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  1. rotisserieking

    TNF Discussion: Lions @ Packers Wk 4

    Thank you Lions! Took a gamble on putting Montgomery in my RB2 slot paired with ASB and that worked out shockingly well. Yahoo predicted me with a 5 point win but now I've got a 47 point lead headed into the weekend.
  2. rotisserieking

    Kaepernick pens a letter to the jets

    This dude needs to just shut TF up and go away. You've been out of the league WAY too long to even make a practice squad. If you think you're so valuable Collin, then swallow your pride and try (TRY as in good luck) getting onto an XFL roster and play your way in like AJ McCarron did. He might not even be able to make an Arena league team at this point.
  3. rotisserieking

    F.U. wk 2

    FU Patriots and your ingenious FG block motion play. I lost by 3.2 and that FG would've given me 4. Not to mention you got into Sanders' head so bad he missed the next one. As Manning said: "idiot kickers"
  4. rotisserieking

    Crowded backfield - Please pick 3

    I just don't trust anyone on the Broncos offense right now because of Wilson. I'd go Williams, White, Allgeier
  5. rotisserieking

    Was Just Offered

    Higgins all the way
  6. rotisserieking

    Bench Stash - Pickens or G. Davis

    Gabe - better offense, better (?) QB, better situation
  7. rotisserieking

    TE ppr

    I dropped Juwan and grabbed Musgrave over Henry and Hurst this week specifically for the matchup
  8. 1/2 ppr, need 1 WR, 1 RB, 1 flex Montgomery, Kelley, Kennan Allen, Davante. Gotta sit 1 of them but all have great matchups. I guess I'm leaning Montgomery as they start to take the training wheels off Gibbs?
  9. rotisserieking

    Kyle Pitts

    I'm benching him for Musgrave this week and possibly until further notice. Can't believe I drafted him again. Stupid is as stupid does.
  10. rotisserieking

    who was your sleeper draft picks

    12th round: Zay Flowers (looks good after 1 week) 15th round: Van Jefferson (oops, already dropped for Gus Bus) Count me in on the Spears watchers. If my Gus pickup flops I might just grab Spears as a speculative add. Many experts on XM87 and XM88 talking about what a talent this kid is.
  11. rotisserieking


    I watched the 2nd half and it's all on Hurts. On back to back plays he chose to first throw deep into triple coverage when Goedert was WIDE OPEN about 30 yards downfield and on the next play went to a double covered AJ Brown in the end zone when Goedert was WIDE OPEN around the 15. Hurts looked a lot like his 2021 inaccurate version in this game.
  12. rotisserieking

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    As a Chiefs fan, a couple FUs. 1. To Stone Hands Toney. That pick 6 was a 10-14 point swing and difference in the game. Not to mention the other perfect pass to you late in the 4th. Good gawd. 2. And to Chris Jones. Are you happy now that you've proven your point at the expense of the team? Good. Now get your arse back on the field.
  13. rotisserieking

    Travis Kelce Hyperextended Knee

    Chiefs tight end Jason Kelce???
  14. rotisserieking

    #1 Pick

    FWIW I've done 5 mock drafts so far and JJ has gone #1 in all 5.
  15. rotisserieking

    Dynasty League Roster

    Agreed but I'd lean Shaheed or Wilson but either one is the right choice