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  1. cbfalcon

    Putin on the threat of woke culture

    I would like to formally apologize to you. It’s been bugging me the last few days, wondering if I made a mistake. It wasn’t you that said we needed to hang every n*gger from trees, rather it was Tubby McGee. I recall that I used to confuse the two of you often, and in this case it lead to an irresponsible mistake. Again, I apologize.
  2. cbfalcon


    I’m in. It’ll be fun.
  3. cbfalcon

    Putin on the threat of woke culture

    No, it happened back in the Colin Kaepernick kneeling thread. The posts were obviously deleted. I’ve spoken on it multiple times over the years. But I can’t prove it. All I can do is speak to what I witnessed. And you’ll decide on your own whether or not to believe me.
  4. cbfalcon

    Putin on the threat of woke culture

    Maybe I am making it up. How can anyone really know at this point?
  5. cbfalcon

    Putin on the threat of woke culture

    Remember when you posted that we should find every n*gger in the country and hang them from a tree? I think about it everytime I see you now leading the updated Geek Club in conversations in which you all seem to largely be in lock step with one another. That said, I’m wishing you all love in 2022. I believe it’s going to be a positive year.
  6. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    Congratulations Kutulu, as the first DNDL 2 time champion is also our first 3 time champion. I can’t lie. When my late substitution at WR took off his shirt off and said “f*ck this, I’m outa here” before walking off the field……that was when I felt an ill wind blowing. Congrats again Kutulu, it was a challenging and fun season.
  7. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    Good luck in the mega clash, as the dramatic race to 3 comes to a gripping and spine tingling conclusion.
  8. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    Not yet Amigo. Not yet.
  9. cbfalcon

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    Doesn’t matter what we vote for really, because then we’d still need common sense and honesty. And we’ve proven we have neither, over and over again. No drafts are legit due to regular tanking issues, and without common sense, the standings and playoff seedings have been messed up for at least 3 consecutive seasons. It’s exhausting. I have enjoyed this league and am fond of the 4 or 5 owners that are active…but it feels like the league has probably run its course.
  10. cbfalcon

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    If this league was set up to seed wild card teams higher than division winners, then just get rid of divisions all together. They serve no purpose in our league.
  11. cbfalcon

    Proposed changes for 22 season

    Probably need to wait and see whose even playing next year, as continuing with 12 owners seems like an uphill battle based on what I’ve seen this season. If it needs to end, that’s ok.
  12. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    I obviously am against changing anything during a season. I’ve only always wanted fairness to the competition (an area this league has failed at historically with the tanking). I’m just extremely surprised and disappointed that such a major part of the league (standings) were set up so incorrectly (based on what all sports fans would agree with) and nobody cared enough to catch it before this. But that’s on me. Last year I was very sick and not paying much attention, so I didn’t catch it. If I had been, it would have been fixed (maybe).
  13. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    So we have divisions but division winners aren’t seeded higher than wild card teams? All I can say is, this league is what it is.
  14. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    I see what is written, but I am of the belief it’s written incorrectly. My beliefs are based on my prior knowledge of sports standings, fantasy leagues, etc. But if I’m incorrect and division winners aren’t seeded higher than wild card teams…well it won’t be the first or last time I’ll be wrong about something I’m confident in. Of that, I’m sure.
  15. cbfalcon

    Playoffs 2021

    I think the seeds are: Peaces Padrino Putin vs Professor Stats Sweatermeats Vs 4077