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  1. Bier Meister

    At what point do you think abortion should be illegal?

    Digby’s on the cusp
  2. Bier Meister

    Best Trader Joe's Items - A List - list yours

    Maple kettle corn caramel apple mochi apple caramel candy
  3. Bier Meister

    What's your favorite candy bar? or any candy?

    100k bar charleston chew mocha Kit Kat nestle crunch/krackle twix
  4. Bier Meister

    Another great twist on biscuits and gravy

    I have used misc herbs, bacon, misc cheeses
  5. Bier Meister

    Week 1

    I would have beaten him this week as well
  6. Bier Meister

    What do we know about the NFL after 2 weeks

    we know to stream the defense who plays cincy
  7. Bier Meister

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    yes... i had marino in his achilles year. i am not going to remember all of my teams, but i was usually ahead of the curve (manning, harrison, wayne, moss, amon green, culpepper, holmes, gonzo, brady... who i traded away in a keeper, tiki, faulk, watters, etc
  8. Bier Meister

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    Did you rename that team the Bills?
  9. Bier Meister

    Start with Hello

  10. Bier Meister

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    I started around 91... scoring was very different (we rewarded long tds, and tds scored out of position). I used build my teams with a plodder and an explosive back. I went to college in San Diego and loved Marshall Faulk...grabbed him anywhere I could (even when he was in indy). early on I could get him "cheap" in later rounds
  11. Bier Meister

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2***

    I liked those browns teams. That byner fumble was very unfortunate 🥲
  12. Bier Meister

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    not 40 pts, but if you look at his last 5 games last year, that is certainly sustainable.
  13. Bier Meister

    Week 2- What do you need from MNF to win?

    15 from sanders and bass
  14. Bier Meister


    That's unfortunate