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  1. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    This is where I’m at. I’ve put so much work into my franchise that I don’t want to see anyone else ever running it. But I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing the league retired at this point. Feels like it’s heading that way, just dying a slow death.
  2. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    I disagree with the decision. Like I said before, it’s one of only 2 rules I care about. Historically, I have made a lot of trades for future picks, so it’s admittedly a sore point with me when I have seen it so many times over the years. That said, I don’t have enough spirit for this league anymore to debate or argue though. Before it was so accepted I would have. I get that you didn’t want to have a vote and you have to decide to either ruffle the feathers of those those that tank/collude or you have to ruffle the feathers of the owners that want a straight up fair competition. It’s a no win proposition, and the cheaters are quicker to quit a league obviously, which you have to manage. I have to imagine holding together leagues of strangers can be quite tough.
  3. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    Ok. Fair enough. Nonetheless. Just be aware of the the precedent being set if we let bad teams become “indifferent” and stop setting their lineups....once it would be beneficial to their draft position to do so. Collusion and Tanking are my only deal breakers. Those things aside, murder riot and kill. Maybe make it a poll.
  4. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    I think it was more than just the last week. It was at least the last 3 games. And the top 5 picks were based on teams with 4-6 wins. So half the league was affected.
  5. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    I recall noticing it at the end of last season, at which time I looked back and I was very suspicious of his lineups multiple times late in the season. I just didn’t feel right making an issue of it, as I’d been mentally checked out all season and it felt too self serving.
  6. cbfalcon

    Vudu Balls.... VIOLATOR!

    Yeah this should be addressed now that trades are happening. We have to decide to either allow tanking, or punish tanking. Then once that is decided, we have to determine the consequences of last seasons efforts (unless we are allowing tanking)
  7. cbfalcon


    Admittedly, I haven’t actually even looked at any of the trades made thus far. That said, yes DK Metcalf is well beneath me.
  8. cbfalcon


    They weren’t worthy of making the news apparently.
  9. cbfalcon


    I may have been stoned when I made the offer. It probably did suck. There hasn’t been a trade in this league in 2 seasons so I couldn’t remember how highly people would value the 18th best dynasty QB (per FFToday).
  10. cbfalcon


    I have a few offers out there. They aren’t similar. More will be coming. It’s inevitable
  11. cbfalcon


    That makes sense.
  12. cbfalcon


    No, I’m just looking at the standings on the app. Both the standings and the team pages. Elephino.
  13. cbfalcon


    I’m on the app, and last years standings shows: prof stats - 1934 pts Padrino - 2205 pts neckbeards - 2317 pts
  14. cbfalcon


    Looks to me like the draft order is wrong and I should have 4th pick based on points. Could be wrong though. But doubt it.
  15. cbfalcon

    Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

    My advice....find some teenagers that follow those Paul Brothers on YouTube, and start making bets. Give them whatever the odds are (and then some of necessary), then bank.