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  1. jeffkomlo

    QB pick up

    Need replacement for Herbert, Fields Geno Smith Goff Garapolllo Lawrence? thoughts
  2. jeffkomlo

    Plethora of QBs

    Who to start? Wilson v. SF Brady v. GB Tua v. BUF
  3. jeffkomlo

    Fair trade?

    good trade for you
  4. jeffkomlo

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    Status? Any insider news....
  5. jeffkomlo

    Week 2- What do you need from MNF to win?

    Tied up 60.0 to 60.2 I have Thielen and D. Henry Him: A Brown, D. Cook. Irv Smith, Bass I'm doomed!
  6. jeffkomlo

    Quick flex

    Pick 1 Pollard (starting Elliott) Doubs Hillard Tonyan - leaning toward Thanks
  7. jeffkomlo

    Help flex

    daughters work team, stacked at RB starting CMC and Chubb Miles Sanders K Hunt J Robinson T Boyd thoughts?
  8. jeffkomlo

    WR help

    non ppr Curtis Samuel or Robbie Anderson? thx
  9. jeffkomlo

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    Put Akers on a milk carton
  10. jeffkomlo

    who is your Mr Irrelevant 2022 (none Kicker or Def)

    Like Amer Abdullah LV for PPR
  11. jeffkomlo

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    Biggest bust, easy ....AxeElf
  12. jeffkomlo

    Axe Elf's 2022 Drafts

    I care! More mocks please with your analysis, I have trouble sleeping at night.
  13. jeffkomlo

    Super duper urgent help needed

    Pulled pork, you can eat a sandwich and type on computer Briskets too fancy
  14. jeffkomlo

    Quarterback Rankings

    Agree, always plays hurt.
  15. jeffkomlo

    Cut Down Day - For Whom the Bell Tolls

    WR Tom Kennedy cut from Lions best WR in preseason, guess they know what they're doing....yeah right