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  1. Ray_T

    49ers defense for real?

    Look, the stats show the team is good, but I generally dont go by stats. I've watched a couple of games, and they pass the eye test. I think they will be a top defense for some years if they can stay healthy as a unit.
  2. Ray_T

    Chark or Diggs???

    Thelen only cuts into Diggs numbers if fully healthy. I think hes on a pitch count this week. Dont get me wrong, I love Chark, but Diggs is your play this week.
  3. given what happened off the field, this may actually be the only reason he's been able to return to the NFL.
  4. Ray_T

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    so if you have injuries or multiple players on Bye in any given week you get screwed over? I'm not sure I'm liking this format. but its not my league, so if you guys all like it.... knock yourselves out.
  5. whenever a signing occurs, it is generally concerning because what made the team want to bring a free agent (who has not played all year) and put them on the active roster. if they have not released a RB to make room for said player, I have to believe they feel the issue is concerning enough that they require extra 'insurance'
  6. Ray_T

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    it is a bit much. in this scenario, did the commiish do this in previous weeks with the same player? if not, why is he suddenly doing it with you. this should have been brought up with the league before unilaterally doing this.....or there should be a rule in place to address such things. either way, not a cool way to handle it. if the GM had been doing this all season long with everyone, then this action is actually ok because there is a consistency in the way the remedy to the situation has been applied. I generally dont like it when this sort of thing happens arbitrarily after weeks of inaction regardless of who the beneficiary is.
  7. Ray_T

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    well, it also depends. if a GM has a number of players on bye(or injured), and does not want to risk waivers by dropping one, it will sometimes happen deliberately. usually this is more of a risk with teams who have already imploded and no longer can compete for a playoff spot.
  8. Ray_T

    David Johnson

    sadly, this may mean something.
  9. Ray_T

    David Johnson

    wrong. this is when DJ is more likely to play. its all about misdirection. tell everyone he will play then put him in one play and then sit. now that everyone things hes injured, they may actually play him.
  10. Ray_T

    Hypothetical Situation - Clueless Owner

    This. Players who dont at least keep up their team generally ruin the parity of the league. but as mentioned earlier by Axe elf. if the first place team has an injured player starting, chances are good that nobody says anything. but In general a nudge to get any semi active player more active is one that should be viewed as a move that is good for the league.
  11. Ray_T

    Darnold ROS

    Look man, I'm not sure the sample size is sufficient to call this kid top 5. even top 10 is pushing it. Last year, (his rookie year) he had 4 good games out of roughly 12 starts. as a rookie, this isnt really unexpected. Lots of rookies have a hard time in year 1. so far this year he has had 2 starts. one in week 1 where he wasnt very good. and one last week where he was good. the truth is we havnt seen enough of him to determine how good he is (or isnt) yet. I agree, last week he looked better than he did most of last year, but this is only one start. At this point, hes a player of interest who should be on your bench in deeper leagues or who should be on the wire and picked up for select matchups. If you feel he has potential, you stick him on your bench until he proves himself to a point where you are comfortable starting him but as of now, hes not a player I'd start on my team. Player of interest. yes. good potential. yes. but this is too much too soon given the body of work
  12. Ray_T

    David Johnson

    ok I dont understand your logic here. if hes the 5th ranked player in PPR, that places him at the end of the first round in most leagues. 7th ranked generally would go early to mid 2nd round pick. This is because top ranked players in other positions go in round 1. Generally the first 6 picks in round 1 of any draft are game breakers. the kind of player that can and does win games for you by themselves by getting in excess of 20 fantasy points. you expect them to do it 4 or 5 times a year usually and to have consistent output to the level that they perform well even if they dont act as a gamebreaker in that week. Last year, DJ was consistently solid, but for the most part lacked the game breaking ability he has shown in the past. I personally think the talent is still there, but playing on a crappy team with a terrible line means the holes just dont open up like they need to for him to go out and dominate a game for you week in and week out. Thats the difference between a top 5 overall pick and a 2nd round pick. and a late first or early second round pick is what DJ is. I have him in one of my leagues. Hes a RB1 but not an elite one. (not this year anyways) yes he is an elite talent, but talent does not always translate to fantasy points. especially when you are a RB playing on a crappy team with a terrible O line. I think as this team improves, he will be that player again, but he cannot be working with negative game scripts as often as he has and the line has to be better than awful for this to happen as well.
  13. Ray_T

    Josh Gordon Buy Low?

    yeah, because of the off field nonsense, his value is low. he should be rostered, but he's not a starter. just a backup with high upside.
  14. Ray_T

    Ryan Tannehill to start for TEN

    Lots of players out there are able to put up numbers in garbage time. Cecil Shorts was one of those guys. of course in Fantasy, you dont care about the quality of the yards. you only care that they get them. (and TD's) so grabbing a garbage time allstar on a losing team can be a good strategy for a 3rd WR on your roster. You can usually get them on the cheap too.
  15. Ray_T

    David Johnson

    I cannot agree with that. If you are picking him top 5 overall, you are expecting him to be top 2 or top 3 at his position.