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  1. I’ve been single for many years, but yes I’m 6’0 and the ideal dating range was 4’10 to 5’5. Good topic to tag me in
  2. cbfalcon

    2022 Playoffs...

    I just went back and looked and we’ve faced each other in the playoffs 4 of the past 5 years (2-2). Cosmically it makes sense because you are an honorable Narc and I do more drugs than ever before. Congrats on this round amigo. Until the next one.
  3. cbfalcon

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    I don’t bother looking at the scoring system really, as I intend to adapt and win either way.
  4. If we ever rearrange divisions, put the Montana owners together. We can call it the Patrick Duffey Division
  5. cbfalcon

    2022 draft comments

    You’re welcome
  6. cbfalcon

    2022 Draft

    Oh it works
  7. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    Yep, but I’ve got about $100 on me.
  8. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    This sounds about right if I can use a cart. Nobody wants to walk 18 on that course. Without a cart, I’d pay $100 to just play Amen Corner.
  9. I bought tickets for my daughter and I to see Taylor Swift in a December for a show the following November. When she hit the stage, it’s the most excited I’ve ever seen my daughter in her entire life.
  10. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    Growing up with CF…..by age 6 I knew I was supposed to die by age 8……by age 15 I was supposed to die at age 16…now at 44 I’m supposed to live til 45 maybe. I spent my entire life in fight or flight mode. I was always worried about what was coming, what it would do to the people I love, etc. But 95% of the things I was worried about never actually happened. My mind was living in the future, and full of anxiety. Only when I started focusing on living in the now did I realize how much damage I had been doing to my mind, body, and overall quality of life that whole time. Thank God for drugs.
  11. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    Exactly! The past only exists in your memory, the future only exists in your imagination. We live in an eternal now. So the key to life is to stay present and live in the current moment. Anytime I’ve been able to do that, my life seems pretty great. Cheers!
  12. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    Also, my hair is getting longer and I’m beginning to look like Jesus. Which I find funny.
  13. cbfalcon

    ***EdEx - The Open Championship***

    Update: I’m definitely still a stoner, but now I’m mixing in shrooms as well, all in an effort to understand my life. I now believe we are living in a simulation (Nick Bostrom’s argument convinced me)…..and political bickering is the way the elites divide and conquer the masses….and the only way out is to lose all feelings of hatred and instead focus on love. At this point, I’m pot committed to these ideas, so I’ll likely ride them the rest of the way even if it hastens my demise. Win or lose, it feels a lot better than the old ways.
  14. cbfalcon

    Putin on the threat of woke culture

    I would like to formally apologize to you. It’s been bugging me the last few days, wondering if I made a mistake. It wasn’t you that said we needed to hang every n*gger from trees, rather it was Tubby McGee. I recall that I used to confuse the two of you often, and in this case it lead to an irresponsible mistake. Again, I apologize.
  15. cbfalcon


    I’m in. It’ll be fun.