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    Free Agency Transactions 8/7/2002

    Mr. ACl Jamal Anderson
  2. Vikings4ever

    We have another trade

    I get Isaac Bruce and Lav Coles. jgalt gets Kevin Johnson and Jamal Lewis.
  3. Vikings4ever

    We have another trade

    Just call me the WR Wh0re!
  4. Unfortunately, I fall under the starving college kid category. My focking tuition is going to be 3,500 dollars this semester. THAT IS NOT TOO GREAT!!!
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    Power rankings

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    Power rankings

    Sounds good.
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    So, how did YOU get YOUR team?

    4 Norsemen/the Appocalypse Well, I wanted to make sure that I had the RBs to contend. And I was playing to win NOW, with a few after thoughts towards the future. QB-Gannon, Fiedler, Pennington. I was surprised as hell when Rich Gannon fell to me in the 6th, even with his age. Fiedler should be decent for the next few years, and Pennington is for the future. RB-Holmes, George, Lewis, Dayne, Staley, Buckhalter, Wofford. This is why I didn't really like my draft position. I could have gotten Holmes 4-5 picks later, and get a better second pick. I didn't really like George at this spot, but the all the players I had ahead of him were gone. But I got 2 top 10 RBs in them. Lewis is top 10 when healthy. I liked getting Dayne in the 11th, you can't argue against 7 TDs from an 11th round RB. Staley could very well be the starter in Detroit by midseason, but has concerns about his health. Buckhalter was going in the first 5 rounders before he tore is ligament, and he's one of my future picks. Wofford is my coma pick, because Mike Tice is supposed to REALLY like this guy. And if Bennett falters... WR-Jimmy Smith, KJ2, Ward, Price, Crowell, Bates, Wayne, Jurevicius, Scott. I made sure I got solid starters in Smith and KJ2, and a decent one in Ward. Then I started going for the sleepers, hoping some of the sh!t I threw against the wall would stick. Crowell is very good, when healthy. I was hoping to pick up Marcus Robinson to complement Crowell. Price, Bates, Wayner, and Jurevicius are all 2nd-3rd WRs with great upsides, with Bates being a homer pick. Scott is a consistent WR in case NONE of my sleepers work out. I had also hoped to pick up Ike Hilliard. TE-Bubba Franks. Bubba is good for TDs, and a little bit of yardage. He is also the only receving option left (besides Green) that Favre threw to with any consistency last year. Favre knows that Bubba will catch what is thrown to him. I will be dropping one of my WR sleepers for a bye week replacement. K-Martin Gramatica. He's a kicker, and he's good, as long as he doesn't hop around after every kick. D-Indianapolis Colts. They've a defense under Dungy. I had it down to the Titans or the Colts, chose the Colts because of the Dungy factor.
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    Thanks Dan!

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    Power rankings

    Thanks O!
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    Power rankings

    E-Mail address?
  11. 22.06-James Wofford, RB, Minnesota Hey, I need at least 2 Vikes on my team!
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    Rookies are not on the draft board!

    12.06-Luke Staley, RB, Detroit. Drafted Mukala Sikyala.
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    We are finally LIVE!