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    Derrick Henry for MVP

    this. The RB position takes more of a pounding than any other fantasy relevant posiion. it isnt unusual to have injuries at RB. worth noting, it often takes up to 2 full years to totally recover from an ACL. Some do it in one, but that is the exception not the rule.
  2. Ray_T

    Carson Wentz traded to the Colts

    well, I think if Wentz cannot turn it around in Indy, hes not going to ever turn it around. Philly is a bit of a gong show, and hes going to a team with a very good line, and what I consider to be better WR's and a better run game and defense too. This move could be good for him.
  3. Ray_T

    So. The 2021 football season

    yeah, but the organization itself is a gong show. dont get me wrong your comments above are not far off. I have found that when you have a poor organization, the talent doesnt seen to do what its supposed to do. I agree at 65:1 there probably is some value there. Odds should probably be closer to 30 or 35:1 but you probably are not winning on that bet either way.
  4. Ray_T

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    well, I'd be lying if I told you I predicted this outcome. I figured a couple of things going into this. if Tampa was gonna win, theyd need to score 30 points minimum because it didnt seem to matter who KC played..... Mahomes was able to put up a decent amount of points. I knew Tampa had a really good D. I just didnt think it was gonna matter all that much. I honestly thought the game was gonna end 35-28 for KC. (or somewhere in that ballpark) I did think i was gonna be reasonably close at the end even in the early parts of the second half. I figured KC's offense would get a TD and once that happened they'd get lightning in a bottle and start scoring. Weve seen that story play out enough times it wasnt unrealistic to think it would happen again. To Tampas credit, They outworked, outcoached, and outplayed this team on ALL fronts. it was a good old fashioned butt kicking. They did what they needed to do. I just didnt think it would go down the way that it did. I do, however wish it was at least a close enough game to keep it interesting later in the game, but you cant have it all. Brady was Brady. he showed hes worth the money. and the team rallied around him on both sides of the football. I'd say that this may have been the one superbowl that truly cemented his legacy as the greatest of all time. He did it with a different team, a different coach, and a different system.
  5. you are right. there were some dropped passes that hurt far more than any of those officiating call. I guess it all goes together in a nice tapestry. bottom line, TB was able to make plays when it counts and KC was not. While Mahomes didnt play nearly as well as hes capable, the WR's certainly did not help him. and when up against a top team in the superbowl, you need to finish your drives unless you have a top 3 Defense shutting down the opposing offense. KC is a good team in a lot of ways, but Their Defense is not the strength of their team.
  6. Ray_T

    Carson Wentz on the outs in Philadelphia?

    I dont think a smart player in any offense wants to go to chicago.
  7. Ray_T

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    that seems to be the case more often than I'd like to admit. another guy who easily could have got MVP would be Gronk. He made a huge impact while the outcome of the game was still in question.
  8. Ray_T

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    This. honestly I was a bit surprised Brady got the MVP. He played well, but the defense was (in my opinion) what won the game for them. The Defense was fantastic on all fronts. I would have voted for one of them to be the MVP but in reality, everyone played well, and not many stood far above the others. it was truly a team effort. either way Brady getting MVP is a nice story for the press. I just dont think he deserved it this time.
  9. Ray_T

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    True. But the Defense didnt lose the game for them. The offense did. More specifically the O line. They were completely dominated by Tampas defensive front. This led to a complete breakdown of the Offensive gameplan. The D had some good moments. like the 4th and goal stop of The Bucs on the 1 yard line. as a whole they were not brilliant, but they were also not terrible. I just dont think they were the reason for the loss.
  10. it may not have been the best officiated game I've seen, but the Chiefs did not lose because of it. The offense just didnt get it done. Largely because the Defensive front for TB totally dominated the OL of the Chiefs. That poor performance filtered down and Mahomes couldnt throw the deep ball the way he wanted to. TB's DB's were Jamming receivers at the line and the KC offense couldnt get into sync.
  11. True. But brady was drafted later than Dak was. at the beginning he wasnt making much either.
  12. There is no question in my mind, Dak is productive because of the team around him. he had what may have been one of the 2 or 3 best O lines in the game (until this year when it fell apart due to injuries) He had what may have been one of the 3 most talented RB's in the game. and he had some very good Receivers. Because Zeke is a threat to crush you every first or second down and because the line is good, teams need to stack the box to some degree on first and second downs to respect what he can do to them. Without Zeke the defenses have a lot more flexibility in how they play the cowboys. The loss of Zeke would make defenses more unpredictable than what Dak Has seen thus far in his career. the weaker line also plays to this. I fully acknowledge some of Daks running ability will cover up some of the flaws in the line. But he wont be the same player with the Loss of Zeke. If they had to lose another playmaker on the offense to pay Dak his 40m I dont know that the offense would be able to get it done. when you consider the defense is already crappy, this move (signing Dak for 35M +) probably guarantees Dallas wont be super competitive in the near future. If the cap goes up substantially between now and the end of his contract it may not matter much. but it is covid times. I could see the cap going down for a year or two before that situation rights itself. signing Dak to that kind of contract is risky beyond belief and I dont know that hes the kind of talent you take that kind of risk for.
  13. Ray_T

    Carson Wentz on the outs in Philadelphia?

