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  1. rotisserieking

    Week 17 FU Thread

    FU to my opponent who inexplicably added and started Jawan Johnson 30 minutes before kickoff, and then my Kamara goes out early with injury. I lose by 1.06. Praying for a stat correction tomorrow in my favor. (not gonna happen)
  2. rotisserieking

    Week 16 FU Thread

    THIS. I actually had a chance to take down the #1 if not for the incredible 0.9 effort from Adams. I saw 2 definite drops, maybe a third although tough catch. Those points would've gotten me into the Championship. Dude, just because you're IN Kansas City doesn't mean you should drop balls like my Chiefs receivers. I suppose honorable mention goes to the 7 second, State Farm bundle TDs that changed the Raiders entire game plan and didn't need to throw in the second half. And, how can we not forget Gabe F**ing Davis. Scores solid 0s weeks 9, 11, 14, and 15 then tears it up with 24 on my bench in the semi-final.
  3. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    And there it is, only took 9 weeks but they finally fined them. $75K to the Falcons and $25K to that excuse of a coach Arthur Smith. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-fines-atlanta-falcons-arthur-smith-for-failing-to-disclose-bijan-robinson-illness-before-week-7-180124529.htm
  4. rotisserieking

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Rams - Wk16

    Early Week 16 FU: Alvin Kamara on my team and my opponent's Kyren. Oh well, it was a fun season.
  5. rotisserieking

    Best pick of your draft? Mine, MOSTERT 14TH ROUND!

    Kyren, 16.10, Mr. Irrevlevent.
  6. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    And more importantly, how the eff is Arthur Smith not fired at this point? As a Bijan owner I'm really frustrated but can you imagine being a Falcons fan? Good Gawd that's got to suck. Like Greeny said this morning: "at no time has a coach done so little with so much"
  7. rotisserieking

    Who will be your playoff surprise?

    Why not a repeat of 2022? I mean, it already started last week: Jerick McKinnon in PPR formats.
  8. rotisserieking


    If, after playing this game for 24 years, I've learned anything this season more than any, it's trust your gut. I've been burned a few times this year taking expert advice which conflicted with my gut, and then I got pissed because they were wrong. Totally agree that you have to make the choices. Since about week 10 I've been using the expert's advice simply for tie-breakers when I can't make up my mind, and even then I'll go to 5 or 6 sites and figure out if there's consensus. Example this week: I like Geno against the Eagles, but most places I look have him lower than Browning. My choice and my loss if it happens.
  9. rotisserieking

    FU Week 14

    What an absolutely horrible week, so where to begin? My team scored 45 points less than expected while my opponent (see: wife) went way over expectations to smoke me. Herbert - I didn't trust you headed into the season despite what the experts said. I was right. Now you're done. (I drafted Herbert and Cousins - ouch). Now I'm rolling with Browning and Geno into the playoffs. Keenan - apparently his success is tied to Herbert. So yeah, now I'm doomed. Davante - another bleak outing Matt Gay - pwah, -0.5. Idiot kickers.
  10. rotisserieking

    FU Week 14

    It's the classic Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams stat line
  11. rotisserieking

    FU Week 14

    My opponent luckily had him on the bench in favor of Jaylen Warren.
  12. rotisserieking

    Hollywood droppable?

    Dropped in my league just now for Zeke
  13. rotisserieking

    FU WK 13

    To my opponent's DK Metcalf, who finally shows up against me. To my loser QB Justin Herbert and his <8 points. You are NOT an elite QB and I wish the "experts" would stop pawning you off as one. To Brad Allen and his officiating crew in last night's debacle. Your whole squad sucks.
  14. rotisserieking

    Kenneth Walker III - OUT Tonight

    I grabbed Chardonnay last week but mostly as a c-block on my opponent - he'll be on my bench assuming my main 3 keep it going (Kamara, Bijan, Montgomery).
  15. rotisserieking

    FU Week 12 - Turkey Week Edition

    I think you mean Ruxin from The League