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  1. C'mon one of you. What are you an FBG type coward??? Step up to the plate. Be a man.
  2. Lower taxes & a wall to keep out illegals and criminals.
  3. I'm thinking the sports teams would be fantastic since you wouldn't know what it currently looks like. Just no 'look at me'. In basketball, they would actually dribble the ball.
  4. The D's cannot stop coming up with the dumbest ideas. They have serious mental illness. Once they overtake the voting population, which is the party's plan, this country, as we know it, is finished. -independent
  5. I like that. You are talking welfare losers for instance, right? And losers faking injury to get disability.
  6. She's too stupid to realize that as she thinks up her bribes for votes.
  7. What a lying sack of sh1t. Anyone falling for this POS's BS is a total moron.
  8. He was jackhammering the suckpipe, that's for sure.
  9. Gotta get him 4 more years and he may get that done AND cause the collapse of the oppressive Iranian regime where the citizens want to be like us and are begging for our help.
  10. lod001

    Joe Burrow threw for 60 TDs this year

    Talk about something that has no correlation to anything. In college, a running QB is almost always preferred to a pocket passer because if he gets hurt, you just insert the next running QB. Ohio State obviously blew that one since the champion is Joe Burrow. Burrow could always fail in the pros (no one is a guarantee) but watching him play and his demeanor, he's no J-fat Russell.
  11. lod001

    Titans @ Ravens: AFC Divisional Round

    Harbug and his stupid analytics were no match for good old fashioned NFL, try and stop our run game, football.
  12. Nailed it. Dude is extremely dumb. Can't throw a football unless it's a clean pocket. Living off of his OL &D. Once behind, can only hope the other team plays prevent D and then he just runs. He's got another year with this OL, then it's starts turning south hard as TENN showed how to beat this moron
  13. That's because Pelosi said 'I gotta go to the sh1tter before i have a diarrhea ass blowout in my depends. Do whatever you want'.
  14. She's simply a pile of sh1t with big old fake t1ts.