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  1. jeffkomlo

    WR dilemma

    Start one PPR Jeudy v. KC Peoples-Jones v. Cinn Mike Williams v. Mia Thielen v. Det. Leaning toward Jeudy with Sutton hurt but Jones has been good and Thielen could be in high scoring game v. Det. (Jefferson was shut down last time) Thoughts and thanks
  2. jeffkomlo

    College Football 2022

    Go Blue!!!!! Silenced the doubters, rolled into the school down under and beat them on their own turf.
  3. jeffkomlo

    WR help

    Pittman or Shuster? DJ Moore or Theilen?
  4. jeffkomlo

    F.U. week 8

    FU Tyler Conklin, dropped his sorry azz Todays he's godlike........
  5. jeffkomlo

    ACL injury likely for Breece Hall

    Same thing, dropped Carter and traded for M Williams
  6. jeffkomlo

    WR waiver help

    Thanks just throwing it out there, both of you guys advice is always informative
  7. jeffkomlo

    WR waiver help

    Drop Jeudy or Curtis Samuel for Pierce, Gallup, Duvernay or Corey Davis, Tonyan? Thoughts
  8. jeffkomlo

    NO WRs for NO

    Olave, Landry, Thomas out? Who's left and is Taysom a sneaky play this week? Calloway
  9. Can't say the word RETARDED, it's special needs or challenged. Or just dumb.
  10. jeffkomlo

    FLEX help

    Pick one: M. Sanders J. Robinson K. Hunt (starting Chubb) thx
  11. jeffkomlo

    Dare I start Cousins over Herbert this week?

    This, don't sit your studs
  12. jeffkomlo

    FLEX help

  13. jeffkomlo

    Dynasty Trade

    Why do this? Jeudy hasn't shown anything, stand pat
  14. jeffkomlo

    WR rankings

    Rank em rest of the way please; Jeudy - will Wilson rebound? Duvernay - Bateman dependent C. Davis Dotson - Too many mouths to feed Pierce - can he keep it up Boyd R. Moore - Hopkins return? thx
  15. jeffkomlo

    TNF Discussion: Commanders at Bears - Wk6

    Time to drop Gibson and put Samuel on a milk carton!
  16. jeffkomlo

    How to prioritize these WW WRs

    Would you drop Jeudy for Pierce?
  17. jeffkomlo

    Trade Help

  18. jeffkomlo

    Gotta drop an RB or make a trade. Help!

    Oops = poor reader
  19. jeffkomlo

    Davante Adams to the Raiders...

    From that angle cameraman got in front of him, no reason to shove him but really, suffered injuries? He gets right up. Fine him, thats it
  20. jeffkomlo


    Pick one: Robinson vs. HOU Sanders vs AZ thanks
  21. jeffkomlo

    Gotta drop an RB or make a trade. Help!

    Don't need 2 TE, drop Irv
  22. jeffkomlo

    UPDATE: CMC Quad Injury - Likely to Play

    listed as questionable, can replace with K Herbert if necessary
  23. jeffkomlo

    Waiver pick up

    Williams - Swift is injury prone
  24. jeffkomlo

    Cinn. v Jets

    TD Boyd, TD Higgins...no TD Perine, gotta love fantasy
  25. jeffkomlo

    QB pick up