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  1. cbfalcon

    Week 2 Discussion

    We appreciate your preparation
  2. cbfalcon

    It's game day!!

    Your Sunday’s with football will end in November
  3. cbfalcon

    Dynasty Pick, Charger WR

    None of them will ever be worthy of a glorious dynasty roster
  4. cbfalcon

    Message from Gocolts' Son

    Oh my hate to see this. I always liked Gary. I felt like the league lost a piece of its fun personality when he left.
  5. cbfalcon

    Not a good day for the Neckbeards

    You won last year? Congrats buddy. I am aware that most of the fans don’t consider it a legit season. Focus groups report that the season had no swagger, no sex appeal, and frankly no story lines. And said feelings were made clear with ratings at time lows, so much so that the future of the league was in question for much of the off-season. But I for one think that’s bullshiit. Your Padrino and Savior is strongly on the record in support of your title being considered just as legitimate as titles won in all previous seasons. My organization has your back amigo. Always and forever.
  6. cbfalcon

    Not a good day for the Neckbeards

    That’s why I avoided those guys.
  7. Main board thread on it. Someone mentions byes being an issue but I stopped reading
  8. I believe we still have a double header In week 13 (needs to be eliminated if we allow tanking)....leaving playoffs weeks 14-16. NFL season is now 18 weeks. We don’t want my title game to come too early do we? We adding a game?
  9. cbfalcon

    Foosball Guys Rank our Fraft and League

    Below .500 ouch
  10. cbfalcon

    Foosball Guys Rank our Fraft and League

    Everyone that has ever been in this league has been better than me at one point or another if we set the time filters just right.
  11. cbfalcon

    Foosball Guys Rank our Fraft and League

    I always preferred this dynasty ranker myself. Easily the most accurate, all the fans and critics agree. https://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=32324&O=208
  12. cbfalcon

    2021 Draft Discussion

    Your Padrino and Savior is not pleased with his draft. Did we draft Megatron, change his name to Kyle Pitts, and get clearance to play Megatron at Tight End? Yes. ....Did we draft Tyreke Hill without the inevitable lifetime suspension in Jaylen Waddle? Yes...... Did we do it with style, grace, swagger, sex appeal, and the approval of all common critics? Yes. However... your Padrino and Savior wanted not the next Megatron, but the next TWO Megatrons... and instead of the next Tyreke Hill without the inevitable suspensions, we wanted to find the next Randy Moss. The fans of the greatest organization in DNDL history demand the most of us on draft day, and we didn’t deliver. The Padrino shall make amends and avenge this defeat. This is an oath.
  13. cbfalcon

    2021 Draft Discussion

    You would be
  14. Mine is a franchise of situations constantly in bold flux.