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  1. Showboat

    Fun Bob Griese Super Bowl stats

    I think the origins were actually traced back to the 60s and some hardcore supporters of the old AFL. FF actually would have been great in the 70s. Doing your homework could produce gems that were literally unknown to anyone else. Due to having to pull performance stats out of box scores from the local newspaper, TDs were king, maybe 100 yard bonuses, IDP - forget about it (sacks weren't even an official stat until the 80s).....
  2. Showboat

    Keeper Question - This is a tough one!

    I don't know that Williams is an automatic keeper. He is no spring chicken - turning 27 before the season starts and has had an undistinguished NFL career until the end of last season. I think it is just a fluke that all the stars aligned for him last year. Despite all of the coach-speak, Williams is nothing more than a serviceable back and I don't think Carlos Hyde was signed to ride the pine. This will be more of a time share than most care to admit.
  3. Showboat

    Fun Bob Griese Super Bowl stats

    Well there was also holding - offensive linemen basically couldn't use their hands and were essentially punching bags for the D (remember the head slap?) They were the ultimate pawns. Virtually non-existent.
  4. Showboat

    Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts

    No bragging after the fact unless you call it here first. Of course, there are also those who identify so many sleepers that it would actually be surprising if a couple of them didn't pan out...... This is the boldest sleeper so far.
  5. Least improved? Does that actually mean someone who improved a little bit or declined? Most improved? How about James Connor?
  6. Showboat

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    If Fuller and Watson can both stay healthy for a full season, those numbers would be a disappointment, especially the TDs.
  7. Showboat

    What If The Commish Accidentally Breaks The Rules?

    The Commish should be allowed to create/change any rules on the fly as circumstances warrant.
  8. Showboat

    What Percentage Of Vetos Would You Need To Nix A Deal?

    League approval or votes should never be a requirement to finalize a deal. Isn't that just asking for more collusion (I'll vote to approve your deal if you vote to approve my deal.....) If votes are required, you should always vote to nix a deal unless you think it somehow makes both teams worse.
  9. Showboat

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

  10. Showboat

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    This one was a head-scratcher for me last season. It seemed that he would make big plays whenever they put the ball in his hands. Not sure why the Dolphins refused to give him more than 5-10 touches per game. The old coaching staff didn't seem to like big plays.
  11. Showboat

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    If AB leaves Pit, what are the chances that the offense is re-designed to get Conner and Samuels (as an h-back/TE hybrid) on the field together? Not sure if the Steelers coaching staff is that creative.....
  12. Showboat

    If Nick foles wins a 2nd Superbowl

    Ahhhh, no. Exhibit A, see Jim Plunkett.
  13. Showboat

    Fantasy Playoffs - Bonus Fun - Couple Questions

    Hilton normally torches the Texans, but he is playing through some injuries that definitely appear to be affecting him. The one big play he had against the Titans probably would have gone for a score if he were healthy, but he couldn't pull away and he appeared to give himself up (probably to protect himself from getting horse-collared or pulled down awkwardly from behind).
  14. Showboat

    Championship DST!?!

    Patriots at home against the Bills? One has to think that BB has been studying some film and will come up with some wrinkles to confuse the rookie QB.