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  1. skinsrule05

    C Edwards Helaire

    Is the timing the same as last week that they would need to activate him by 4pm on Saturday?
  2. skinsrule05

    Chris Godwin Watch - Week 10

    Given the matchup and AB out, if Godwin plays he is a must start.
  3. skinsrule05

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    Jones to get me 15 (4 pt / TD). Hoping the KC defense is as bad as they looked last week.
  4. skinsrule05

    2nd half breakout

    Might have been the wrong week to make these predictions.
  5. skinsrule05

    Who's holding on to Carson?

    I have him in one league and am holding him for now. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t bid on Johnson because of it. I have real doubts he is back this year but I was hoping to hear something more definitive.
  6. skinsrule05

    Deshaun Watson a good stash?

    I was wondering this too. He isn't in any of my leagues because he isn't on IR. It sounds like that is just an extra bench spot in his league.
  7. skinsrule05

    Deshaun Watson a good stash?

    I can't picture him having much value this year. Between having to learn a new offense and possible suspension its tough to see him getting much playing time this year.
  8. skinsrule05

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    So this would be arguing against taking RBs early and hope to get the top waiver wire/late round RB.
  9. skinsrule05

    Next year at the draft I’m taking 6 straight RB’s

    Spot on, by taking RB with your top couple picks you are almost guaranteeing that some of your top pick will be injured.
  10. skinsrule05

    Chris Carson lands on IR

    I highly doubt Carson is back at anytime this season.
  11. skinsrule05

    Any Dalvin Cook ankle updates?

    I’m probably leaning that way but it is so hard to sit him even if it is only a small possibility he plays a full game.
  12. skinsrule05

    Sam Darnold or Ryan Tannehill ROS

    This is good info. I didn't think Darnold would have been better without the rushing. Add in the WR injuries on Tenn and the over all team quality it has me leaning away from Tannehill. I wouldn't have thought that coming into this thread.
  13. skinsrule05

    Damien Williams - what % of FAB would you use on him?

    Link please, this is the only update I have seen. Your info, if accurate, would make a big difference in how much I would spend. Per Ian Rapoport, RB David Montgomery, who left with a knee injury, will have an MRI tomorrow, a source said. The initial belief based on early tests is that the hyperextended knee did not lead to a major injury.
  14. skinsrule05

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    I would be surprised if he was dropped in a keeper league. But I do agree he has zero value this year.
  15. You will probably have to pay a lot to get Hubbard which doesn't make sense for a short replacement play. I could see playing him this week only over Monty but not sure he is worth picking up then.