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    Combo Auction and Draft

    I'm in a league where there is an auction where each team acquires 10 players, then there is a 12 round draft (it's a long night). Is there a way to use Draft Buddy to track both?
  2. bytheway

    Combo Auction and Draft

    FYI regarding Step 4: you have to wait to change the roster size until AFTER the auction is completed, or else the max bid is thrown off.
  3. bytheway

    Combo Auction and Draft

    Mike, I think I got it to work just fine. To speed up Step 7, I sorted the auction results by owner, then created a draft order position for each pick to match the serpentine draft order position in the draft report tab. That way I could copy the entire auction results at once into the draft report, and not do it one by one. Thanks again!
  4. bytheway

    Combo Auction and Draft

    Thanks Mike! I'll do a trial run before draft night to make sure I do it correctly. There's about 15-20 minutes between the auction and draft.
  5. bytheway

    Devonta Freeman Hold or cut?

    Per Rotoworld: Steven Jackson 3/14/2013: Signed a three-year, $12 million contract. The deal contains $4 million guaranteed -- a $3.5 million signing bonus and $500,000 of Jackson's first-year base salary. 2014: $3 million, 2015: $3.75 million, 2016: Free Agent Jacquizz Rogers 7/28/2011: Signed a four-year, $2.23 million contract. The deal included a $191,000 signing bonus. 2014: $1.389 million, 2015: Free Agent Antone Smith 3/5/2013: Signed a two-year, $1.425 million contract. The deal included a $65,000 signing bonus. 2014: $730,000, 2015: Free Agent Devonta Freeman 5/22/2014: Signed a four-year, $2.7 million contract. If those contract details are correct, Rogers and Smith will be free agents next year, and Jackson could be released for a cap hit of $3.5 M / 3 = $1.17 M. As a keeper league owner of Freeman, I am holding on. Sure would be nice for Freeman to show a bit more, though.
  6. bytheway

    Does anyone draft AFTER the first game?

    I've done this once before. The rule was you could start players who had already played. Everyone knew the stats so you could adjust your cheat sheets accordingly.
  7. bytheway

    Reggie Bush

    I can either go with Rainey, or Bush / Pitta on Monday. Leaning toward the latter.
  8. bytheway

    Brady sans Gronk down the stretch

    I'm planning on starting Foles over Brady too.
  9. 3 divisions 4 teams each, play divisional teams twice, everyone else once. Division winners plus 1 wildcard make the championship bracket, and there are two 4 team consolation brackets playing for the 1st and 2nd picks.
  10. bytheway

    josh gordon for roddy white?

    If only the Falcons could trade for Gordon in real life (I'm a Gordon owner).
  11. I have Josh Gordon and he will have to start for me most weeks (my other WRs are Cobb & Wallace). I have the opportunity to make a trade with the owner of Cameron & Julius Thomas. He is offering me Cameron, but I am considering asking for Julius instead. Two questions for you all: 1. Would you be comfortable starting Cameron & Gordon together? Especially now that it is Weeden throwing to them instead of Hoyer. 2. Going forward, between Julius & Cameron, who would I be likely to need to give up more to acquire? Thanks.
  12. At this point, I agree with weepaws, and I would prefer Julius to Cameron. Before I make a counter to the other owner, I wanted to get a feel from the masses if the perceived difference in value is considerable or slight. Any thoughts on this?
  13. bytheway

    Has anyone seen CBS's website?! **PUKE***

    I just checked it out. Doesn't look all that different to me. Changes to the home page, but that was a weak spot anyway.
  14. Sorry, but I've got you beat. I'm 2-5, good for last place in my division, 2 games behind the last playoff spot...and I have 80 more points than the next-highest scoring team.
  15. bytheway

    Vick Owners

    On the one hand, surely Vick with all of his faults (read, turnovers) gives Reid the best chance to win now. On the other hand, Reid has sat McNabb in the past when the same might have been said about McNabb. I'm a Vick owner, and I am growing more and more concerned. I'd hate to have to turn to Ponder and Fitzpatrick as matchup plays. That being said, I just dropped Voles to pickup Ballard as a possible bye week fill-in; I figure Voles would never start over Ponder and Fitzpatrick.
  16. bytheway

    Jimmy Graham rumors

    As a Colston owner, I am hopeful that Graham DOES play and is used as a blocker / decoy similar to his role in the Chargers game in Week 5, after he re-entered the game post-injury. If Moore is still out or limited, so much the better.
  17. bytheway

    Greg 'the leg' Zuerlein

    I am also concerned about whether the Rams offense will provide enough opportunities for "The Leg" at MIA. My alternative is Hanson at PHI. I am going with "The Leg" because of the higher upside, because I am a slight underdog in my matchup this week.
  18. bytheway

    Now that Mathews has proven he is Rb1 worthy

    I'm an owner and I'm gonna hold. I gambled on my top 3 RBs (McFadden, Mathews, Mendenhall) and I am hopeful it pays off in the end after 4 weeks of anxiety.
  19. bytheway

    Michael Vick

    I own him and have started him every week with less and less confidence. I don't like the options I see on the trade market (and trades are rarely made in this league) so I will play based on matchups - my other options are Ponder & Fitzpatrick.
  20. bytheway

    Washington Defense

    I agree with much of what you say. Regarding Saffold, he is nowhere near a top notch LT, but he is better than Hunter, and he showed promise as a rookie two years ago. Since you used Saffold's absence as justification in your OP, I thought an update of his status was warranted.
  21. bytheway

    Washington Defense

    Per Rotoworld: Might not be quite as bad as the OP described, although Saffold could reinjure his neck at any time.
  22. bytheway

    Has anyone heard back from CBS yet?

    CBS replied within 24 hours to both emails I sent last week.
  23. bytheway

    MJD and ADP

    To be fair, Jennings left the game because of injury.
  24. bytheway

    CBS Fantasy Issues, AGAIN

    This is how I run my league too. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 swing (RB/WR/TE), 1 K and 1 TM. So in my settings I allow a minimum of 2 RBs and maximum of 3 RBs, minimum of 2 WRs and maximum of 3 WRs, and minimum of 1 TE and maximum of 2 TEs. Then for the starting roster, I set the minimum and maximum at 9. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX I do have another problem, however: There were two cases in our FAAB that ran on Wednesday morning (all manually confirmed by me) where I believe the tie-breaking and nominating procedures applied were incorrect: 1. In 2 cases, a tie between Team A & Team B was awarded to Team A, even though Team A had won a bid more recently in the current FAAB than Team B. 2. Team C had Jacquizz Rodgers listed first at $5, and then Nate Washington at $5. However, Washington was nominated first (with no other bids), and Team C was awarded Washington. Rodgers was nominated next, and Team C & Team D both bid $5, with Team D being awarded Rodgers because Team C had just been awarded Washington. I'm not sure if the FAAB process just went haywire or if CBS changed the rules without telling me. I checked the FAAB topic in the Help area, and the description of the FAAB process is missing A LOT of the detail available previously which explained all of the nominating and tie-breaking procedures very well. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it (I also sent an email to CBS asking for clarification).
  25. bytheway

    Brandon Lloyd

    It's Lloyd, Decker, Saine or Deangelo in my flex - wi probably stick with Lloyd. He is able to make the circus catch so I have hope he can manage 4-40-1.