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  1. Ray_T

    Steelers to sign QB Dwayne Haskins

    Well, the managment in Washington has been a Train Wreck since before they drafted RGIII. It is a very real possibility that the problem is the team and the organization. Not the player. I dont Deny, its also possible the player is partly responsible as well. But Pittsburgh saw enough to think they'd like to give him a shot. if I were in need of a QB and felt he could be rehabbed by playing backup to the current starter then he could be the guy who takes over for Rothlisberger if and when he retires. Its a good situation for Haskins to learn in a lower pressure environment. Potentially this is a good move for both parties.
  2. Ray_T

    Phillip Rivers is retiring

    well its not like their team is that good. As far as I'm concerned if I were the GM anyone who causes problems in the dressing room should pack their bags. You can put up with some of that crap when you are winning, but when you are losing there is no good reason to keep it around.
  3. Ray_T

    Lions looking to trade Matthew Stafford

    and they are in a different conference. that is key. Lions would love for Stafford to not be traded within the division but would especially love to send him to a different conference. To me, this cements the Colts as the top contender. (assuming they want him)
  4. Ray_T

    Lions looking to trade Matthew Stafford

    honestly the price may not be THAT high. but NO may actually prefer to go with the QB's they have.
  5. Ray_T

    Lions looking to trade Matthew Stafford

    This..... for a move like this to work all the pieces need to be there. Right now i dont think they have the pieces. and doubling what you pay at QB likely does not put you in a position to fix them. The good news for Detroit, is that Stafford has a cap friendly salary. so there will be teams kicking tires on this. I also think when Stafford moves to another team the production will likely improve. similar to when Miami dumped Tannehill. of course that is assuming he goes to a team that knows what they are doing.
  6. Ray_T

    Phillip Rivers is retiring

    dude put up some really good numbers on some really terrible teams. honestly there were a couple of years where he put up 4500 yards receiving and you looked at the WR's and i was thinking.... Rivers put up 4500 yards passing with these bums for WRs and a crappy O line? Wow. imagine if he actually had a good team around him at that time. hard to believe. on any other team those bums might have been practice squad players, but Rivers made it work with those bums. kind of a waste that his talent was wasted on such a terrible team.
  7. Ray_T

    Washington says bye-bye to Dwayne Haskins

    anyone out there surprised?
  8. Ray_T

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    yeah it was a full 5 minutes before kickoff that my roster locked. that being said, maybe the fantasy football gods didnt want me to win or something. I dont know. but once the roster locked, I went and watched the pre game of the game in question and it was a little over 5 minutes until kickoff
  9. Ray_T

    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    I'll give an F U to Yahoo, who froze the lineup 5 minutes before kickoff for the Tampa game(normally the freeze at kickoff time) i was flexing Antonio Brown who had a decent matchup, but found out that Gaskin was going to play. I logged in and just as I went to switch it, the roster froze and I was unable to do anything. Brown got 11 fantasy points. Gaskin 31. looked like it wouldnt matter. I was up 50 points with Buffalo D to play and he had Allen and Diggs. I lost by just under 20. had Yahoo allowed me to make the change to Gaskin I would have won (barely)
  10. Ray_T

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    you were not kidding. Man did he ever deliver. He looked Real good. reminded me of Marion Barber from the Cowboys a bit. maybe not quite as fast but equally hard to tackle, and wears out a defense just the same way.
  11. Ray_T

    David Montgomery: Buy Low ?

    yes, he may have put me over the top. Too early to say for sure, but his big week helped me a lot
  12. Ray_T

    phukeen NFL refs

    maybe he never had interest in truly overturning the election. maybe he just wanted to raise a bunch of cash to take with him when he goes.
  13. Ray_T

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    Hey guys Cut the guy A break. considering how deep the draft was, he did play the right draft strategy. I firmly believe that. If he wouldnt have had QB injuries, he most definitely would have been a playoff team. I dont know that he would have won the league, but i would have guessed he would have (at the very least) made it to the second round of said playoff bracket. dude had some really bad luck on the injury front and that happens sometimes. considering the injury situation I think his team performed better than expected. Mostly due to the depth on his team. Most people who play no QB for a couple of games like he did are unable to recover. I'll give him full cudos for not giving up and cudos for almost making it. keep in mind when you have a draft this with this many teams, all the teams have flaws. There is no way around that. either way, thanks for posting your week by week summary. despite the unfriendly banter I thought it was an interesting read.
  14. Ray_T

    Chargers at Raiders: TNF Discussion

    well, I cant fault them for trying to win, but I agree.... putting the health of your franchise QB at risk in a meaningless game is dumb. try to win some other way.
  15. Ray_T

    week 14 Scoop and play RB

    I thought he looked really good at times today. he didnt get the TD but he got enough yards that he didnt kill me. as i have mixon and have been forced to pickup and play Gio, that was what killed me this week. Gio was terrible