.04 but Carr had 3.44. WTF. You're gone, cut, get the fock off my team.

    Did I mention how badly I hate Carr??? I was up by 41 last night with Boyd...and LOST by 5 to Cooper, Chubb and York. Could have started ANYONE other than Carr at QB and easy win.

  13. I started DJ, CMac, and AJ Brown and because of ##### Carr I still need points from Boyd tonight. Daniel Jones and Ehlinger had 9.04 but Carr had 3.44. WTF. You're gone, cut, get the fock off my team.