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  1. Your Friday GTG is as follows........ http://www.flickr.com/photos/118873824@N05/13146209115/
  2. Thinking of getting rid of cable completely. Mine runs me $123.00 a month and I barely watch it. Can get by mostly on just Netflix for 8 bucks/month. If anyone has done this, what are the best options for sports? Live and/or Sportscenter-type stuff.
  3. Day two of GTG. And now, for your viewing pleasure....... http://www.flickr.com/photos/118873824@N05/12834284934/in/photostream/
  4. It's all just a guessing game at this point. None of us know even 1/10th of what the FBI knows at this point. But just for the sake of discussion, what if they have concrete evidence that Trump/Sessions/Pence/Kushner colluded with the Russians to rig the election? What happens at that point? I realize this is unprecedented territory, but is there anything in the laws of the land that discusses what happens if an election is deemed invalid? Or if a President is found guilty of treason? Who takes over? The whole administration would have played a role, so you can't hand it off to Pence. Speaker of the House? New election?
  5. NewbieJr

    I Stll Got It!

    Today's top posters NewbieJr 2-September 04 10470 4 13.33% PIK 95 30-August 01 3082 3 10.00% redtodd 16-August 01 12007 2 6.67% kutulu 24-May 00 10657 2 6.67% Jwood 4-November 99 9861 1 3.33% Mike FF Today 24-October 99 5523 1 3.33% Jim Mora 23-November 04 2153 1 3.33% seannymac 22-August 02 66 1 3.33% Beggars 30-October 99 527 1 3.33% Jackal 29-October 99 9138 1 3.33% Just thought I'd take this title one time before Edjr and Torrid know the boards are back up.
  6. I take this as mainly a beer crowd, but I know a lot of folks like wine, also. I prefer the whites. And I like it chilled. My wine of choice is Riesling. I also like Pinot Grigio. What is your favorite wine and how often and what situation do you prefer it?
  7. Here is our Friday edition of Guess the Geek... https://www.flickr.com/photos/118873824@N05/13466386153/
  8. http://news.yahoo.com/journalist-brought-down-u-general-killed-los-angeles-033806044.html LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Journalist Michael Hastings, whose 2010 Rolling Stone magazine profile of the U.S. military chief in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, led to the general being relieved of command, died on Tuesday in a car wreck in Los Angeles, his employer said. Shouldn't be long till the conspiracy theorists start having a field day with this one.
  9. I'm thinking of eliminating it from my vocabulary. I often say it when parting ways, but I heard another fella use it and it sounded sorta gay. What are your thoughts?
  10. Did you hear that Tony Orlando was kidnapped? They found him at the crack of Dawn. (Hey, Redtodd, you looking for a good mid-seventies joke?) Something made me remember this joke from sixth grade. What were some other ones?
  11. I was trying to think earlier today if I have ever hoped an amateur athlete fails worse than I do Lonzo Ball. I couldn't think of one single athlete. The sad thing is, I have no idea if Ball is a good guy or not. His dad has me hoping the kid turns out to be the worst player that ever stepped foot on an NBA court. And I already hope the younger ones suck.
  12. Chanting Nazi slogans. Carrying clubs and shields. Brawls in the street. Statement from white house? Nope. This is the America Trump wanted.
  13. Since traffic is way down and you see posts complaining that this place isn't what it once was, we are going to name Thursday, March 6th as FFToday Old-Timers Day©. So, Torrid, Dalem, Gutterboy, Swerski, Drobeski, Scorpion, Endgame, or any other once-frequent-poster who happens to stop by once in a while to lurk, mark it on your calender to check in that morning and spend the day. Other members who still have contact with old time members through other means, shoot 'em a PM or email and tell them we're having a reunion! Why March 6th? Because that gives us exactly one week to get the word out. Mike: Get the server ready, it's going to be swimming with activity that day! Let the countdown begin~!
  14. This video is banned on YouTube. They only have the edited version. It's Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I. The song is called Blurred Lines. And features three naked models. The dark-haired white chick is smoking hot! Check this out..... http://www.vevo.com/watch/robin-thicke/blurred-lines-unrated-version/USUV71300526
  15. This is like the greatest QB of all-time. There can be no wrong answer, because it's not something that can be accurately determined. It's each member's opinion. Mine: Clinton Reagan Obama The smart Bush Nixon Ford Carter GW Bush
  16. NewbieJr

    The North Korea showdown

    I've seen comments about all of this in numerous threads so I thought I would start a thread just to centralize the discussion. Since it is probably the most important issue going on in the world right now. To be honest, I had no problem with Trump's statement earlier in the week about fire and fury and power etc. The Bush Administration and the Obama Administration have both failed in keeping the North Koreans at check. And now that they are at or close to having the capability to hit our mainland with icbm's, I think a tough guy approach is okay. As a warning. But as the week goes on, I'm realizing that Trump is pretty much the same person as Jung Yun. Neither is going to let the other guy get the last word in. Or make the biggest tough guy statement. We have two unintelligent and psychotic and egotistical idiots having a who has a bigger contest. I am actually beginning to worry that we are going to be at War shortly. This war will mean millions of deaths. And the effects on the global economy are going to be devastating. And all because Trump wants to prove that he can beat up North Korea.
  17. NewbieJr

    Bye Bye Bannon

    Trump reversed the biggest cabinet blunder he made by firing Steve Bannon. This one has Kelly written all over it. They have to move away from these alt-right connections.
  18. It can be a huge revelation, or the tiniest little thing. This thread to is to admit things. When I was a teenager, I was often too lazy to go upstairs to our only bathroom, so I'd pee off the back porch.
  19. NewbieJr

    Compile a Fantasy Rock Band

    Instead of drafting a fantasy football team, let's choose a fantasy rock band comprised at your favorites on each instrument. I'll start Vocals- Steve Walsh (Kansas) Lead Guitar- Mark Knofler (Dire Straits) Rhythm Guitar- John Lennon (with added bonus of great harmony vocals) Bass- Flea (RHCP) Keyboards- Rick Wakeman (Yes) Drums- Jeff Porcaro (Toto)
  20. ok, simpleton. Let me start from scratch and see if you are still too dumb to get it. In the first real natural disaster of his presidency, where at least one life has been lost and millions will be without homes, Trump chose to use the opportunity to rag on democrats. At a time when he should be showing leadership. Ok, Mr word play. Do you now see what a horrible piece of sh1t your president is?
  21. NewbieJr

    Trump pardons Arizona Sheriff

    Trump playing up to his racist base. Shocking!
  22. I said it's the worst natural disaster of his Presidency. You denying that? Stop trying so hard, retard.
  23. Millions have lost their homes. And Trump is attacking Democrats on Twitter. Hmmm. Even reworded, Trump is a disgusting piece of sh1t
  24. Show me on the doll where I hurt you.