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  1. Its brilliant! Think how many more titles Dallas would have rotated Emmitt out every third drive? How many titles the Lions would have won!

    I think that Johnson is making a good argument that Holmes' success was very much system-related.


    On the bright side, you Holmes-owners have a much better chance of actually having Holmes for your fantasy playoffs this year. He seems to rarely be around after week 12 or 13 recently.

  2. You have Chambers :ph34r:


    Was at Deitzi's again for 1 hr. :cheers: :cheers:

    It may be time for an intervention. Has your drinking problem caused any family problems? :)


    Just kidding, dude. I had to rush to mow the grass after work. Now, I'm kinds web-watching the football game.


    Was Detzi's packed? It usually is on a Friday night.

  3. If Chris Chambers played with Inianapolis, he's be Terrell Owens-like.

    He can leap out of the building and has amazing athletic ability. He's only 5'11", but he has arm length like a man 6'4".


    Obviously, as far as fantasy goes, you need to put Burress ahead of him, since Chambers only has Gus Frerotte throwing to him.


    Put Chambers on Green Bay, Philly, Indy, ect,. and he would be a perennial all-pro.