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  1. jeffkomlo

    Put him on a milk carton - Thielen

    Let me finish with a quote from the Big Lebrowski, "Don't F--- with the Jesus!"
  2. jeffkomlo

    Put him on a milk carton - Thielen

    Darn zealots hijacked my thread - can't I grieve in peace?
  3. jeffkomlo

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    F.U Green Bay, run JONES, JONES not Dillon.........
  4. Theielen 1 catch 20 yards agst freakin Lions CBS showing zero points
  5. jeffkomlo


    shameless bump
  6. jeffkomlo

    Which one sits?

  7. jeffkomlo

    Flex help

  8. jeffkomlo


    PPR pick two: Singletary Calloway J. Conner KIrk Schultz Thanks in advance
  9. jeffkomlo

    Had to Get One In Before Memorial Day

    Then why post it, .....oh just to see your words in print AxeElf = failed novelist/journalist/blogger?
  10. jeffkomlo

    M. Williams or D. Smith

    Wow, Philly is going without a QB - wonderful insight
  11. jeffkomlo

    Streaming Ds

    Thanks for answering my question...... oh please give me one more draft result
  12. jeffkomlo

    Pick 3

    Lamb, Jefferson, Waddle
  13. jeffkomlo

    My flex spot. 12 team PPR

  14. jeffkomlo

    Streaming Ds

    Giants v. WFT Green Bay v. Lions even thinking Eagles thoughts
  15. jeffkomlo

    Who'd You Buy Stock In?

    Nice that AxeElf found a kindred spirit, kept those draft results coming Everybody loves them. oh by the way, got stock in Callaway NO and Edwards LV