    I dont think they will even get close. one first round pick is where his trade value tops out. and I dont know that we can guarantee he will bring that. 34 Mil cap hit. For a guy who looks to not even be able to win the starting job on his team? dude threw for 4000 yards once in his career. would have likely been twice as he got injured the one year. Stafford threw for 5000 yards once. (would have been twice if not for injury and year before last was on pace for another 5000 yard season halfway through when he got hurt) in seasons where stafford was fully healthy he failed to throw for 4000 yards only once. we are comparing a ford focus to a cadillac or a mustang. Not a fair comparison.
  14. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    well, mistakes like this happen. while I'd agree the time to not slide would be when your playoff life is at stake. put the shoulder down and make sure you get the yardage. that being said, Goff was also playing with a injured hand. I dont remember if it was his thumb or what it was but I seem to remember it was a significant injury. I honestly didnt think hed be able to come back from it as quick as he did. Either way, hes still a young kid with stuff to learn. what the Rams are buying is the experience Stafford brings. I do think Stafford has a very good season in LA. possibly one of the best 2 or 3 of his career. I am amazed the Lions wanted to dump him. Either way, They will get another chance or two in the coming years. I think they really need help on Defense. I hope they have the good sense to spend the draft capital there.
  15. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    well, I think the upgrade from Goff to Stafford wasnt THAT much of an upgrade. not 2 firsts and a third. For that price I thought the rams might make that offer to Houston. That being said... its a good deal for the Lions. Goff is a decent enough piece to build around. its possible we have not yet seen the best from him. and the two firsts are nice. If Detroit can hit on them, they'll be sitting pretty. as mentioned earlier, Goff has one year to prove he can cut it in Detroit. if he cant, they can exit his contract. But Detroit actually has some nice pieces in that offense. This year their main problem was injuries. with that many high draft picks in the pipeline, the Lions should be able to fill the holes on their team if they draft well.
  16. I agree Dak is better. but to justify the salary he wants, he should have led the cowboys to the playoffs and made them a contender last season. I dont blame Dak for this season as he wasnt there for most of it. I think Dalton can put up good numbers, but at this point in his career it may be system and talent dependant. (meaning if the system is right and if he has the talent in the offense, he can produce) I also think that salary caps are likely headed downward next year. this means that teams are likely looking to shed salary. I'm willing to bet most teams wont be able to pay dak 30 M even if they wanted to sign him. so if the Cowboys want to negotiate against themselves, they are being their own worst enemy. The market likely is not there. I also dont feel Dak is a true franchise QB. hes good, but if you pay him 40 M and the team cant afford to resign the top WR in this offense(or perhaps the top OT) I have questions whether Dak can get it done I have no such questions with Mahomes, but then again, he is a TRUE franchise QB.
  17. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    Well, so did i but for some reason I thought Stafford was older than he is. dont get me wrong, its still an overpay, but Stafford will have a good year ahead of him if he stays healthy behind that shaky line.
  18. well, Daks running ability covers up some of the flaws in the O line. when healthy that line is good, but most of this year it was not and it showed.
  19. Ray_T

    Steelers to sign QB Dwayne Haskins

    if he has a penchant for strip clubs he may fit right in. Didnt Rothlisberger get into trouble at a strip club some years back? maybe the QB's could bond over their strip club misadventures.....
  20. Ray_T

    Deshaun Watson in Miami, Tua in Houston?

    This is a fair point. Teams who NEED to get under the cap will be unloading players and those teams with lots of cap space may be able to easily rebuild just by signing the castoffs (if they spend their money wisely) while im the first to acknowledge the jets havnt spent free agent money wisely in the recent past, the opportunity is there for a smart GM.
  21. Look, TBay has made a valid point. for the most part, he is right. if that QB isnt good enough to carry that team to the playoffs on his own, you shouldnt be paying him top dollar. Thats more or less a fact. because paying a QB 40 mil usually means you have to cut corners elsewhere to pay him. Mahomes IS one of those players who can carry an offense on his own. Take away his top receiving threat and he still puts up numbers other QB's could only wish to get. hes the exception and he should be. someone like Dak is not. hes the type of QB who (in my opinion) needs all the pieces in his offense to be productive. his stats are good, but he also may have had the easiest (or one of the easiest) schedules of any QB over his last 20 starts. and he responded with a great year, but the team was still mediocre at best. paying him 40 mil would only guarantee that this is as good as its likely to get in Dallas for a long time. the proper market value for him likely tops out at 30 mil if the Cowboys truly want to win a superbowl and that may even be a bit of a stretch.
  22. Ray_T

    Steelers to sign QB Dwayne Haskins

    Well, the managment in Washington has been a Train Wreck since before they drafted RGIII. It is a very real possibility that the problem is the team and the organization. Not the player. I dont Deny, its also possible the player is partly responsible as well. But Pittsburgh saw enough to think they'd like to give him a shot. if I were in need of a QB and felt he could be rehabbed by playing backup to the current starter then he could be the guy who takes over for Rothlisberger if and when he retires. Its a good situation for Haskins to learn in a lower pressure environment. Potentially this is a good move for both parties.
  23. Ray_T

    Philip Rivers is retiring

    well its not like their team is that good. As far as I'm concerned if I were the GM anyone who causes problems in the dressing room should pack their bags. You can put up with some of that crap when you are winning, but when you are losing there is no good reason to keep it around.
  24. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    and they are in a different conference. that is key. Lions would love for Stafford to not be traded within the division but would especially love to send him to a different conference. To me, this cements the Colts as the top contender. (assuming they want him)
  25. Ray_T

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    honestly the price may not be THAT high. but NO may actually prefer to go with the QB's they have.