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  1. Not sure how we got down to this level. Only these retards could come up with this level of stupidity.
  2. lod001

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    If I create a thread called 'Vote Trump 2020, make FBG's meltdown complete' Will I get a ban?
  3. lod001

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    The secret society imbedded in the site is really cool though. You need an invite however.
  4. Yeah but we will never hear about it.
  5. lod001

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    That f@g took the place down to never thought of depths of suckage. It was a remarkable feat.
  6. We are way overdue for one of these thin skinned losers to go batsh1t crazy again.
  7. lod001

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    So these are purchases, not money transfers? I'm too lazy to decipher it but that's what your link seems to say.
  8. lod001

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    4 more years will be the gift that keeps on giving. Tim, Sho and the rest are all down in the Cro-Magnon range on the IQ scale and to top it off, they are mentally ill.
  9. lod001

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    Yeah, I'd like to see what they sh1t their depends about. Welcome to the banned club. I got a 3 week one for calling AOC, Pelosi and Maxine Waters all turds. I got the ban and then a few guys attacked the mods for not banning The General since he posted the same about Trump, days earlier. They were forced to ban The General for the same amount of time. I did it to see if they would ban me and not the General. They did not disappoint and were caught off guard by the attacks calling for him to be banned as well. It was enjoyable forcing them to ban one of their own.
  10. I think Ted said it best. It's a Free For All!!!!!
  11. Sucks for her but when you are a wannabe and buddy up to scum like Christie who is all about lining his pockets, you are playing with fire. You will not be protected when the sh1t hits the fan. You will be tossed under the bus. She got it right that she was the low hanging fruit and she should have figured that out long before this incident. Trump knew he was just a fat, dumb, lazy terdlet. That's why he never got a gig.
  12. lod001

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    No, it's not. It was in my e-mail that starting May 8th, they are changing the fees structure. Didn't really understand it so hopefully it doesn't charge for our transfers. You may want to check it out.
  13. lod001

    Texas to Execute John William King 2day.

    If this counry would man up and subscribe to this type of thinking, there would be a lot less heinous crimes. Fock yeah. Die biotch!!!!!! This focktard got to live for another 21 years? That's ridiculous and a complete waste of Texas tax payer $.
  14. lod001

    No California Democrat

    Pete Buttiplug strayed off the beaten path and said 'no while incarcerated'. The D's running the freak show are not gonna like that response.