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  1. rotisserieking

    With crazy bye week anyone considering no kicker

    I had considered going with no Defense (not much out there) but decided to grab one and pray for 2 points. You never know.
  2. rotisserieking

    Wk 7 WW: so many teams on BYE..

    I'm 5-1 but likely going to take a loss this week with Ekeler, Mike Williams and Diggs on byes. Looks like I have to start Tim Patrick at WR2 . Flex would be Pittman, Goedert, or Ertz. I was able to trade Stevenson (my RB5) and get Shenault to the guy who had 6 Cowboys as his starters.
  3. rotisserieking

    What do you need Wk 6 MNF?

    Holy $*!, can't believe I pulled that out. Needed 16.1 from Diggs in a 0.5 PPR and his high through week 5 had been 14.7. Got the win by 4 to move to 5-1.
  4. rotisserieking

    Week 6 FU Thread

    Chargers. I had a great week but still need help thanks to the combined DUD by Ekeler and Williams. Oh and a nice one to the Pats for allowing the cowgirls to pull back and go to OT, thus giving my opponent an extra 9 points on the Dak OT touchdown.
  5. rotisserieking

    T.Y. Hilton Outlook

    As a Pittman and JT owner I'm hoping he simply takes over the Paris Campbell WR2 role and doesn't eat into their stats.
  6. rotisserieking

    Ertz traded to Arizona (per Schefter)

    Really glad I picked him up Wednesday. Schefty said they traded him to Arizona for DB Tay Gowan and a 2022 5th rounder.
  7. rotisserieking

    FA TE for week #6

    Those were my top 2 this week. Decided to grab Ertz or RSJ but think (hope?) both will do well.
  8. rotisserieking

    Who will Ramsey cover?

    thanks - been listening off and on but missed that
  9. rotisserieking

    Who will Ramsey cover?

    Trying to figure out who Ramsey will cover tonight (as in Thursday, October 7 in the year 2021 AD) as I have Lockett and trying to figure out do I start him or bench in favor of Mike Williams. Any insight?
  10. rotisserieking

    Waiver Add Mistake?

    If the league is "so competitive" then he just screwed up and that's on him. No change. It sucks because you, as commish, are the one benefitting from his inattention so you're in a lose-lose here sadly.
  11. If this has been discussed, apologies as I missed it. But WTF is up with so many people changing their jersey numbers this season? There are a lot of "stars" who have gone with single digit numbers and it's bizarre. All the years I've watched football it's very rare when a player changes their number (like Julio going to Tenn) but this year it's pretty common. Was there some secret movement or message behind it that I missed?
  12. rotisserieking

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    I cannot believe they put up 62 points combined and Reagor and Lamb did nothing. Holy crap did I eek out a nasty win. Pretty sure my opponent is cursing Hollywood Brown and his 3 critical drops, 2 of which were probably TDs.
  13. rotisserieking

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    Thanks to dismal performances by Lockett, Diggs, and Pitt's D, I'm up 22.7 in a 1/2 pt PPR. I have Greg the leg but he has Lamb and Reagor. It's gonna be close.
  14. rotisserieking

    1-1 teams!

  15. rotisserieking

    1-1 teams!

    Aaron Freaking Rodgers. I lost by 12 last week due to his lovely 4 point effort. Already clinched this week - up by 25 with AR tonight and he's done. (I get this is probably a dig at the 2-0 thread but I had to respond. Still pi$$ed at Rodgers)