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    Pence and Christie to run for President

    People never run who feel they have little to no chance. Never has happened.
  2. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    I honestly don't care what people choose to boycott. Thats their own prerogative, thats their own money. Thats why it is so bizarre seeing guys ike gutter and hawk so hung up. They occupied the bud light thread then just said everything 20 more times here. Censorship and canceling that I hate is trying to get a comedian off air. Trying to drub up something from 20 years ago that someone said. I remember "some" emphasize "some" had issue with Josh Allen singing lyrics to a rap song and repeating the N word. He was like 15. And that isn't even a real problem! Stuff like that irks me. Where you spend your money in relation to where you stand on an issue right or wrong jaded or not? Go for it. It is your money. If the left wants to boycott pillow guy how many Gutter pages does that get? None? Yea about there.
  3. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Keep the same energy the next left boycott. We know you won't. But try. It will be easy to see the results. Ill tag you.
  4. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    This is you. Posting tik tok videos. Telling everyone else who posts tik toks of thr left that they should take the higher ground. You. Still. Don't. Get. It. You are amazingly lost. You don't even take the very advice you post minutes earlier. Absolutely bizarre and not sure I can get through to you. Good luck.
  5. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Yeah exactly what I said. "The right should do it back". Every action has an equal reaction. The right threw up their arms and said....ooooook. To not expect push back is elementary stuff by you. Thats my point. That you are shocked or arguing it makes you look dumb. See a few tik toks and go bonkers for weeks each day. Why not instead of one group stopping lets all just leave eachother alone? When you and your ilk quit telling me I have some toxic masculinity like a blue haired dyke would, ill quit telling you that your friends have mental illness. Deal? You don't get it because you are so far in the PC forest you literally cannot see the trees. I used to think your were a halfway normal dude who just lives too close to NYC metro area. But no, you actually may be crazy.
  6. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    It is the simple idea of "rules for thee not for me". Riots. Only ok when BLM leftists do it. Conservatives say oh what the hell lets play and "Reeeeeeeeee" is all you hear from the left. Canceling/boycotting. Left invented it basically. Right says ok lets finally play that game and "Reeeeeeeeeeee" Libs are a bunch of pansies. Take ball and go home. Only ok when they do something. Anyone else gives in and says ok this is how its gonna be? And they lose their F'ing mind. So basically the left gets to act and the right can't react. What if a bunch of rural rednecks start looting rural stores. Just dudes on Harleys going in and trashing places and looting. How much more bad press would that get than your typical day in San Fran? Would the same "leaders" downplay it? Or would they scream bloody murder? We all know the answer. Hilarious yet predictable. Gutter is delusional by the way. Why can't all 300 and some million just take the high road! Look at him take the high road here. He takes such a high road on so many issues here doesn't he? Biggest hypocrite that posts here. Bar none.
  7. listen2me 23

    Mount Rushmore Of Late Night Talk Show Host

    I had like a 3 year phase of turning in to late shows each night in my early 20s. I always thought Ferguson was the best even tho it was the lowest rent spot. Too young for Carson.
  8. listen2me 23

    FB Friends and Family You Kept or Deleted over Politics

    Don't have a Facebook
  9. Not even a medium sized threat to America/Democracy? Interesting
  10. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Hilariously ironic. Why do you act so high and mighty and non political when you sit in these threads all day each day going tit for tat? You sit here and bltch about the glory days and look at you. Seriously just look at yourself. From 8am till evening each day on repeat. Yet so above it all. Lol.
  11. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Depends where you are. If you are in san fran or seattle this is probably not wrong. Maybe not welcomed but tolerated. Thats what insurance is for don't ya know.
  12. Stopped here didn't read replays yet but no one is defending anyone. Its the rhetoric we don't care for. People can act like white supremacy took a vacation for decades and all of a sudden is some sort or huge thing now but I think it is just politics. You won't agree but like blm. Cops were boogeyman. People figured that out eventually. Now onto there are nazi white supremacists tearing our country apart. Sorry but I don't buy that. By all means shoe out the KKK types. But to say white supremacy is some giant deal while never talking about black on black crime is a grift and disingenuous. People now are quick to call it white supremacy when a middle eastern dude goes after Biden. That is the problem we have. We aren't defending anyone. Maybe it is the biggest "terroristic threat". If so we are seemingly in great shape because it is just as basic and isolateded as it was during obamas time in office with joe as vice. We show you literal evilness in big cities. People doing absolutely horrific things and you guys just glance over it. When a middle eastern fella drives into a barrier WHITE SUPREMACY! Are there white supremacists in this country? Sure. No one is saying otherwise. If I went and took a stroll down the east side of buffalo I wouldn't feel safe and would feel like a target. Id have more chance of getting assaulted than a black guy would down a white neighborhood.
  13. "If" this is the case wouldn't it be sound logic to opt for no ideas over bad ones?
  14. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Sorta like people can choose not to shop at a place for whatever reasons they choose. They do their thing you do yours. See how easy this is?
  15. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    I heard it from gutter losing his shlt over a video of a random woman looking for clicks this AM.
  16. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    It is bizarre how obsessed you 2 are with what people choose to do with their own money. Do you guys have a ton of stock in these companies or something?
  17. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    You guys really throw some good tantrums about this stuff.
  18. Sure. Ill believe ya. I have never identified one. Maybe some are. I havent seen any outward demonstrations to know I suppose. Not sure what they do or say in their own homes.
  19. I live rural and haven't seen a white supremacist. Wouldnt know where to look. Maybe they hide in lib cities. Not sure. I haven't seen a Nazi flag hung anywhere; perhaps ever that wasn't on TV.
  20. The right is distracting me from realizing Biden is a doorkbob? Interesting strategy. I don't go around saying trannys are a big threat to America. When Trump was in office he didn't either. You must have me confused with someone you sit here and argue with all day long each day. I think people like you who were maybe normal 10 years ago have fallen into the PC trap. You would quit calling people retards if the PC progressive crowd came out in force to defend the mentally challenged. But they aren't at war with that so you use it. I can denounce white supremacy. Here, I think hate groups that band together against other races are bad and not needed in society. The FBI should go raid white supremacy headquarters and get them out of here.
  21. If white supremacy is our biggest threat then looks like we are in really good shape. Nice.
  22. No. I think we treat trans people like protected species. I think people who want to hack off parts of their body in order to feel better are mentally ill. But this would be my line of thinking 4 years ago. 10 years ago. What exactly did I get in line for on the tranny parade?
  23. When inflation is still hurting the pockets of the working and poor classes. When there is a war going on funded on our dime. When the president is a doorknob. You have to cling to something in order to distract. The blm cop hatred fooled enough sheep. But people now realize that was a gift. So lets throw the boogeyman that is white supremacy against the wall. Sheep will come back again.
  24. listen2me 23

    Found the cure for Alzheimer's. END RACISM!

    Black people are at more risk for many illnesses. The left: "Big is beautiful. Lets let some of these heffers model! Fat shaming is a form of toxic masculinity! Lizzo is just big boned" Helpful.
  25. listen2me 23

    Cancel Target

    Bingo. Yet screeches about it all the time today. What a hack.