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  1. Vikings4ever

    Best Month in movies...Oct 1994

  2. Vikings4ever

    Best Month in movies...Oct 1994

    I believe the list is of movies that were in theaters at the time.
  3. A few weeks ago he spoke at a climate change rally. He said he "had to" take a jet to get there (one of the worst things you can do for the environment), but it was cool because he ate salad.
  4. That'd probably get them stoned in a Muslim country.
  5. Vikings4ever

    Baseball 100: No. 50 Nolan Ryan

    I count 5, with 1 WS win (69 Mets). He wasn't the most dominant ever, or probably at any point in his career. But he was A dominant pitcher for a long, long, long time.
  6. She was about a billion times hotter as a redhead than when she went blonde.
  7. Vikings4ever

    Movie villains who are somewhat right

  8. Vikings4ever

    Super bowl commercials

    They missed an opportunity by not bringing in Kevin from The Office for the chili commercial. https://i.imgur.com/HNqeTCi.gif
  9. Vikings4ever

    49ers v Chiefs: Super Bowl

    A halftime show that's better on mute.
  10. Except when you're dealing with a large group of people (especially when there are periods of large spikes in usage, such as between classes), 1 bathroom that can serve 8-12 people is WAY more efficient than 8-12 bathrooms that can each serve 1 person. Plus urinals are so much more water efficient than toilets.
  11. Sofia Vergara is hotter, but Julie Bowen's got the whole MILF Next Door thing going on. A worthy pick.
  12. T'Pol: https://i.imgur.com/Irh8cTx.jpg Deanna Troi: https://i.imgur.com/GGXAAAj.gif
  13. Lisa Tragnetti (True Detective) NSFW NSFW NSFW https://i.imgur.com/yJObvhA.gifv NSFW NSFW NSFW
  14. Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano): https://i.imgur.com/vD4cKAj.mp4
  15. Vikings4ever

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Hollywood gave the guy a freaking Oscar in the year of #metoo. Musicians ain't gonna to give a shiite about it.
  16. Vikings4ever

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Word is he had information that would lead to Hillary Clinton's arrest.
  17. Vikings4ever

    Eli Manning to announce retirement on Friday

    #1: Different eras. It's been the past 15 years or so passing stats have exploded. Comparing Moon to his contemporaries: lead the league twice in passing yards (0 for Eli), with 7 times in the top 5 (3 for Eli). Lead in TDs once (vs 0), with 5 times in the top 5 (vs 4). Moon also had 3x as many rushing yards and rushing TDs as Eli. 9 Pro Bowls for Moon vs 4 for Eli. Moon was All Pro twice vs never for Eli. #2: Given that it's the Pro Football HOF and not the NFL HOF, Moon's time in the CFL gives him a bit of a bump.
  18. Vikings4ever

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Probably either the Star Wars trilogy or Jurassic Park.
  19. Vikings4ever

    Eli Manning to announce retirement on Friday

    I'd vote no, but he's probably going to get in. If you look at his year by year stats, they're nothing special for this era. 4 times he made the top 5 in passing TDs, 3 times for passing yards. He never lead the league in anything major except INTs. 4 Pro Bowls, 0 All Pros. At no point in his career would you consider him a top 5 QB.
  20. Vikings4ever

    Movie Theaters...

    Between the cost of the movie, the cost of food, and the other people, the only movies worth seeing at the theater are the big budget SFX extravaganzas where the size of the screen makes a difference.
  21. Vikings4ever

    Need a ruling on "mass shooting"

    Mass shooting = 4 people shot (300+ a year, mostly gang violence) Mass killing = 4 people killed (Only like 4 a year)
  22. Vikings4ever

    Black Twitter has canceled Patrick Mahomie

    Imagine being such a loser you spend your time going through 10+ years of peoples' social media accounts looking for reasons to be offended.