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  1. lod001

    Retard Pelosi

    Yeah, pretty much
  2. lod001

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    I joined cause they have me $25. I'm playing pga and NASCAR for 10 cents a lineup. I'd be pissed if I played for real $, when blaney sent Busch into the wall last week.
  3. lod001

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    I know but it's not.
  4. lod001

    Retard Pelosi

    Says Trump is not taking us in the right direction by curing Covid. Direct quote from this stammering retard just now. Simply a babbling old coot.
  5. lod001

    Last Geek Standing?

    I'm officially done at FBG. Just told the FBG moderator that he's a worthless piece of Dogshit.
  6. Run over the tents with them in it. Squash the cockroaches. I won't lose any sleep over it.
  7. lod001

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Sadly what you are saying is eventually the outcome. Dumb people are allowed to breed unregulated. The D's are targeting that vote. To top it off, the R's are stupidly against abortion, which fuels the fire as the dumbest of the dumb get pregnant more and thus have abortions more often....at least the higher iq dumbasses
  8. Actually it already exists somewhat in Texas where you can steal under$100 worth and get a free pass if you 'needed it'.
  9. Would definitely jackhammer..and vote for her.
  10. Killin time sitting at airport while they kill in Chicago.
  11. lod001

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Lotta sh1t there.
  12. lod001

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Simpson Na Redmon Lashley Sneeeedaker Wise
  13. lod001

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Simpson Day Gordon McNeely Sneeeedaker Varner
  14. Maybe Chicago puts out more consistent day to day stats. Maybe thoses smaller cities are running low on players. Chicago is definitely smoking players at a faster clip than Baltimore in 2020