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  1. So anyway, these 2 screwed up royally by not announcing themselves at the front door according to our PD.
  2. that was fockin awesome. Anyone pissing and moaning about it simply needs to eat sh1t and die.
  3. lod001

    YANG 2020!!! Andrew Yang

    Yep. They are one way valves, sucking up resources and we are paying for it. I want 24k for that
  4. What is the reason why 2 cops don't go to the front door and identify themselves? I mean, you don't stand right in front of the open door, you stand to the side. Total fockup in my opinion. That would have ended the whole incident. These 2 were clueless.
  5. Anyone with an IQ above shotard would already know this just by watching that hack channel for a few seconds in the morning. Trump bad, Trump awful. Let's go to a commercial. Well we are back. Trump is the worst.
  6. He totally sucks. He's another sCam. No ability to throw the ball and if he can't run, he's useless, see Scam now. he threw 2 up for grabs a couple of weeks ago and the receivers bailed out his craptastic passes. His stats this past week are more in line with his putrid abilities. Man, Belicheck is gonna do a number on him In a couple of weeks. He's got 3 candyass games left (CIN x2 & NYJ). The rest are real NFL teams.
  7. As dumb as it gets. The OL is now only eclipsed by CINN maybe for worst in the league.
  8. Sh1t like this will only end when the few of us who still have a spine rise up and say 'go fvck yourself, you fockin losers'. These clowns not only need a mental beatdown, they need a physical beatdown as well.
  9. lod001

    But Talib Isn't Racist - Promise!

    I think what she is trying to say is that black people commit the majority of crimes and you need someone that can make sure the right black person is arrested.
  10. They shouldn't. They should have to stand in front of the GM test crash dummy cars and if they survive that, then they walk.
  11. She killed an innocent person. She can't go free. She focked up bigly and has to pay the price.
  12. I'm good with whatever it takes to kill these terdlets.
  13. lod001

    Now we have Nipplegate

  14. lod001

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Well if you are looking for entertainment, insanity and to see what the dumbest humans in the planet think about this topic, go read the fbgheys version. They are once again sucking each other's d1cks at the thought of getting rid of Trump.