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  1. Bier Meister

    Shameless child brag

    After two years off, tonight she made varsity as a freshman.
  2. Bier Meister

    What state would you live in

    Already here. Pretty happy with my area
  3. Bier Meister

    What state would you live in

    For being so young, you sure have a bad memory . We've done this, and I think you started the thread. Hawaii Colorado mountains Florida Keys
  4. Bier Meister

    How Much Alcohol Have You Consumed Since Lock Down ?

    Consumption is down... more so due to work (but that is related to covid)
  5. Bier Meister

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Be well bubba
  6. Bier Meister

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Damn you pandemic!
  7. Bier Meister

    Anybody Ever Boil Bacon ?

  8. My preference is to not lose you as an owner. We need to find an equitable balance between allowing leeway with draft time and not providing an unfair advantage of the extra time on the clock (ie: player x gets injured, player y gets signed, etc)
  9. Bier Meister

    Anybody here eat liver?

    Only duck and goose
  10. Bier Meister

    What do you anticipate you will be doing today in 10 years

    Chef/owner of a either a Gasthaus or Refugio in Italian, Austrian, or Swiss alps
  11. Bier Meister

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Liked them both with Black Sabbath, and in their solo careers
  12. Bier Meister

    I have Cancer :/

    Hang in there Jerry. You still have this!
  13. Bier Meister

    Ever butt dial a geek?

    Not to my knowledge. Beyond leagues, I think I have about 5-10 numbers. Have met Jerry, Bert, frozen
  14. Bier Meister

    Getting Chinese Food Tonight

    So far two dinners up here. Food has been fine, but service issue at both places.