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  1. listen2me 23

    Aaron Rodgers

    Trump! Lol you guys will make anything into a political slap fight.
  2. listen2me 23

    Aaron Rodgers

    Weird response? But yeah..
  3. listen2me 23

    Aaron Rodgers

    Boy he knows how to get people riled up
  4. listen2me 23

    From the Heart of Trump Country

    Who here has more TDS than Rusty? I think he wins that even compared to some of the real crazy Libs we have. Now hes driving around town taking pictures of homes like a creep. Lol
  5. listen2me 23

    How do you feel about immigration?

    For Dems, as long as you save one family from the horror that is Mexico....then 15 child rapists are worth it. Hey ya win some ya lose some.
  6. Quality thread start Trump as your profile pic Yeah you have some issues
  7. listen2me 23

    Saudi Golf Tour

    850 mill for current Rory? Inflation? Lol Not that the Saudis care about the price. They should just buy college football and baseball next. Fun times.
  8. listen2me 23

    ***Wagering thread***

    Rakic has massive leg kicks and but I dont think a ton of power in his hands. And many times he looks to grapple. Rakic is a solid win. Was a good fight. I thought those kicks would do him in but he ckept coming until Rakic just sorta got outlasted.
  9. listen2me 23

    ***Wagering thread***

    Was a fun fight. Jiri does have a nice chin and some.elite power. I like watching him fight. Jiri can beat anyone, I just feel vs elite guys time in and time out that his style is vulnerable. I know he rattled off a ton of wins in a row outside the UFC. But not sure you can go on a run with that style in the UFC. Every fight is a dog fight.
  10. listen2me 23

    Saudi Golf Tour

    I just find a guy like Rahm funny. At least guys like Brooks DJ and Cam live with their decision. Rahm when guys were jumping and he was staying said he never played golf for monetary purposes. Asked out loud if 400 million would change how he lives, and said no it wouldnt. Then jumped anyway. Took the money and now wants to change the league as the brand new guy. Just say it was about money. Clearly Rahm doesn't get off on competing in LIV events. At least some of the guys would give it to you straight. Hey they offered me 150 mill. I took it. Seems to me Rahm isnt comfortable with the decision he made even if he says he is. Seems clear he isn't.
  11. listen2me 23

    Saudi Golf Tour

    Someone says one thing about Rahm and each time you get up on your soapbox and rehash all the reasons the PGA messed this up. I know you deliberately didnt quote me. But you will literally argue with yourself anytime this thread is bumped. The split is old news and has already been discussed at nauseum. I just laugh at Rahm. "Boo hoo someone gave me a cold shoulder". A handful of LIV events in and he wants to change the 54 hole format. Lol. Thats just downright hilarious. They are literally named after "54" and when it was created thr 3 round concept was a part of what made this unique and enticing. Or so people said. He sounds exactly like a person who isn't secure in the decision he made. Its sort of funny to watch him squirm.
  12. listen2me 23

    Saudi Golf Tour

    You have so many LIV testicles in your mouth lol
  13. listen2me 23

    Saudi Golf Tour

    I told ya Rahm was a whiner. Hes pretty brand new to LIV and already wants to change its setup. Lol. All he does is bltch and moan. Everyone is fine with your decision, Jon. Are you? Doesn't look like it.
  14. listen2me 23

    Guess which democrat run sh─▒zzhole this is?

    Libs here are funny. You could you know... skip over these threads. Instead they come running in being upset you are talking about trannies and criminals. Post some recycled joke. Rinse repeat. Clearly upset about discussing such topics. Its very weird.