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  1. jeffkomlo

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?

  2. jeffkomlo

    Which QB?

    OOPS, thanks
  3. jeffkomlo

    Which QB?

    Rodgers v Phi or L. Jackson v. TB thanks,
  4. jeffkomlo

    D. Swift Breakout Coming?

    Peterson story out of the "D", he may be hurt, jump on D'Andre Swift (swiftest man in football) haven't heard anything else so take it for what it's worth. https://detroitsportsnation.com/is-adrian-petersons-4-a-m-tweet-a-bad-sign-for-the-detroit-lions/wgbrady/detroit-lions-news/10/16/2020/236201/
  5. jeffkomlo

    Rank These WW QB'S for the ROS

    Good ranking would just flip last 2: 1. Carr - trending up 2. Goff 3. Dalton - got all the weapons 4. Fitzmagic 5. Tannehill Axe = azz :
  6. jeffkomlo

    How do I not win this league every year?

    Snell and Drake for Aaron Jones? What do you play with 8 year olds? Wait sorry, that's the best trade ever!
  7. jeffkomlo

    Ryan droppable?

    Is Matty Ice droppable? Lots of QB options on wire but hate to drop, does he bounce back?
  8. jeffkomlo

    Collusion Watch?

    Wow you vetoed trade, would rather have had Metcalf and Davis today instead of Carson and Godwin.
  9. jeffkomlo

    Week 5 FU

    F.U Garoppolo - you suck
  10. jeffkomlo

    Collusion Watch....?

    . . . . J Fishing.....
  11. jeffkomlo

    Hayden Hurst

    Ryan is unwatchable, no one on Falcons besides Gurley is doing anything.
  12. jeffkomlo

    Collusion Watch....?

    That's what I said - nothing to see here. Davis looking good and let's see what Metcalf does
  13. jeffkomlo

    Week 5 FU

    Really, no FU to Matty deicer Ryan = garbage
  14. jeffkomlo

    Collusion Watch....?

    Ditto: nothing to see here, P.S Metcalf is a god!
  15. jeffkomlo


    I'd go with Gibson,