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  1. US has the worst front office in the world. Here is a fair deal what do you think Russia? No. Oh ok thats perfectly fine. We we will give in and wildly overpay. Thanks for negotiating with us!
  2. Oh there is more than that. But it was a real question.... So anytime an American gets detained, to what we believe is wrongful, we offer up a terrorist? Is that the precedent going forward?
  3. Do any American detained from now on, we offer a terrorist in return? Did I get that right?
  4. Then do nothing. It was a terrible trade. They do nothing with other lesser profile people. Do they not?
  5. How long have we left others detained across the world without 1% of the effort given here? You keep saying "how long do you want her there"? You seem to be missing the point.
  6. I mean it is the family of a Marine. Not the family of an entitled wnba player who gets all the publicity. I am not that surprised at the difference.
  7. So the precedent now is offer up a dangerous terrorist anytime an American gets detained in Russia? How many Americans are detained across the world? I mean ok....
  8. Weird question. I don't want any Americans held. But we shouldn't just be willing to give up dangerous people for PR points. If it was the last girl off the bench from some WNBA team, they probably wouldn't of bothered.
  9. No. So we will give in. It is how we operate here. Putin strong arms us and we just say "ok mr putin".
  10. So if Whelan is more valuable to Russia. And we gave up a dangerous terrorist for her. What do we have to give up for Whelan?
  11. A trade this bad would be denied in most fantasy leagues
  12. It is the year is 2025. Russia: hey lets grab up this goofy youtube content creator, I bet the US will give us back a killer or 2 for him!
  13. So dangerous arms dealer for a womens basketball player. Marine stays in gulag. Sounds about right in 2022.
  14. listen2me 23

    Aaron Judge, 9 years 360M

    You guys are all insane people. It is an Aaron Judge thread. My God.