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  1. Jwood

    CBS Fantasy Software

    Damn I haven't been on here in a long time. So many new names. Anyone here an expert on how CBS does their waiver wire? I need help We've used RT Sports for the longest time and have switched to CBS. This is how I want the waiver wire to work. I want you to submit your waiver claims on Mon - Wed. I want the waiver wire to run on Wed nights and award players. After the waiver wire runs, I want it to be just first come first serve unrestricted add/drops until the next week. Is there a way I can do this in CBS?
  2. Jwood

    Random Post

    Haven't posted here in a LONG time. Just seeing who is still around that I recognize.
  3. I had 22 points out of Ryan last night. 2 of which was due to his 22 yards rushing. When he took a knee twice at the end of the game, that knocked him down to 19 yards rushing and I lost by 1 point. I would have won the tiebreaker. What pisses me off the most is the 1st time he kneeled down, the statistician only gave him -1 yard. Second time, he gave him -2 yards and it was the exact same kneel down. I guess he just felt like giving him -2 instead of -1.
  4. Going to Boston for the first time to go to Fenway Park and watch my Rangers play on August 6th. We are planning on hanging out at some bars and places near Fenway most of the day before the game. Any good places that you recommend as far as atmosphere and food? I want to try some pizza somewhere. Also, I got tickets in the 4th row of the State Street Pavilion Club. They seem pretty good from what I've read online. Anyone have any insight as to if they are really good or not?
  5. Jwood

    Chicago traded for Brandon Marshall

    Maybe they are clearing up space to sign Manning and Wayne/Clark/Garcon, etc.?
  6. Jwood

    Trades 2011

    Jwood trades his 4th round pick to Horsemen for Cadillac Williams Jwood trades Willis McGahee to The Grinders for Mercedes Lewis
  7. Jwood

    Waiting this thing out....

    Sent mine in via Paypal last week.
  8. Jwood

    Draft Order

    This draft order sucks!!!!! At least it's a semi-weak draft anyway.
  9. Jwood

    Team Jwood

    ...is on a roll, brutha!!! Hide the women and children
  10. Jwood


    I think the game should be given to Thin Spirit for 2 reasons, mainly reason #2. 1) Even though Meatloaf didn't know the rule, he still started an illegal tiebreaker. Morally, it's not his fault because no one told him of this quirky rule, Legally, it is just the fact of the matter and the rule is written in our bylaws (i hope), which each player is responsible for knowing. 2) I was looking at the bench lineups and the only non-starter tiebreaker he could have started that would have even TIED with Vince Young was David Buehler and I don't think I've EVER seen anyone start a kicker as a tiebreaker. So even had he started a "non-starter" tiebreaker, there is a 99% chance it would not have been a kicker that misses as many field goals as he makes. Thin Spirit would have won the game anyway on a tiebreaker.
  11. Jwood

    My team is pissing me off!

    Two in a row, brutha!!! I don't remember the last time I've won 2 in a row in this league. Let's go, Frank Gore!! Keep on catching them footballs.
  12. Jwood


    That is correct, but Ma and Urine Trouble and The Grinders are new so they probably were not aware of that rule unless someone specifically told them.
  13. Jwood

    My team is pissing me off!

    I think mine actually won a game thanks to my new additions...Gore and Boldin.
  14. Jwood

    2010 Trades

    Jwood trades his 1st rounder and Ryan Mathews to Horseman for Frank Gore. Probably overpaid for Gore, but I'm tired of my team being shitty. There's only so much I can take of building for the future.
  15. Jwood

    New Owner

    I guess I missed something. Who is New Owner? I'm getting tons of trade notifications for New Owner and everyone and I don't even know who New Owner is.