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  1. listen2me 23

    ***2023 PGA Tour***

    Cam Young is a bulldozer. Can he win thr Masters? He 2as awful in his first one last year. 77 77.
  2. listen2me 23

    Wagering thread

    Boxing can be tough but sometimes the odds are just off. Benavidez is hailed as the young lion in the division he is 26 and a bulldozer. Pressure fighter that just comes forward and throws a lot of punches. He is a fairly scary guy but hasn't yet fought many great opponents. This is his step up. Plant fought and lost to Canelo 2 fights ago but gave a good account of himself early. So he has been in there before. This is the first ppv for Benavidez. Plant moves and boxes well. Benavidez comes at you relentlessly big and powerful. Bull vs the matador situation. Nice clash of styles Is Benavidez just too much and too big that he eventually just cuts Plant off and wears him down and gets him out? Has Benavidez ever been in with a guy who can really box and move and avoid his pressure? Not really. If Benavidez wins it may look like a dumb bet and he is just too young big and powerful. But I believe Plant has a chance to box him and outsmart him a bit. Benavidez is the popular pick as the next big thing but odds seem just too wide for the stylistic matchup. I hit Usyk over Joshua at similar odds. Similar boxer vs bulldozer fight in that one as well. Benavidez is better than Joshua tho. Joshua was a bit of a fraud and a flake.
  3. listen2me 23

    Wagering thread

    I like the idea of betting the tournament. But my God does it seem like a total crapshoot. I used to be very into college ball and watched a ton of games through out the season. Not so much last handful of years. Seems like more parity than ever. I remember the Tyler Hansbrough Tar Heels and the Duke teams. Some of those Kansas and Kentucky teams. Seems the 1 seeds this year were just teams. Didn't really stand out. Didn't have the feel what so ever of 1 seeds. Smart money is usually on unders. Seems like some overs lately but I think I read that overs were only around 35% on the games up until the sweet 16. Similar to the match play golf this week, seems like when looking down the sheet just focus on short dogs and only them. Preferably ML bets as I don't understand how people can bet basketball spreads. It just comes down to a mess of foul shots and desperation heaves to decide the cover many times.
  4. listen2me 23

    Wagering thread

    Caleb Plant +260 (boxing)
  5. listen2me 23

    ***2023 PGA Tour***

    That seems sort of goofy like they just want playoff holes. But needed that know before I bet, thanks.
  6. listen2me 23

    ***2023 PGA Tour***

    I know ties go sudden death. But doesn't it matter if say 2 guys are 2-1 but one guy beat the other? Do they still go sudden death? Anyone have an answer? You would thi k head to head should count but maybe it doesn't?
  7. listen2me 23

    ***2023 PGA Tour***

    What is the idea for the 3rd match? I understand fully that going plus money in thr tournament is the way to go. But what can we expect? I like match play and the ryder cup but historically I pay little attention to this event. Do guys with no real shot of coming out of groups lay down? Looking for more degan action.
  8. listen2me 23

    Detroit-how is this allowed?

    Not surprising today. Criminals have more power than ever before. Leftism wants to generally take guns out of regular citizens homes and give criminals leeway. It is a sweet recipe if you decided to be a POS loser with nothing to lose.
  9. listen2me 23

    ***2023 PGA Tour***

    Don't parlay these matchups. 3 golfer parlay burns sheff Im. Im blows a 3 shot lead going into 13
  10. listen2me 23

    Best way to doctor up a fast food item

    I agree with this. I don't think I have ever doctored up fast food. Seems like a waste of time. I hardly ever eat fast food. But if I do I am on the go or just trying to get a quick bite to hold me over. I am usually looking to engulf it and get it over with. Not sit down put my own stuff on it and savor it.
  11. listen2me 23

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  12. listen2me 23

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I must be far enough away from the filthy city dwelling turds.
  13. listen2me 23

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I don't have some narrative of whatever your end rant is. You are hysterical. I am just saying, I myself haven't came across anyone who said they had or have the flu in some time.
  14. listen2me 23

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Flu vanished! Must have been the masks. They must work vs the flu and not covid. I don't remember the last time I heard someone say they had or had the flu recently. I have seen a little strep from friends kids. But no flu from anyone for a few years.
  15. This is spot on. My grampa is an old school Dem. But he is 90, he only gets his news and info from TV. If he actually knew what the party was about now he would be shocked and disgusted. But he would counter anything brought up with how bad Trump is because that is what they pound into gullible viewers on CNN. Joe is a great old man nothing shady about him and his family. Trump is deplorable. He doesn't grasp the fact that media is about ratings and pushing agenda not reporting news. At this point he isn't going to research and underatand that. So it is what it is.