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  1. Bier Meister

    Favorite Movie Clips

    there’s something about Mary: Franks n beans hair gel old school initiation with the brick and rope weird science: Bar scene with fats a few good men… you can’t handle the truth die hard… Hans speaking with no accent how do you like them apples
  2. Bier Meister

    Where And What Is The Coolst Places You’ve Ever Been

    Eh… tough to pick one i have enjoyed underground rivers and caves in Mexico. top of the alps In Switzerland vineyards in Bordeaux/mosel/Napa rugged coast in the pnw.
  3. Bier Meister

    Best All Time Game Show ?

    Was in New York with a friend and we attended a show. Very fun. naggers!
  4. Bier Meister

    Old school food

    As a kid, I liked those stouffers meals as well. Boboli pizza crusts mom was not a great cook, but made a good chicken parm. I played with food a bit…. Liked seeing what flavors worked together
  5. Bier Meister

    Best AC/DC Song

    In the beginning,… back in 1955. Man didn’t know about a rock-n-roll show and all that jive
  6. Bier Meister

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Adam Sandler