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  1. His presidency is months old. What a weasel you are.

    ok, simpleton. Let me start from scratch and see if you are still too dumb to get it.

    In the first real natural disaster of his presidency, where at least one life has been lost and millions will be without homes, Trump chose to use the opportunity to rag on democrats. At a time when he should be showing leadership.


    Ok, Mr word play. Do you now see what a horrible piece of sh1t your president is?


    It is why. You think Newbie is the only guy saying that sh!t? Never before has the office been this disrespected. It is exactly why the left is losing. But don't own up to I don't care. I would love the Trump administration to take me into my 30s.

    Disrespected? And you don't think Trump is the reason for that? How has that clown demanded even an ounce of respect? By accusing his predecessor of wiretapping? Refusing to call out the KKK? This guy has turned the office of President into a joke. Respect is earned.

  3. Bigger idiot logic: Trump had horrible approval ratings before the election and won. But let's still make believe that these ratings are indicative of who will win.

    those polls are largely responsible for why Trump won. Many Hillary voters thought she had it won and didn't bother turning out to vote. Do you really think those lazy focks would have stayed home had they known this disaster would end up winning otherwise? And for those pretending the polls were way off, they were quite accurate as far as the popular vote is concerned

  4. WTF is the "elite media"?


    For your interest, here is a link with approval ratings: http://www.gallup.com/poll/116677/presidential-approval-ratings-gallup-historical-statistics-trends.aspx


    There are other presidents with lower approval ratings at some point during their term(s) in office - Reagan was one of them. The historic part is how consistently low Trump's rating is early in his presidency, when most presidents enjoy higher ratings.


    And I have no idea how the approval ratings of other world leaders should influence what we think about Trump.


    I guess we'll see how Trump does over time, but at what point would you agree that Trumps approval ratings are remarkably bad?

    Idiot logic: Polls thought Hillary would win, so every poll going forward that has negative results for Trump are invalid. (positive result polls are accurate, though) :doh:


    Just watched it, thanks. Mayweather "won" but McGregor and MMA were the real winners IMO. That wasn't a fight; that was people trying to score points by hitting each other with puffy gloves and Mayweather turtling when he didn't like how it was going. Those two meet on the street, McGregor wins 99% of the time. I'll give Mayweather a 1% puncher's chance. :thumbsup:

    True for any top mma guy vs boxer.

  6. Newbie, I know you're mostly trolling, but I'll respond anyway. I'm that bored.


    I hate trump as much as anyone. If someone parted his horrible hair with a bullet, I wouldn't cheer... but I'd be relieved for our country.


    But this stuff about him promoting white supremacy is nonsense. What he said after Charlottesville was true. Both sides went there armed and looking for violence. Sure he said it like a belligerent, whiny little kvnt, because he is one. But it was true.


    The constant 1984 equality witch hunts by the left are killing them. It is why trump is our president today. It is alienating voters by the millions.


    I don't really give a Fock who uses what bathrooms either. But it is going way too far. I personally will never consider transgender anything normal. I don't believe you should ever mock or otherwise abuse people for what they choose to do with their lives. Live and let live. But that doesn't mean I have to support it either.


    America in 2017 is in the bottom handful of countries on this earth in terms of inequality. Minortities and women have no real issues here. You can tell this by the ridiculous garbage they have to come up with to complain about.


    I for one an sick of it. Shut the Fock up about your skin color, what's in you're underwear, or what you like to do with it.

    my problem with Trump is that he knows the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacists love him and he tip toes around them because he knows he can't afford to lose any of his base. If he really wanted to put an end to people saying he was racist, he would very bluntly say he does not want their support whatsoever and that they discust him. But that will never happen.

  7. Ended up chipping in with a few buddies and washing it at someone's house. It was actually a surprisingly good fight. It's rare that you feel like you got your money's worth after putting in for pay-per-view. This was worth it.

    Initial thoughts watching the fight include the fact that McGregor looked so much bigger than than mayweather. Although I was in the can that Mayweather was going to pick him apart, when I saw that size difference and saw McGregor doing well early on, I thought father time may have taken its toll on Mayweather and that McGregor could actually pull this off. The first three rounds all went to McGregor or were even. Mayweather started taking over in the fourth. By the 7th, you know it was just a matter of time. McGregor was breathing out of his mouth heavily. And Mayweather was toying with him at that point. I thought it was a good stoppage, although as soon as the rest up then I knew that MacGregor was going to wine and say that it was stopped too early. But at that point, it was just Mayweather stalking him and pounding on him. McGregor was just backing up not even throwing punches. The last three rounds went the way I thought the whole fight would. Impressive showing my McGregor. Although still thoroughly beaten by a man well past his prime

  8. I don't go to school anymore. But my kids will. But fock their comfort, right? You suck at reading. Or it's just your rage blinding you again.

    in a few years I will probably have grandchildren. I don't give a rat's ass if the guy in the bathroom with them used to be a woman and if the woman used to be a guy. I worry more than it might be a black person who automatically hates them because of the fact that they're not the same color. I am much more concerned about Trump's promotion of white supremacy than I am what god damn bathroom someone uses. And the other trivial you guys worry about.

  9. They mind their own business? Then why are they trying to force bathroom and locker room regulations in schools down everyone's throat? Why are little kids being punished because they use the "wrong" pronoun?

    they want to go and use the bathroom if they're comfortable in. It's only an issue because thin-skinned pussies like yourself make it one. Go take your piss and get out of the bathroom. Nothing's changing.


    why can't you just accept them for who they are???


    oh maybe cause they can't accept themselves for who they are


    why can't you just accept pedophiles for who they are???

    well for starters, because pedophiles fock children which ruins their lives. Transgenders hurt no one. They mind their own business and just want to be happy. They only hurt snowflakes like you guys who are so busy sticking your nose in other people's business that you can't see the forest for the trees.

  11. Gorka and Bannon were the biggest ass holes in the administration. Gorka was so defensive and combative every time he was interviewed. I just wanted to punch him in the focking head. I'm glad he's on the unemployment line now. Jerk off

  12. Anything goes in the scrum. It seems like you've never been in a fight.

    I was referring to this. 100% not true. You can be a Yankees fan (I am) and still see that it was total pussie bullsh1t and he should be suspended. Plus, I hope he feels as defenseless against the pitchers trying to drill him as the two guys engaged with other layers on the ground were against him.