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  1. Ray_T

    League Manager question

    I agree. but this is the way the rules are setup, the question is where they should go from here. currently the rules say its a vote. you dont change such rules on short notice or in mid season (unless every team agrees) and you dont just overturn things because you feel like it. there was a waiting period for the trade to vote on whether it should be overturned. that time period ended. the trade goes through. end of discussion. if someone doesnt like it after the fact they should have been paying attention so they could rally the troops to get it overturned. That didnt happen. the pissed off owner has nobody to blame but himself. I have found that group votes on trades are often affected by whether it helps their team and not whether its a fair trade with no undue influence affecting it. ironically nobody wants to veto when the top team gives up their best player to a bottomfeeder with no chance at the playoffs. its always when the bottomfeeder gives a player that helps the guy at the top that people are opposed. To me thats not a reason to overturn. That said, there was a process setup and they went through the process and it was finalized. you dont go and overturn it at this point. you just dont. if you do, might as well shut down the league too because people will quit. (if they dont, they should) I had to quit a work league going into this year because the commish was doing stuff like this and I decided I'd had enough. just food for your thoughts
  2. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    yeah that was to Brady. perhaps one of the greatest QB's of all time. This was to a QB who doesnt even know his teams playbook and has no history of success even when he does. not the same level of choke. sorry bud.
  3. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    the undisciplined penalties really opened the door. then one or two nice plays on offense and that was it.
  4. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    well, the defense really crapped the bed on the last 2 drives of the game. lots of bad penalties. and some bad play calls too
  5. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    amazing performance. gutsy. I honestly cant believe what I just saw. is this the same Baker Mayfield we all know and feel Meh about?
  6. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    you could say that about every NFL player in the league. if you are on the active roster, you're making some serious cash.
  7. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    Carr is among the leaders among active QB's in 4th quarter or overtime game winning drives. that stat tells me you're wrong about him. Baker probably is a career backup. I dont like him, but given how much time hes had to learn this offense I'll say todays performance was a heroic one. For a guy who saw the playbook for the first time 2 days ago this is an amazing performance. at the NFL level, thats a huge accomplishment.
  8. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    I cant disagree. I'm sure that plays a role too. Baker has a few flaws. many of which are correctable flaws potentially with the right coach. but so far I have not seen it.
  9. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    fair enough. but that is pure athletic ability. hes always had the talent. his issue has typically been between his ears. dumb reads and poor choices in terms of where to throw the ball. hes also had a tendency to look down his receivers which leads to picks. but he doesnt know the playbook so perhaps this is better for him because even he doesnt know where hes going with the ball. good luck to a defense figuring it out.
  10. Ray_T

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    I cannot believe they are even dressing Baker, let alone playing him. totally irresponsible. he cant possibly know enough of the playbook to succeed here. dude isnt that good when he does know the playbook. I cant imagine playing him when he doesnt
  11. Ray_T

    Jimmy Garoppolo Out for the Season

    https://ca.yahoo.com/sports/news/report-49-ers-qb-jimmy-garoppolo-doesnt-need-foot-surgery-kyle-shanahan-leaves-door-open-for-playoff-return-200310873.html looks like Jimmy G may return for the playoffs if all goes well with the recovery.
  12. Ray_T

    Baker Mayfield Expected To Be Released by Carolina

    yes, I was basically agreeing with what he said. I thought I quoted it but clearly I did not. my bad.
  13. Ray_T

    Baker Mayfield Expected To Be Released by Carolina

    I could see baker to the Rams for Akers as being a workable trade. perhaps some tweaks so both sides are happy.... but that ship has sailed if they are releasing Baker
  14. Ray_T

    Tight Ends

    well, you are onto something on the 4th down thing. one thing I've thought about (but never done) is look into the teams that like to gamble on 4th rather than kick a FG. those would be certainly teams to avoid. but the other poster had a good point in picking solid offenses who struggle in the red zone. provided they dont gamble on 4th down rather than kick a FG.
  15. Ray_T

    Titans GM Robinson fired

    I think the AJ brown trade certainly played a role. hes a young stud that they chose to let go. he also signed WR over the last couple years that did not work out and let key members of the O line go. so this wasnt exactly a great performance. I didnt think theyd fire him over it, but at the same time I did not think he was one of the higher performing GM's in the NFL