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  1. Showboat

    2023 NFL Comeback Player of the Year

    This is probably true, but I don't know how you forbid someone from playing (or trying to make the team). I'm not sure how Hamlin can pass a physical, but there is likely a lot of hand-waving going on with the feel-good media story driving his return. If there is another incident, there will be a lot of insincere shock and some wolves will howl about how the NFL could let this happen. It amazes me that people just can't accept that NFL football is a brutal game. At least nowadays, even an average player that makes it through an average career can be pretty much set for life.
  2. Showboat

    Top 10 Longest Active Playoff Streaks

    Agree - it was a lazy post. 14 teams made the playoffs last season, but only 10 teams have active streaks?
  3. Showboat

    Where is Bijan Robinson drafted?

    CEH was drafted at the bottom of round one. Barkley (who was also a top 10 pick) would be a better comparison and he did just fine as a rookie.
  4. Showboat

    UPDATE: Lamar Jackson signs with Ravens

    But he can't feed his family as well as Watson.
  5. Showboat

    Who's getting drafted at #2?

    Betting on draft picks seems like a sucker's game and ripe for corruption. Insiders can easily leak information to manipulate the odds as desired.
  6. Showboat

    UPDATE: Lamar Jackson signs with Ravens

    It might not be a bad signing - really depends on the details of the "up to $18M". If there are incentives for 80, 100, 120 catches, 1000, 1500, 2000 yards, making the playoffs, making/winning the Super Bowl, etc. and the incentives are at least 2/3 of the $18M, it's probably a good deal for the Ravens who definitely need some more receiver talent.
  7. Showboat

    Cedrick Wilson

    Saw this news blurb: "The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports the Dolphins are open to trading WR Cedrick Wilson." It strikes me as captain obvious "news". I'm guessing a lot of teams would be open to trading a JAG they over-paid for in free agency.
  8. Showboat

    Post Thursday Games Performance

    This is the correct answer. The concept seems a little like the cancel-out theory. Sure, there have been players who under-performed in a Thursday game, but plenty of players have done the same in Sunday games.
  9. Showboat

    New NFL Rules for 2023

    Most of these changes are unexciting or nonsensical. How about something a bit more outside the box like awarding 4 points for field goal attempts that hit the upright and 5 points if it hits and still goes through. I wonder how many coaches/kickers would take the risk to start going for the uprights. Of course, this sounds more like something the XFL might try.
  10. This really only screws over the hard-core fans who actually want to see a game live at the stadium, plan events around NFL games and/or want to travel to support their team at away games, etc. There are a lot of reasons many fans would just rather watch on TV - this just adds to that list.
  11. Showboat

    Austin Ekeler Seeking a Trade

    I'd be shocked if any team would give a 28yo RB a new multi-year contract at $10M AAV. Ekeler's best-case scenario is to play well this year so that next year the Chargers tag him. If he doesn't get tagged, some team might be willing to give him $10M for one year, but likely not multiple years unless it was all voidable or contract closer to what Miles Sanders or Jamaal Williams got this year.
  12. Showboat

    Odell Beckham Jr. Watch

    Watch? It's like watching grass grow.
  13. Showboat

    Dallas Set to Release Ezekiel Elliott

    He would need a coach like Marty Schottenheimer - unfortunately, those types of coaches don't exist anymore.
  14. Showboat

    JuJu to the Pats

    Well, there may be some hope now that they actually have an offensive coordinator instead of that offensive coordinator by committee with very little actual offensive coaching experience disaster they had running the show last year.
  15. Showboat

    Agent change points to franchise tag for Daniel Jones

    You could make an argument that they are all overpaid (except maybe Mahomes)