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  1. PunkRockRedneck

    What do you need tonight?

    Need Lockett to outscore Gipson by 12 points.
  2. PunkRockRedneck

    Russell Wilson R.O.W.

    I've been streaming QBs most of the season. Right now I have Wentz who surprisingly hasn't been too terrible. With Wilson coming back is he worth picking up over Wentz or Burrow who is also available?
  3. PunkRockRedneck

    Who to Flex - Swift or Ingram

    Swift no question.
  4. PunkRockRedneck

    Russell Wilson R.O.W.

    I'm thinking of rolling with Burrow this week. I really wanna go with Wilson but after last week, I feel safer with Burrow.
  5. PunkRockRedneck

    The Official Week 10 FU Thread

    right there with ya.
  6. PunkRockRedneck

    The Official Week 10 FU Thread

    WTF Aaron Jones. What did this guy do to to get dumped by the Packers? And FU to Hockenson. Not a single catch?
  7. PunkRockRedneck

    Kelce or Waller for one of these RBS?

    Earlier in the season I traded Waller for Swift. I'd definitely make the same move now.
  8. PunkRockRedneck

    Stat Correction for the win

    Anyone ever won because of a stat correction? I had lost by less than a point this last week. I just saw a notification that my defense (Bills) were awarded a blocked kick. Which gave me 2 points. I'd heard of folks winning that way but in the 20 years I've been playing FF I've never actually personally seen it happen. Till now the craziest win (or lost depending whose team you were looking at) was once when Donovan McNabb took 3 kneel downs at the end of a game that lost a game for a guy in my league.
  9. PunkRockRedneck

    What do you need Wk 9 MNF?

    47 pts from D. Johnson and Freiermuth. Looking like no dubs ferda.
  10. PunkRockRedneck

    The Official Week 9 FU Thread

    Burrow Moore Cooks A. Jones Ekeler What a f@cking wreck of a team this week. When Renfrow is the highlight of your week, you know you're screwed.
  11. PunkRockRedneck

    Ruggs in "Serious Car Accident"

    He's done.
  12. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    No sh!t. WTF? I cant believe how much they have Dillon out there.
  13. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    FU to my whole damn team. Evans, Moore, A. Jones, Swift, Hockensen. They all suck this week
  14. PunkRockRedneck

    Wilson for Hunt

    I have a guy offering me Russell Wilson for Kareem Hunt. I have Carr as my QB right now and Hunt is my #3/4 behind Ekeler, Jones, and Swift. Carr has been surprisingly good but I just have a hard time believing he keeps it up. Is Wilson enough of an upgrade to give up depth like Hunt?
  15. PunkRockRedneck

    Wilson for Hunt

    Carr is my only QB. So he's in my lineup every week ;) I turned it down either way. Thanks tho!
  16. PunkRockRedneck

    Wilson for Hunt

    Appreciate it guys. I'll have to think about it some more. Thanks :)
  17. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 4: Walking wounded edition

  18. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 4: Walking wounded edition

    Hockenson and Swift. God Detroit sucks
  19. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 3: I'll feed all you fockers.

    Hockenson is just out there blocking. WTF
  20. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 3: I'll feed all you fockers.

    Hockenson killin me
  21. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Week 2: Leave your focks here

    FU Waller. Not a single catch so far. WTF?
  22. PunkRockRedneck

    Jerry Jeudy Out with High Ankle Sprain

    He's lucky that's all it is. It looked pretty gnarly
  23. PunkRockRedneck

    7th pick

    Just found out I have 7th in my 10 team PPR as well. I've always hated that spot too. Really wanna go WR/WR but it leaves you at such a handicap at RB. Just gotta take what the draft gives you tho.
  24. PunkRockRedneck

    Starting Jalen hurts and your fantasy championship game.

    19, 37, 20 in his 3 starts. As a rookie. I'll take it.
  25. PunkRockRedneck

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    ya. I just don't get it. He's so enigmatic. Imagine what those WR's and TE's could do with a competent QB.