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  1. Hagy34

    Trent Richardson already missing time

    I have the number one pick in a rookie draft friday. Was planning on taking Trich. Already have Brees and Newton so no need for a qb. Maybe take martin now. I still find it hard to pass on Richardson.
  2. Hagy34

    Cam Newton... Let's take a closer look

    Did you watch the game? Because Newton actually did a good job of getting through his reads yesterday. I'm not saying he won't get hurt. But the reason for that isn't because he just tucks and runs. He did an outstanding job of getting to his 2nd and 3rd read. Amazing for a rookie coming out of that spread offense.
  3. Breakout: 1. Dez Bryant 2. Matthew Stafford 3. Julio Jones 4. Ben Tate 5. Felix Jones Busts: 1. Michael Vick 2. Greg Jennings 3. Maurice Jones-Drew 4. Michael Turner 5. Arian Foster
  4. Hagy34

    RB Questions?

    Sproles subbing on 3rd and 7+? Sproles will be used much more often than that. Trust me.
  5. Hagy34

    Deep Sleepers...I'm talking Coma!

    I'm a fan of Harry Douglas and Eric Decker in deep leagues. Keep an eye on the Gore as well, Kendall Hunter has the makings of a solid NFL back if given a chance.
  6. Hagy34

    C.J. Spiller

    This. Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Ted Ginn Jr. come to mind as well. Guys can get away with speed and athleticism in college because the other guys on the field can't hang. This isn't the case in the NFL. Defenses are fast. Just as fast in fact.
  7. Hagy34

    lets see your first week lineups

    I love these comments. People assume if your team is good that you play in a 2 team league. I have one of those rosters and its because of rookie drafting and trading prior to these guys being 'studs'. Was Charles a 'stud' four years ago when I drafted him? How about Vjack?
  8. Hagy34

    lets see your first week lineups

    Year 5 Dynasty Squad. Brees Peterson, Charles Fitzgerald, VJack, Megatron Henery Eagles Yes. I'm serious.
  9. Hagy34

    Your Best Roster

    Dynasty rosters should dominate this thread. Here's my dynasty starting lineup, league that started in 2007. Brees AD Charles Calvin J Fitz Jennings
  10. Hagy34

    Rookie Drafts This Year

    Is there any reason that Ryan Mathews won't go number one in virtually all rookie drafts? A few guys in my league think Dez Bryant is worthy of a number pick but Mathews seems like a lock to me. What do you guys think??
  11. Hagy34

    Players to trade for before the deadline

    Fairly confident all the Saints and Vikings players will be playing right until the end of year. Both will be fighting for homefield....
  12. Hagy34

    Early dynasty draft watch

    Top RBs: Jahvid Best - Cal Jonathan Dwyer - GT CJ Spiller - Clemson Top WRs: Dez Bryant - OK State Regis Benn - Illinois Demaryius Thomas - GT (Keep an eye on this kid, not many people know about him but he's an absoulte stud. Great size and speed. Great hands.) Ingram cannot come out, he's eligible for 2011 draft.
  13. Hagy34

    Time to shop DeSean Jackson?

    No way that should be accepted....
  14. Hagy34

    Time to shop DeSean Jackson?

    I just traded Desean and Harvin for Larry Fitz.....