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  1. Ray_T

    help in keeper league

    well, what is the scouting report. Is McAllister having a decent camp? I heard he had some swelling in the knee. so depending on how bad it is... bush may get more playing time than initially thought.
  2. Ray_T

    Keeper Help SA or SJax

    well, lets put it this way. Most fantasy mags have SA rated as one of the top 3 players overall in the league and some think hes the #1 fantasy guy. even if you dont like him, and feel hes a crappy player or think hes a one year wonder.... there is guaranteed to be one guy in any league who will give you half his team to acquire the guy. Keep him. and dont worry about the first round pick.
  3. Ray_T

    Good News, i pulled the number 1 pick

    well, I like LT best too, but so many fantasy mags have SA and LJ as the top 2 that there is a decent chance you'd get LT with the third pick anyways. LJ is only a better pick this year because he's behind what may be the best O-Line in the league. but the KC O-Line is getting old, and they may only have one or two good years left. Alexander has always been considered an inferior back to LT until this last season when he exploded. I still think hes awesome, but also, they lost Hutchinson (O-Line) and he opened a lot of holes for Alexander. LT is your best bet in a keeper league, and you can take that to the bank. if its not a keeper league, you may give a slight edge to LJ.
  4. Ray_T

    Reggie Bush or Ronnie Brown

    I'd keep brown. Bush may be better long term, but Brown is more of a sure thing. He got almost 1000 yards splitting carries with Ricky Williams and didnt even start all of his games. He wont be sharing carries this year. he will also have a top end quarterback that will prevent teams from stacking the box against him. I'd say other than the big 3 RB's (LT, SA, and LJ) this guy will be the next best option for this year and he may still get better in the future. Bush hasnt proven anything. I like him, and I'll be drafting him in my keeper league with my #1 overall pick, but only because Ronnie Brown is unavailable. I have no doubt that bush will be a top 10 RB in the league. the question is... how good will he be? He (Bush)could be the #1 player in the league 3 years down the road, but to bet on that when you have a guy (Brown) who I feel is guaranteed to be top 5 almost immediately and may still get better I think you gotta take the sure thing.(Brown) honestly, I think both will be studs. but brown will be a stud now, and bush will likely need at least a year to get there.
  5. Ray_T

    Which rb is better?

    ^ I totally agree. Plus, I think Tiki had what was (and will be) the best season of his career last season. I dont think there is a lot more upside there. Ronnie Brown has barely touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what he can do. I expect big things from him this year.
  6. Ray_T

    help in keeper league

    well, that is all of my team. had a couple of retirees/injuries. (ahman green and priest specifically) 3 keepers only. I dont have the option to change my mind on keepers as the deadline to declare them is long gone. keeping warner was the plan only because at the time another team decided to leave ronnie Brown unprotected. At the time, the plan was to keep Warner instead of KJ, Take Ronnie Brown. but the guy changed his mind just before the deadline and I was out of town and unable to adjust my keepers in time. Otherwise I woulda kept kevin Jones. I kinda got burned there. however it's worth noting that QB's are more valueable in this league because each team STARTS 2 QB's and should have a decent QB as a backup. As such, all the starting QB's and most of the good backups are on someones roster all year long. some teams will draft 4 or 5 QB's so that other teams cant even have a backup QB. Either way, I was considering Reggie Bush because I can use him as a keeper for future years. Moss is tempting too.... but I have questions about his durability.
  7. Ray_T

    Good News, i pulled the number 1 pick

    well, I'm pretty sure that you will get one of the RB's you want if you trade down to #3. as I have no huge preference among the big 3, here is what I'd do. 1) find out who hes gonna pick if he gets #1. this may affect your decision somewhat, but I'm thinking it wont (however it's always nice to know what's coming) Trade down to #3 (or #2 depending on your preference and depending on who wants him more) what you ask for: exchange 2nd, 4th, and 6th round picks.(assuming serpentine draft) this way youre still getting one of the big 3 and you're moving up 1 or 2 picks in round 2, 4, and 6. That's what I'd ask for. and I dont think it's unreasonable.
  8. Ray_T

    Which rb is better?

