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  1. Ray_T

    July 2022 PPR Mock, 7/5, Check-in

    hi guys, I look forward to drafting with all of you. Lets have a great draft.
  2. Ray_T

    Later round lotto Tickets-WR

    your point on this is well made. I"m not looking for guys ranked in the top 40. I'm looking for guys expected to go later who have the potential to produce. this is a good candidate even if you dont like the mans explanation. hes produced 1000 yards in the past on a crappy team. hes not wrong about that. hes now on a team with (presumably) a better QB. I say presumably because I actually like Minshew. I think he is the best QB on the Eagles. not the best fantasy QB obviously as he is not the starter but I feel if he became the starter he could do some good things in Philly. either way, I agree. if drafting late and somehow you got shut out of the good receivers for one reason or another... Chark is a nice candidate to take late and I think he produces well enough that he is rostered in most leagues by year end. only thing to fear with him is injury as hes not been the model of great health of late.
  3. Ray_T

    Later round lotto Tickets-WR

    there is also the possibility that St Brown got a lot of balls thrown his way because who else was Goff gonna throw to? dont get me wrong I like St Brown, but I dont think hes a lock for a great season. Like I said in my previous post.... someone on that roster likely gets 1000 yards receiving. If St Brown is that guy, Chark wont be. but if Chark is that guy, St Brown probably wont be. The odds of both of them being 1000 yard WR is very low. it can happen but I'd bet the farm against it.
  4. Ray_T

    Later round lotto Tickets-WR

    well, I would argue that there may be a 1000 yard WR on this years lions team this year. key word is May. its not a lock. It is Highly unlikely there are two 1000 yard WR on this team. if Chark gets 1000 I'd say Amon Ra St Brown wont. Most are betting on St Brown to be that 1000 yard guy. but I think Chark has just under a 40% chance of being that guy. and you can get him wayyyy late compared to St Brown. so if betting on Detroit, Chark is by far the better gamble because the cost of buying will be very low. Amon Ra is ranked by fftoday at #21. that makes him a low end WR2. so you are probably getting him in round 5 or 6(give or take) Chark you might not even need to draft. he may be sitting on the wire in week 1. This is a completely different level of risk in the sense that you risk nothing more than that of a free agent pickup (or a pick in the last or second last round of your draft) best thing about Chark.... at that point in the draft, if he gets 800 yards and a few TD's hes likely worth the price you paid. (almost nothing) I'd draft him as a WR5 and if he doesnt work out, there is the waiver wire. No real loss there.
  5. https://www.nfl.com/news/texans-sued-for-allegedly-enabling-former-qb-deshaun-watson-s-behavior-during-ma apparently the Texans are being sued for enabling Watsons Behaviour. I thought this was announced a while back, but maybe it was just rumour. either way it is official now. this likely means the team throws a bunch of money at this to make it get settled quickly. its about more than Just Watson now.
  6. this is certainly possible. I have not been thrilled with the browns as an organization. Coaching is a part of that.
  7. the bigger problem (at least early in his career) was that he had a tendency to stare down his receivers so the defense knew where the ball was going to go just by watching where hes looking. I didnt watch too much of him last year so I cant tell you if he still does that (or not) but early in his career that led to some INT's.
  8. I'd still watch football, but I probably would watch less of it than I do now. The fantasy football makes me watch a few games I wouldnt normally be incllined to watch. Lets face it... if 2 teams I could care less about play on Monday night the only reason I watch is if it affects my fantasy game.
  9. dude there are tons of cases like this going back in time. its only in recent years that the NFL has cared about trying to rehab the image as a league who cares only about winning at all costs.
  10. Ray_T

    Later round lotto Tickets-WR

    well, the good news is WR can perform on a bad team. if the team is losing by multiple touchdowns, you are facing soft coverage and a good WR can really milk it against a soft zone. Cecil Shorts used to be the master of this. come garbage time his team would be down 2+ TD's and he'd rack up 60+ yards and sometimes a TD in the 4th Quarter. dude was magic in garbage time. not overly useful any other time but in garbage time he was great.
  11. well it is also a case where a poor person cannot afford the best lawyer money can buy. so when you are poor you may have a crappy lawyer assigned by the state who puts in up to 10 hours on your behalf. or you may not even get that, so you need to defend yourself or you pay what you can afford (which usually isnt much) to put up a crappy defense. if you are rich, you have a whole legal team scrutinizing the evidence in every way possible. as a prosecutor, your job is to make a judgement as to whether you can make the charge stick. the evidence in a sexual assault is rarely open and shut. more often than not its one persons word against that of another with no witness to speak of. easy to make that stick if the legal council is poor or non existant. but not when you are facing a legal team hired by a millionaire. so the rich guy often gets off. sometimes on a technicality, sometimes due to a hole in the case found by said legal team. so when the decision is made not to pursue criminal charges it is often because the state feels it will be costly to pursue and if the evidence isnt perfect a good legal team can fight it. at some point the prosecution needs to decide if it is a good use of public funds. in some of these cases, the alleged acts took place years ago. what kind of evidence do you think you will drum up as a prosecutor other than the testimony of the victim who may not even 100% remember everything that happened. also it is worth noting that the bar is higher on a criminal conviction. you must be sure 100% that the individual is guilty. for a civil suit, the bar is lower. it is better than 50% on a balance of probabilities. This was the largest threat all along. the only ones that legitimately had a chance of putting him in jail were likely the most recent ones or ones where there would be additional evidence such as hotel cameras confirming she went into his room (or something of the like) and that would only be if the hotel kept the recordings long enough. some likely only keep surveilance files going back a certain amount of time. either way, we now will find out how the NFL feels about this. I wouldnt be surprised if the penalty is substantial. but it wont likely exceed a full year suspension. (worst case scenario) my bet is like 8 or 10 games but its a wild guess. I dont have anything to base it on.
  12. Ray_T

    D'Andre Swift

    agreed. honestly I think they had a good offseason. going into this season there are actually receivers on the team I've heard of (other than their TE) so it wont get worse than that. I view last season as the absolute floor for Goff and for Swift. (barring injury)
  13. Ray_T

    D'Andre Swift

    I think swift is definitely underrated. he does play on a bad team which hinders his numbers. last year he got 1000 all purpose yards and like 7 TDs I think. but he only played 13 games. durability is also an issue with this kid so far in his career. if he can put it together and stay healthy I think he can be a solid RB2. maybe even bordering on RB1 if everything goes right for him and the Lions.......Realistically hes a RB2. and because there are so many differing opinions on the guy you should be able to get him for cheaper than what hes worth. but when you draft him, do so knowing hes a low floor high ceiling guy. (relative to others going at the same point in the draft) hes one I've got my eye on. in my auction if he goes for the price of a RB3 I'll buy.
  14. Ray_T

    Joe Mixon

    to some degree. with kickers you want a good offense that for some reason or another struggles to get TD's in the Red Zone
  15. Ray_T

    Joe Mixon

    gotta agree. the one thing about RB scoring in fantasy football...... the stats of the RB are largely based on how good a team they play on. if your team is winning in the 3rd and 4th Quarter, the RB gets all kinds of garbage time carries. and RB's on winning teams tend to produce more TD. the first couple years Mixon was on a terrible team and his stats were okay. last year that bad team became a good team and his numbers got considerably better. more from TD than yards but yards improved significantly as well. now in the offseason they have added some pieces to shore up the O line. I cant help but think his numbers will improve a bit more. but at the very least I wouldnt bet on any significant decline in numbers unless he or another major piece of that offense actually gets hurt.