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  1. rotisserieking

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    Here's my main counterpoint on the Brady/Tampa Super Bowl love: deep threats. In 2019 Tampa had multiple deep threats and 3 WRs in the Top 24 on yards per target - Godwin (#4 with 11.0), Evans (#16 with 9.8), and Perriman (#24 with 9.3). In 2019 outside of a few random 'who are these guys?', the Pats WRs averaged anywhere between 7.2 to 7.5. Total product of the QB. Brady had 6.6 yds/att and 10.9 yds/catch while Winston was 8.2 and 13.4, respectively. Brady had 6.0 completed air yards/completion (#15) while Winston had 8.6 (#1). They both had 20.6% bad throw percentage (Tied for third worst). I can't find length of TD stats but I can guarantee the Bucs WRs scored on at least 2 times more long TDs than the Pats. Long story short: Brady has lost his inability to throw the accurate long ball, which is EXACTLY what the Bucs speedster WRs excel at. Proceed with caution.
  2. rotisserieking

    Gambling Thread

    I'd be curious about everyone's SU confidence picks. I'm still in my winner's pool (19 left from 1,310). Saints seem to be the obvious choice this week. Hou -2.5 Ten +5 Min +8 Phi +1.5 NO/Min over 49.5
  3. rotisserieking

    Your 2019 NFL Playoff Bracket

    Wild Card Titans over Pats Texans over Bills (toughest one for me since the Texans are Jekyll and Hyde) Saints over Vikings Eagles over Seahawks Divisional Chiefs over Texans Ravens over Titans Saints over Packers Niners over Eagles Conference Ravens over Chiefs (this hurts me to write but I'll give the edge to Ravens just because they're at home) Saints over Niners SB Saints over Ravens
  4. rotisserieking

    Your 2019 NFL Playoff Bracket

    ... that was so frustrating to watch. Truly thought we were going to win last year. Best moment of 2019 playoffs will be watching the Titans take out the Patriots and eliminate the dynasty at the same time in Foxboro.
  5. rotisserieking

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    And BOOM. Two titles out of 3 leagues. I'll take it. I also find it hilarious that all the so called experts were absolutely hammering the Mike Boone drum from Thursday on. XM Fantasy even went so far as to declare a 'stop asking about Boone - start him as a back end RB1' over guys like Drake, Washington, and others. There's a reason he was the third string back. Always curious about circling back to compare draft picks still remaining vs. WW pickups. League 1: 6 left from draft (4 started in championship), 9 from WW (5 started in championship) League 2: 8 left from draft (6 started in championship), 9 from WW (3 started in championship)
  6. rotisserieking

    Billy Volek Award nominees (for playoff studs)

    Drake and Perriman for me with Perriman starring in the true Drew Bennett out of nowhere role.
  7. rotisserieking

    Week 16 Huge Cojones Awards

    I waffled back and forth b/w he, Tannehill and Matt Ryan. The wind scared me in Miami, being without Henry scared me with Tanny, and a blowout scared me with Matt. I went with Fitzmagic since there's no running game. That turned out well. I would have won with Matt Ryan too but this is the most head scratching championship lineup I've ever had. Fitzpatrick, Gurley, Freeman, Drake (Flex), Julio, McLaurin, Ertz, Gould, Patriots. I could NOT man up and start Perriman (bad move) or Fuller (good move).
  8. rotisserieking

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    Fitzpatrick, Carson, Jones, Boone (Flex), Brown, Williams, Ertz, Elliott, NE. I'm down by 11 and have Jones and Boone tonight in a PPR. I'm liking my chances. Would be 2 championships out of 3 leagues this year.
  9. rotisserieking

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    Started Fitzpatrick, Gurley, Freeman, Drake (Flex), McLaurin, Julio, Ertz, Gould, NE and absolutely destroyed my opponent thanks to let downs and injuries (Lamar, Dion in for Henry, Hopkins, etc). He's got Boone tonight but I'm up by 51. Feeling very confident.
  10. rotisserieking

    Week 16 Scoop and Play WR - Championship Edition

    I've got Perriman in at Flex and playing against Lockett and hoping for a zero from him. I really think they'll try to run Carson all day.
  11. rotisserieking

    bal def this week

    I've got the same issue with Baltimore and New England. I played Balt last week in a juicy matchup against the Jets (#1 for DST) and they got me 3.5; Pats got 16.0 against Cincy (#3 for DST). If NE somehow loses then Baltimore could rest some starters in the 2nd half resulting in garbage time points for the Browns. I'm leaning towards NE this week vs Buffalo. In your case it's a toss-up too but I'd think I'd stick with Ravens.
  12. rotisserieking

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    My second league championship roster, 10 team PPR QB: Tannehill, Fitzpatrick, Cousins RB: Carson, AJones, Bell WR: Edelman, OBJ, MWilliams, AJBrown, Pascal TE: Ertz, Doyle DEF: NE, SEA
  13. rotisserieking

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    So. When the news first came out, everyone in Foxboro denied these shenanigans had anything to do with Patriots employees and those who had recorded were working for Kraft (same thing as working for Pats but whatever). Then yesterday the Patriots fired the employee who was recording. So which is it you cheaters?
  14. rotisserieking

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    It was a wild ride yesterday in my 10 team PPR. I was down by 51 at about 2pm and then stormed back thanks to the 3pm games and took down the #2 seed. Championship will be the #5 vs #6 QB: Tannehill, Fitzpatrick, Ryan RB: Gurley, D.Freeman, Drake (started him as RB2 yesterday!), R.Freeman, Michel, Mattison (IR) WR: Cupp, Golladay, Julio, McLaurin, Slayton TE: Ertz DEF: NE, Baltimore