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  1. cbfalcon

    Cory Booker out

    I wonder if Rosario Dawson will break up with him.
  2. cbfalcon

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    You think OBJ is falling to the 6th? You know, even in this horrible season, he was WR25....which is a 4th rounder. Gotta think he will rebound some (or a lot).
  3. Y’all are crazy. Anyone criticizing Jackson today is lazy. He is phenomenal and he can win a title. When combined with the way his legs bend defenses, his passing becomes deadly. He lead the NFL in touchdown PASSES by a good margin. A bad passing quarterback has never done that. The Ravens got beat last night because they couldn’t convert on 4th and shorts. If they convert those runs like they always do, they very likely win the game. But Tennessee deserves tons of credit. Knocking off New England then Baltimore on the road, that’s big boy stuff.
  4. Actually I apologize, as I was incorrect and misread his quotes. Mitch said he was out of pocket when they attempted to contact him before the news went public, but he didn't say they attempted to tell him before the raid occurred. My bad.
  5. I read where McConnel himself said Obama tried to notify him, but he was out of pocket, but he was fine with it. So that’s quite a bit different, IMO
  6. cbfalcon

    Golf channel..wonderful world of golf..

    Watched some of this earlier. Turned it off when it became obvious those guys couldn’t even beat my high school’s girls JV team.
  7. cbfalcon

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    More like most Overrated
  8. I have see this story in about 4 places now, and I keep seeing and getting hung up on the verb “announcing”. It feels unofficial in some way. Unvetted.
  9. cbfalcon

    2020 Prediction: Jeff Zucker commits suicide

    If that means no more Naked Gun movies, then it’s a damn shame
  10. cbfalcon

    What's a good news source that's not partisan.

    Who will determine which stories are biased? Is there any scenario in which everyone agrees on that person? And is there any scenario in which a side doesn’t accuse that aggregator of being extremely biased?
  11. Peyton Barber is a free agent. Could see TB letting him go and handing things over to Ronald Jones.
  12. cbfalcon

    Two crazy stats

    I had both and lost in the semifinals. It was probably the best draft I’d ever had with Lamar, CMac, AJones, Godwin, also drafted MGordan and traded for Hopkins. I’m still in shock 2 weeks later. The guy that beat me had Winston put up 49 points while Julio also had his best game of the year.
  13. Isn’t he leading the NFL in rushing by a very very comfortable margin?
  14. cbfalcon

    The f*ckin Playoffs are here

    The Padrino is crestfallen. We live for the euphoria that only the glory can provide. To get so close, yet have to simply go back and start over again, tis the truest definition of heartbreak. That being said, this run at glory was really Lamar Jackson and a patchwork lineup. No Antonio Brown all season long. Odell Beckham at hernia half speed. Amari Cooper seemingly hurt this past month. Josh Jacobs not available for the championship. It’s a credit to my championship pedigree that the Padrino was able to put up 159 and 169 points in our playoff games. I am proud of my soldiers. With all that being said, it doesn’t seem likely that Your Padrino and Savior was winning this particular title, even had we attacked with a fully realized lineup. Why? Because the Might SweaterMeats have simply owned me all season. The Narconian elevated his game when motivated by a level of competition that only The Padrino can provide. 177 points in week 3 when facing El Savior. 183 points in week 15 when he believed he was facing El Savior. 183 points again in week 16 when facing El Savior. For those keeping track, these appear to be MmmmBeer’s top 3 weeks of the season. I’d be lying if I said this was anything less than infuriating. Infuriating indeed. So no, we were not winning this title. Had Your Padrino put up 190 points, the Meats would have put up 200. Had The Great One put up 210 points, the Meats would have put up 220. A worthy champion that my organization simply had no answer for this year. Congrats to MmmBeeer. And congrats to the Big Dog Eater. You took a bad beat in week 15. The way your team responded to adversity in week 16 was something to behold. So enjoy your offseason, amigos. Enjoy it hard. Because come next autumn, the greatest franchise in DNDL history is going to carpet bomb this league with touchdowns in such a way that it’s unclear if any of you will have the will to continue forward into 2021. Until then, congrats again to MmmmBeeer.