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  1. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    Either here, or New England. how many other spots are available?
  2. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    or perhaps a low base salary with lots of incentives. this way if he plays the team wins and he wins. if he sits, no cost to the team.
  3. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    without a doubt. I dont think any QB needy team signs without a physical. not unless the price is so low that there isnt a ton of risk to begin with.
  4. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    I think he will find it hard to find work. if nobody would take him at a 21 M cap hit (which is now looking reasonable in light of recent deals for starting QB) I question whether he will be signed at all. I agree that impression that he gives (that he is entitled) will not endear himself to teams who would use him as a bridge QB to mentor a young kid. That sense of entitlement isnt something you want in a mentor. Yes, I do think reality is slapping him in the face bigtime. He is Superman no more.
  5. Ray_T

    2020 NFL Draft Profiles - RB J.K. Dobbins

    I guess this is the wildcard. did this play a major role in all the INT's he threw? hard to say. maybe from 20-30 yards away, the players numbers appear slightly fuzzy but you are hitting the same target, but you should still see the Linebacker 3-4 yards in front of your WR even if he is fuzzy. I could see it affecting his depth perception on some deeper (30+ yard) throws. What I dont know is what type of throws were picked most of the time. I guess if I'm bored I'll go watch some tape. I'm sure I can find tape on all the INT's he threw. but one thing I will say for sure.... I find it hard to believe this should have been a major factor in any short throw INT's. Unless his eyesight was beyond bad. in which case, it is a miracle he was able to throw for the 5000 yards.
  6. Ray_T

    2020 NFL Draft Profiles - RB J.K. Dobbins

    fair enough, but if you look at Winston's stats its not that hard to see why he was a first round pick. Dude threw for 5000 yards. if a coach could reduce the turnovers to less than one per game without losing the yardage, he'd be a pro bowler. Even now, there are likely a few coaches who think they may be able to coach some of the turnovers away without losing much in the way of overall production. Its easy to see where the maximum of his potential lies. Even in Winstons case, 5000 yard passers dont grow on trees. and at the draft table many people draft based on the high water mark of their potential rather than where they will likely produce for most of their career. As QB is the position most highly overvalued at the draft table a guy like this showing great potential is likely drafted in the first half of round 1 even though he probably should be a day 2 pick based on the risk factors.
  7. Ray_T

    March Mock Draft: Anyone may participate

    scoring rules? may assist us in providing a realistic pick for the type of draft.
  8. Ray_T

    Broncos add Melvin Gordon

    I'm not sure 'Killing it' is the term I'd use for Locks performance. sure, they won 4 out of 5 games, but look at the level of competition. week 13, he beat the chargers going 18 for 28 for 134 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT week 14 vs houston he went 22 for 27 for 309 yards, 3 td and one INT. week 15 vs KC 25 for 33 for 192 yards, one TD week 16 vs oakland, 17 for 28, 177 yards, 1 TD. the games against houston and KC are likely the most impressive. houston for stats, KC because of who they beat. but the stats were kinda Meh. I do understand he's young and will improve, but I'd hardly refer to this as killing it. The Chargers were terrible all year, and so wer the Lions. I also think Oakland had given up by the time they got to play Denver in week 16. Sure it's nice to see the wins, but the kid has a long ways to go before I'd say hes 'killing it'.
  9. Ray_T

    Broncos add Melvin Gordon

    serves him right. he did this to himself.
  10. Ray_T

    Jordan Love tape

    Just something I noticed. Love's TE Repp made some pretty sick catches for a TE. did anyone see that one handed grab in the end zone with the defender all over him? Absolutely sick.
  11. If they wanna draft someone, my understanding is that this would be the year to do it. I dont think they have a ton of cap space, so this might be a priority
  12. Ray_T

    Flacco Waived...

    if you are talking fantasy QB, that would be correct. He's barely relevant. I do think he is an above average game manager. If you have a championship defense and solid run game, he can do enough for you. Problem is... not many teams are happy with that anymore.
  13. True. it is also possible that they decided to write this year off, so that they can go into the following year with no constraints.
  14. yeah, and I think it is obvious he is not worth that much money. He may need to sit a while before coming to the conclusion he's not worth the kind of money he thinks he's worth. If he was worth that kind of money, someone would have signed him by now.
  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107050/article/rams-release-former-firstrounder-todd-gurley