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  1. I’m going to the same show next month. Seen LOG a few times before. As much as I love Megadeth, LOG will probably put on the better show. Randy still sounds good and goes pretty ham on stage. Dave is 60 and a year removed from throat cancer. He sounded pretty rough when I saw them a decade ago, so I don’t imagine it being any better. It’s more for the nostalgia at this point.

    My favorite LOG tunes are Redneck, Walk With me in Hell, 512 and The Faded Line.

    have fun man! :headbanger:

  2. Looks like Pocono is still there. That's unfortunate, as it's easily the most boring race of the year for me. Indy is a snoozefest too, but I get the nostalgia of that race. New Hampshire is also garbage. I'd be happy if they just raced Bristol, Martinsville and Phoenix over and over. 

  3. 7 hours ago, Hardcore troubadour said:

    Nice to see you around again. 

    Thanks man. Mostly stopped by to settle my bet with 90sbaby, but thought I'd join the convo for a bit.

    Just been focusing on my sobriety and mental health, which has been even more challenging with all this covid crap! Had about a year sober until mid 2019 when my father passed. Went off the rails a bit, but got back on track January 2020. Got about 9 months right now, so focusing on that and the fam! 

    All the best to you and your fam!

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  4. 2 hours ago, avoiding injuries said:

    I yelled at the TV one time last night. It was when Wallace asked him to denounce KKK and white supremacy. While an inappropriate question continuing a false narrative, I yelled “JUST DENOUNCE THEM”. What damage would that do? Nothing, and it puts the 3 year lie to rest. 
    Instead, he wavered and eventually said “what group”. Wallace brings up the Proud Boys, which is like 1/1000 the problem that Antifa is (WTF). But Trump said stand down and stand by. I don’t know why he thought that would help him. What’s that group going to do, vote for Biden. 

    This is the point I was trying to make earlier, as one of those "swing voters".

    I like guns, blue lives, lower taxes, strong immigration... renewable energy/carbon reduction, wall street regulation, reproductive rights, health care is a unalienable right,  etc. 

    I don't see these as right vs. left or black vs. white. I see this gigantic gray area where most Americans lie... and then these fringe alt right/left groups that both candidates are pandering to. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Strike said:

    Well, the context of the question was in reference to all the violence happening in places like Portland.  I think it was unfair of Wallace to phrase the question as if there is an equal amount of blame to go around between right wing and left wing groups.  The lefties/anarchists are the ones burning cities down and attacking police.  And, as much as I disagreed with much of the way Trump went about this debate, I had no problem with him pointing out this fact and not throwing groups under the bus that we haven't seen night in and night out burning down cities.

    Yah, I dunno. For me personally, I don’t think it really matters who is more to blame than the other. I want to hear them both be denounced and really looking for a unifying message all together. All of this polarization and anger from both sides is just poisoning all of us.

  6. 1 minute ago, riversco said:

    If Trump answers the white supremacist question, he is giving the moderator carte blanche to just ask a slew of questions that have no relevance to the campaign with the aim of making republicans feel guilt and shame.  Its pretty racist of the moderator to even ask it.

    Guilt and shame about what? 

  7. 1 minute ago, riversco said:

    Because the Proud Boys have absolutely nothing to do with any of our current problems. The question is not relevant to anything but to make republicans feel guilt and shame.  It is an insulting question.  It is as relevant as asking Trump if he approved of the Iraq invasion in 2003, if he approved of Bush saying "mission accomplished", etc.  If you allow moderators to ask biased questions like that by answering them, then pretty soon they will spend 60 minutes asking shame questions of republicans.

    Its awesome that T put his foot down immediately.

    Yah I’m not into the whole scorched earth angry guy thing. You’re on another level dude. Do you though, man. :cheers:

  8. 3 minutes ago, riversco said:

    Trump has to go to the gutter because no-one else on the republican side will fight against the liberal media that always goes to the gutter.   So his role as president is expanded.  If Trump takes the high road, he completely loses because then there is no-one to counter the gutter politics from the liberal media.  That's why he beat 16 other candidates in 2016.  Asking Trump to be respectful misses the entire point of why his presidency exists.

    In short, if you don't want Trump fighting that battle, then you are a pu**y.

    Well, I guess I’m a pu**y. I‘m just a normal non cable news watching moderate American that wants a working government. I watch the debate because I want to hear the exchange of ideas, not a couple grandpas tit for tatting like 5 year olds. :dunno:

  9. 1 minute ago, Strike said:

    Trump did denounce the Proud Boys.  :dunno:

    I must have missed that. I heard him say “stand down and stand by”, which I interpreted as a sort of under the table thumbs up type thing. Then Biden said something about Antifa being an ideology not a group. Don’t see why both guys can’t just flat out denounce both of them. 

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  10. Would have been cool if they talked about policy and stuff. Would like to know some details on how Trump is going to replace the ACA and how Biden is gonna to deal with NK and China. It’s just embarrassing that two grow men who want to lead the country can’t even exchange ideas respectfully. 

    Also... really bothered me that Trump wouldn’t denounce the Proud Boys and same with Biden and Antifa. Both sides are tards.

    How y’all been?

  11. 13 minutes ago, Hardcore troubadour said:

    Hi MD. Hope all is well. 

    Thanks buddy. I'm doing well. Just focusing on recovery and the fam.

    I still lurk from time to time obviously. Need to get my fair and unbiased political news from somewhere, right?

    All the best to you and your fam! 


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  12. Hey guys. I’m looking to join a dynasty league. Any openings? Preferably a team with Russell Wilson, that won the league last year. TIA.




















    Just saying what’s up. Miss you dudes. 

  13. Hey gents. After taking a hiatus from the forearm and mulling it over, I've decided to officially retire from FFToday and Fantasy Football.

    Just wanted to gives you guys an early heads up, so you can replace me with another owner.

    Wish you dudes all the best in your personal and professional lives. Catch you on the flip. :cheers: