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  1. rotisserieking

    Survivor; brutal Week 10..

    I agree with you on Cincy in that one of these weeks they're going to surprise someone, and Oakland certainly seems like a team that could get beaten by a lesser team. That being said, I'd be less likely to take OAK if the game was in Cincy but since it's on the west coast I think that's my pick. MIN is a slam dunk if you haven't used them though.
  2. rotisserieking

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 10

    Up by 20 and change. Need Tevin Coleman to NOT get to 20 in a PPR. Feeling 660/40 on this one. Would move me to 7-3 and 2nd place despite a huge let down from several guys. Of course my opponent has plenty of FUs as I expected to lose to his Zeke-Kamara RB pairing. Luckily Rodgers did nothing for him either.
  3. rotisserieking

    FU week 10

    Somehow with a 0 from Cooper Suck and combined 13 from Gurley and Samuels, I can still win so long as Coleman gets under 21 tonight. Who knows
  4. rotisserieking

    FU Week 9

    two this week. Gardner NoShow. FU. I've used you TWICE this season and you've gotten me a total of 19 points combined. Eff You. Glad Foles is taking his job back. Russell Wilson. I had Carson against Wilson thinking I'd get like 110 and 1 TD but Noooo, Wilson has to hog all the glory with his 5TDs an nothing for Carson. Just 1 less from Wilson and I'd all but have this win wrapped up. Now I have to pray Maher and Cowboys D stay under 15 tonight.
  5. rotisserieking

    UPDATE: Conner Shoulder - Out Week 10

    Jaylen Samuels is looking like an excellent bye week fill-in now for me
  6. rotisserieking

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    Drake went Nonstop, on my bench of course.
  7. rotisserieking

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Ah, a trip down memory lane. Started my league in 1999 and here's my post draft roster (no clue what order) I pulled up: QB: Peyton Manning, Rich Gannon RB: Natrone Means, Curtis Martin, Barry Sanders, Olandis Gary, Terrell Davis (IR) WR: Rod Smith, Albert Connell, Darnay Scott, Rob Moore TE: Ben Coates, Byron Chamberlain K: Al del Greco, Steve Christie DEF: Jax, NE It's funny looking through the names in that draft. Who could forget Panthers RB Tim Biakabatuka!
  8. rotisserieking

    Who did you miss on this season?

    Dalvin Cook. I protected Gurley with my 1.05 pick but turns out Cook went unprotected. Could've had him at 5.
  9. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 6 FU Thread

    FU Gardner Miscue. I admit: I bought the hype. The matchup should have been ok enough to get 15 points. It also didn't help that I sat Cousins and Diggs for Gardner and Hyde.
  10. rotisserieking

    David Johnson Injury

    I'm playing against the DJ owner so I grabbed Edmonds off the WW just to c-block him. Hoping he sits this week. I might even have to start Edmonds now that Gurley is being Gurley.
  11. rotisserieking

    Evan Engram: Sprained MCL

    First Gallman, then Shepherd, now Engram. I'm excited for my New England Defense to get out to a huge lead in 2 leagues on Thursday!
  12. rotisserieking

    F.U. Week 4

    Thank you Red Rocket for sucking in primetime. I snuck by with a win despite 3 combined points from Julio and Burkhead.
  13. rotisserieking

    F.U. Week 4

    Big FU to me for overthinking the matchups and benching Howard in favor of Burkhead. Now I have to pray for a Tyler Boyd goose egg tonight.
  14. rotisserieking

    Week 3 -FU Thread

    I found a new way to lose this week, on a means-absolutely-nothing effin play. Last play of the first half as the clock winds down in Seattle Russell Wilson throws up a wild prayer that's caught by DJ Metcalf at the 16 as the clock hits 0:00. My opponent has Wilson and Metcalf and gets 8.06 on that one play (1/2 pt PPR). He beats me by a little over 5 points. What. The. Fock.
  15. rotisserieking

    Which coach was more incompetent in Week 3?

    You did forget Pete Carroll who went into halftime with 2 timeouts and the ball near the red zone. But my vote it Freddie. 4th and 9 draw? Then 1st and goal with timeouts and you walk away with nothing?