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  1. dumb focks live in a tea cup then b1tch about the tea
  2. He deserves every penny. I'm always against frivolous lawsuits, but to get 1/3 of your life taken away? Screw that.
  3. Possibly the biggest backward step I ever remembered. At least RG3's was due to injury. Kaep was awesome that one year. Then reeked of suckiness.
  4. This one busted me up the first time I saw it https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=2mDvZ4wt&id=298D05374C9738C1A988051C267FA858A6CF3D05&thid=OIP.2mDvZ4wtDEQA_jvcHHj6pgEsDX&q=mayweather+pacman+prom&simid=608007069760163213&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0
  5. I have some texts between us that would shock you. lol I turned that down a couple years ago because I liked a friend of hers.
  6. NewbieJr

    Boston fans burning Thomas jersey....

    He was just an auxiliary part. No one cares. Besides, no one has a jersey of his to burn.
  7. Long story. In short..I didn't.
  8. NewbieJr

    Boston fans burning Thomas jersey....

    He's really black. I mean, really black. His upbringing, etc. They couldn't wait till he wasn't part of the team so they could express how they really feel about him and his kind.
  9. Nope. A good friend. Would. May have
  10. I have a get-together early that night with high school classmates. The establishment we will be at is not showing the fight, but I'd venture to say we will be leaving long before the fight takes place. It's possible that we'll stop somewhere on our way home and watch it. I'd pay 15-20 bucks to watch if we're not tired. But I'm not planning my night around it. I really think it may be kind of boring. I guess it depends on how much of a business partner-role these two guys have formed. If Mayweather wants to carry him and make it a decent show, it'll be boring. If there's any genuine dislike from the trash talking and Mayweather feels disrespected, it'll be fun to watch him show what a true champion boxer can do to an MMA guy. I'd love if it was personal and Mayweather destroys him.
  11. I just don't see how they'd ever get Mayweather to agree. Regardless of money. Never once beaten. Never even hurt. Barely touched. Certainly in the argument for best boxer of all-time. To fight some MMA guy who's never been a boxer and to get knocked out by him? That would tarnish everything he ever accomplished. I think Mayweather has too much pride to ever agree to that. I don't care if he was guaranteed a billion dollars.
  12. NewbieJr

    Soooo I discovered a lump on my jawline

    Best of luck man. Hope it's just a fatty tumor or something.
  13. No, but funny you say that. My girl was wearing a dress at the event with no panties and I kept whispering that I was going to lift the dress up and throw her up on her counter as soon as I get her home. And that's exactly what I did. Well, after I bent her over the island in her kitchen and did naughty things to her backside.
  14. I watched that fight as a kid on closed circuit at Easton High School gymnasium. Ali was his idol. It pained him to see how overmatched Ali was. I'll never forget Holmes looking at the ref, begging him to stop the fight so he wouldn't have to hit him anymore.
  15. no. There was no heavy discussion. Baker was telling us (the women, actually) about his Super Bowl touchdown. Anderson was super down-to-earth. He's a funny guy. Even acted silly at times. Those two were at our table for three hours. Holmes was mostly floating around talking to everyone and getting pictures. The event was in Easton, so Holmes is a major celebrity there.
  16. I'm not only giving him money, I'm hoping he beats the snot out of McGregor.
  17. http://i.imgur.com/t3F7LIN.jpg
  18. that's funny. Nothing has changed. Baker spent last night trying to get laid too.
  19. just look at the heavyweight division in boxing throughout the years. You will never see bulky bodybuilder types. But you won't see skinny stick figures either. Or fat guys with a big gut and no neck. It's the guys who are strong yet still athletic. Those are your fighters.
  20. Knocked out cold with hands down to the sides is quite eliminated
  21. Must be the 3 million Trump talked about How's the investigation into that going? More blah blah blah from Cheetoh von Tweeto