    I'd keep brown. I'm not as high on Tiki because I think given his size and age, he is more likely to wear down and get injured over the course of the season. I think Brown will have a big year this year. last year he played basically with no QB and put up good numbers on a team that was running against defenses who were stacking the box due to the lack of a passing game. the arrival of Culpepper will open up the running game and I expect his numbers will be a lot better. Agreed there is always some risk to taking a young player, but he got nearly 1000 yards last year and shared carries with Ricky Williams. projected over a full season I think his numbers arent that much worse than Tiki's. He aint your regular young player. Keep him!!!
  9. Ray_T

    Any QB Surprises this year?

    just out of curiosity... Where is Addai going in the mock drafts?
  10. Ray_T

    Gates or Kevin Jones Round 3?

    I like KJ, but I'd say you can wait until round 4 or early round 5 (if you are patient enough or williing to gamble a bit) but I'd say there is very good chance you can get him in round 4 without putting yourself out.
  11. Ray_T

    Bush contemplating setting out the season....

    If I'm the saints, I'd let him sit. McAllister isnt a bad option at RB. this guy has not the leverage he thinks he has. I'd sit him the whole season then I'd trade his rights away at the end of the season. or at the trade deadline. now, if it turns out the saints suck badly, they may be able to spend another first round pick to draft him next year and make him sit out again. that would be funny. Perhaps not practical from a teambuilding perspective... but I'd love to see it. and yes, I think he will lose endorsement money if he holds out too long. he wont help himself by doing this.
  12. Ray_T

    Reggie Bush.... the holdout BEGINS!

    well, lately there have been a lot of high draft picks that have held out and then lost their job. You would think these idiots would learn their lesson. Benson held out last year and lost his starting job to Thomas Jones. The year before, Phil Rivers held out, and lost his starting job to Drew Brees. Both players hindered their development and hurt their careers by holding out. not to be outdone, Thomas jones looked like he wanted to give Benson a chance to take his starting job back by holding out himself. This guy can only hurt himself by doing this. New Orleans still has Deuce McAllister, and you can bet he will play his heart out to keep his job. If I was their GM I'd let him sit. McAllister has another few good years. and they arent losing a whole lot by teaching him a lesson. This idiot should be getting his butt into the lineup to try to knock Deuce out of the starting role. Instead... hes just giving the job away.
  13. Ray_T

    Lets talk Kurt Warner:

    well, here is my take on the situation: 1) the O-Line was terrible partly because they failed to establish a running game. so teams played for the pass nearly all the time. 2) Edge will help this situation and when teams key more on the run, the pass rush is not as fierce.... play-action passes will keep some of the defenders out of warners face. As such, I think warner will have more time to throw the ball than last year, and as a result, will have a higher completion percentage. the injury thing is still an issue, you have to take your chances with, but I do believe he will have a spectacular year if he does stay healthy. I'd draft him, but make sure you take lienert as a handcuff late in the draft or pick another adequate starter who can step in if he gets hurt.
  14. Ray_T

    Chris Brown requests a trade

    Brown is just being dumb. how can a guy who is a borderline starter and cant stay healthy expect to be traded somewhere where he can shoulder a larger load. he hasnt even fully proven he can carry his share of the load here. he'd play 6 games and get hurt. A guy like him NEEDs to have another RB in the rotation because you cant count on him to be healthy all year long. there's not a team in the league that will take him on, guarantee he'll be the starter, and not keep a good second running back in the lineup. The coach/GM who would willingly do that is asking to lose their job. 6 games in when he gets hurt, the fans & media will point out his injury history and grill him for not having another back that can carry the load. I think he should quit whining and go back to the job he has. If he leaves, I dont think he can get a better gig than Tennessee. I know if I was a GM I wouldnt be picking up the phone unless I had no other legitimate options.
  15. Ray_T

    Miami O-Line teaching Ricky a lesson!

    well, look at Ricky's playing weight. He came into camp a good 30 lbs lighter(and I'm probably being generous) than he was when he was putting up big numbers in the miami lineup. and he used to run over people en route to big games. He just doesnt have the power to do this anymore. He needs another full season to get in shape and put that weight back on before he will be capable of putting up those kind of numbers again. That's just my two cents worth.
  16. Ray_T

    Andre Johnson and Roy Williams

    well, it is worth noting that all of the early games detroit played were against some REALLY tough defenses. I think they'll pick it up against cleveland, but I also think this may be Harringtons last chance to do something. (if he gets the chance to play against them) Just food for thought.
  17. Ray_T

    Josh McCown or Kurt Warner?

    I dunno.... for the amount of cash they're paying Warner, I'd expect there would be pressure to start him. I know what McCown has done, and I like him..... but I really think they'll probably give Warner the start.