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  1. Bier Meister

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    My question was from the article. I did not see it addressed.
  2. Bier Meister

    Just got banned from FBG for...

    So, if we are seeing an increase in employment, and in turn, an increase in company covered insurance... wouldn’t we see a natural decrease in unsubsidized individual health plans?
  3. well, time for them to go back to their she sheds
  4. Bier Meister

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    yea........ making it a no fun zone
  5. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    Love to. I might be out to Colorado late august for a draft but do not know the details yet (4th week of pre-season: 8/23-25?)
  6. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    I have a few week, but thank you
  7. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    garcon, we would like to start with a round of mudslides and a poo poo platter. then we'll have the tossed salad, meatloaf, and finish with the crapple crisp
  8. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    Do I really need to take pics of the unfertilized streets?
  9. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    Love steak...included it on this menu. [lumbergh] oooooo....yeah. that was last weekend [/lumbergh]
  10. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    you be you driz. where are you located?
  11. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    may b-day. dinner is in june. scheduling was like herding cats.
  12. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    CH= chinese
  13. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    I like rangoon, but can get them in any ch. restaurant.
  14. Bier Meister

    burfday dinner

    "help! I'am being held captive in a fortune cookie factory."
  15. Bier Meister

    Game of Thrones (no spoilers)

    eiffel tower with Jaime Lannister?