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  1. swamp dog

    How the playoffs will turn out...

    ben aggravated his ankle again...mendy is done...a few weeks ago i would have picked pitt. not gonna happen now. the pats look poised to capitalize the afc's woes. brees just seems to have that air about him right now that he isn't going to be denied. saints over pats in the super bowl. this weekend: saints over lions (obviously, if i have the saints going to the super bowl); giants over falcons; texans over bengals (texan's running game saves them this week); pitt (banged up or not) over broncos.
  2. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    apparently favre's dong was intercepted many many times on its way to his wife's vagina. including several times by don's mouth.
  3. swamp dog

    Jimmy Hoffa is buried under GM's headquarters

    jimmy laughed when i told him this story
  4. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    and the deeper the hook goes in, the more useless verbiage don vomits out. you know you really got him going when he starts launching into his rambling, incoherent treatises.
  5. swamp dog

    Black Monday has begun

    yeah, look how that turned out in cleveland. pretty much wasted time and he ended up getting rid of mangini in the end anyway. also, if i remember correctly, holmgren wasn't told he couldn't fire mangini...he had the power going in and he waited. that's a bit different than telling a gm "you're stuck with this coach--so suck it."
  6. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

  7. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    system qb implies that qb would not be good on other teams. certain qbs have talent that transcend the team or the system. other than that, who cares? the stupidity in this thread reminds me when don was writing short novels in fevered defense of favre when he was breaking interception records if he'd stop being so focking insecure and stop being such an easy mark, these threads would go away. notice he bashes stafford. who gives a fock? lol. what a little doosh.
  8. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

  9. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    he's on a roll. just sit back and enjoy the show you'll see about 10,000 word excuse treatise when the packers do choke countdown until don does his usual special-olympics move and edits someone else's post...10...9...8...7
  10. swamp dog

    Another pressure situation for Romo.

    well, doesn't that make him at least even with romo?
  11. swamp dog

    Black Monday has begun

    so what gm worth his salt (again) is going to take this gig? phillips seems like a control freak: "i suck but i'm going to make all the football decisions here and, oh, btw, new gm: you don't get to pick the coach, either." that's messed up. barf. "The one restriction that will be placed on any candidate is that Lovie Smith is our head coach in 2012." Direct quote from Phillips presser yesterday. the rumor that lovie had his head in phillip's lap during the presser can't yet be confirmed This reminds of the lions on so many levels. it's millen-meets-russ thomas. hilarity.
  12. swamp dog

    Looking Ahead to FF Redrafts: 2012 (12/19/11)

    if you're a burn-a-early-round-pick-on-a-qb guy, it makes no sense to take rodgers or brees in round 1 when you can get great value in rounds 2 and 3 at that position.
  13. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    you've got them wound up and hooked now. good work
  14. swamp dog

    Aaron Rodgers

    strange, isn't it, that a 15-1 team that its fan claim is the greatest team in the history of the universe can only muster up smack against the lions right now at least these idiots have stopped trying to hang with the pats. this is definitely more their speed.
  15. swamp dog

    Black Monday has begun

    millen is available. i'm sure he wouldn't mind not having to pick a hc it fits the bears recent fascination with lion rejects.