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  1. jeffkomlo

    Need one QB and one RB????

    Wilson and Mattison DET def is horrible against run
  2. jeffkomlo

    Flex help

    Bernard CINN or Tonyan GB nonppr? Thanks
  3. jeffkomlo

    1 RB

  4. jeffkomlo

    Am I overthinking this one?

    Never bench your studs.
  5. jeffkomlo

    Pick 1 - must win

  6. jeffkomlo

    WR/TE/FLEX help

    Need 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 Flex, who's odd man out? Aiyuk SF Lazard GB McLaurin Wash Goedert Phi Tonyan GB Thanks
  7. jeffkomlo

    Kenny Golladay

    From the Detroit News: The Detroit Lions thought about placing Kenny Golladay on injured reserve last month, and considering how long he's been out, they probably should have. Golladay tried to return for the Lions' Nov. 22 game against the Carolina Panthers, but suffered a setback and has not practiced since. He spent the open portion of practice earlier this week running for trainers, was a nonparticipant in practice Friday. Interim Lions coach Darrell Bevell said Golladay is "improving every day," but offered no timetable for the wide receiver's return.
  8. jeffkomlo

    Ballege RB

    Dude. Im hurting, Mostert on IR also got Gaskin (inj) and Gurley and Hyde, Lost Saquan at beginning of year.
  9. jeffkomlo

    Ballege RB

    Any info on if he will start, extent of injury?
  10. jeffkomlo

    Houston at Detroit: Turkey Game Discussion

  11. jeffkomlo

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    This says it all: https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/11/26/21721896/detroit-lions-owner-sheila-ford-hamp-photo-texans-blowout-thanskgiving-photo Can't even watch - do something about it!
  12. jeffkomlo

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    He needed to be gone yesterday. We Detroiters have nothing to cheer for. Quinntricia needs to be sent packing!
  13. jeffkomlo

    Another week, Another FU 8

    who the F is M. Hall with 100 yards, no one started him in any league!
  14. jeffkomlo

    Another week, Another FU 8

    Missing in action - WTF
  15. jeffkomlo

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?