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  1. listen2me 23

    Cranberry Juice

    No only in a cocktail
  2. listen2me 23

    Doorbell cams (Ring,etc) what do you use? Pros and cons?

    I dont have one. I dont live in the ghetto.
  3. listen2me 23

    49ers @ Saints

    I understand calling card is defense. But Kyle Shannahan gets credit and is probably a top coach in the leagur for many many years. His offense isnt stellar but Jimmy G is fairly average. They have a nice mix of backs but no real good 1 player. Their line has been beat up a little but still get it done. Before Sanders came over all they had was Kittle (who is the best TE in football) and not much else. I really liked Deebo coming out but he is a rookie. Shannahan was a highly touted coach coming in. And he has delivered. That team plays hard week in and week out.
  4. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    They are -1 at home vs the Rams, currently.
  5. Times have changed fast in 20 years. Ive been here long enough to remember Bush daily bashing. Or Obama daily critique. Political people have always gotten into broken record slap fights. But things are different today. Political people are now fanatical. I dont remember people being walking billboards for Bush or Obama reelection. I remember opposing sides bashing daily but not screetching and all twitchy like the libs now. It is fanatical and down right crazy today. Both sides. The "fight" has revved up several notches all of a sudden. Political people had an opinion before. Now everyone has one and it is usually extreme one way or another. It used to be like 2 football fanbases going at it. Now all of a sudden it is 2 of the wildest soccer fanbases trying to slit eachother throats. Wild times. The crazy Trump billboard people are only creating something even worse on the other side when it comes there time to win. Trump takes next election. But id imagine Dem after that.
  6. He is a horrible president to Libs. Because he is a republican. If a lib was in office they would be the worst to the republicans. Catching on how this works yet slugger? Maybe after 40k more threads on this you will understand. HTH
  7. Havent all you politicos been over this 40k times already?
  8. listen2me 23

    UFC Fight Night

    Not going ti start a new thread but caught Joshua/Ruiz 2 earlier. Meh. I bet Ruiz. Hes always a live dog but he came in heavy said it was fine then used it as a crutch after. Joshua foughg like he had to. Didnt know if he was capable of that for 12 rounds or at all. Not his style to play matador. He a pressure KO artist. Lost 10 lbs of muscle and it did help. His psyche was good when it was a big question coming in. Not a great fight but he did what he had to. I lost.
  9. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Mike McCarthy
  10. listen2me 23

    Thursday Night Football ( Cowboys @ Bears )

    Jerrah playing GM has what has hurt the Cowboys. Good teams, good franchises are at least sound in their approach and application of what they are trying to do. Where as Jerrah has an agenda. That being headlines over winning culture. Puppet master over best coach. They have put together some good seasons...not a ton but a few as of late. I think they can draft good players, but I just think their approach to positions, signings, bringing on idiots ruins it. It is sporadic, some years things align a bit. More years it does not.
  11. listen2me 23

    Thursday Night Football ( Cowboys @ Bears )

    People love shiny things. Even knowledgable people who watch all the games. Right here last week we have non cowboy fans saying they could be dangerous in the playoffs and that they are super talented. People, even Jerrah himself cant understand that fantasy football has nothing to do with winning football games. The Cowboys are not that talented. They have the talent of about what thry will end up. .500 team. People just never will learn that RBs and WRs matter very little in comparison to other ways in building a team. These teams are said to be uber talented Cowboys, Browns, Chargers. Where are they all? They all have a QB you know. Some running backs. And some WRs.
  12. listen2me 23

    Thursday Night Football ( Cowboys @ Bears )

    I mean I keep hearing you and others say this....but is it true? Dak is avg. Zeke is good but a RB so who cares. They do have a couple nice WRs but no TE. Oline is good. They are stacked on defense? How?
  13. listen2me 23

    Thursday Night Football ( Cowboys @ Bears )

    My buddy said I like Dallas -3 they are due. I Said I wouldnt trust Dallas. They truly do suck people in with their shiny things. This could go either way.
  14. listen2me 23

    Egg nog

    I mean I wont go on and on about this much more. Perhaps im the weird one. You already downed 3 what half gallons of eggnog? Jeebus. Ive never met people like this. Im in awe.
  15. listen2me 23

    Has HS football changed since you played?

    It has even 10-15 years. I dont folow HS closely. But from what I hear back home from a friend who teaches and coaches defense is it is mostly the players themselves, parents, and just how the coaches react. I remember coaches being tough in a coaching/expectation manner. Grab a kid by the facemask. Yell. Told to do extra in practice if he didnt like what you were doing ect ... Now its pins and needles I hear. Kids suck. I said it when I graduated i felt my class or maybe the class after were the last real classes then things suddenly switched. Kids think they can talk to coaches how they choose to or practice as hard as they feel like...or just quit if it isnt going well. When I was in school it wasnt like the 70s or 80s sure but we still had pride in playing for the team. It wasnt oh well im mad at the coach. Coach doesnt play me much. I quit. If you didnt play much or were ridden you still finished the season and came to all the practices. Now kids think they are owed something. Of course the actual game has changed thats obvious. They have changed rules and have made a serious effort to push "heads up football" for the sake of the game really. Football has changed on every level that isnt alarming. The alarming thing is the kids themselves.