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  1. ok, simpleton. Let me start from scratch and see if you are still too dumb to get it. In the first real natural disaster of his presidency, where at least one life has been lost and millions will be without homes, Trump chose to use the opportunity to rag on democrats. At a time when he should be showing leadership. Ok, Mr word play. Do you now see what a horrible piece of sh1t your president is?
  2. NewbieJr

    Trump pardons Arizona Sheriff

    Trump playing up to his racist base. Shocking!
  3. I said it's the worst natural disaster of his Presidency. You denying that? Stop trying so hard, retard.
  4. Millions have lost their homes. And Trump is attacking Democrats on Twitter. Hmmm. Even reworded, Trump is a disgusting piece of sh1t
  5. Show me on the doll where I hurt you.
  6. George Bush was a good guy who meant well and ended up in over his head. After his second term, he was one of the, if not THE, worst Presidents in US history. But I never viewed him as an ass hole or a bad person. Trump is a vile, disgusting human being.
  7. Fock you. You quoted me. And said morally focked. I think we're morally focked because guys like you support a racist piece of sh1t like Trump.
  8. Disrespected? And you don't think Trump is the reason for that? How has that clown demanded even an ounce of respect? By accusing his predecessor of wiretapping? Refusing to call out the KKK? This guy has turned the office of President into a joke. Respect is earned.
  9. ROFL I wonder if anyone in Germany wished Hitler would somehow be removed from office. I guess that made them bad Germans
  10. Actual members may be in the 1000s. Supporters seem to be in the millions.
  11. And Trump had a great turnout because of white supremacists and KKK members. What's your point?
  12. those polls are largely responsible for why Trump won. Many Hillary voters thought she had it won and didn't bother turning out to vote. Do you really think those lazy focks would have stayed home had they known this disaster would end up winning otherwise? And for those pretending the polls were way off, they were quite accurate as far as the popular vote is concerned
  13. Idiot logic: Polls thought Hillary would win, so every poll going forward that has negative results for Trump are invalid. (positive result polls are accurate, though)
  14. NewbieJr

    How do I watch the fight Saturday

    True for any top mma guy vs boxer.