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    pick 2 out of these 3 (ppr)

    McKissic and Gage
  2. cotarice12

    Week 15 Scoop and Play

    With Zeke out, Tony Pollard is in play if he's available in your league. Not a great matchup, but he should get plenty of work.
  3. cotarice12

    Week 16 Huge Cojones Awards

    I sat Fitz and Kyler Murray and played Daniel Jones. I almost went with Drew Lock over him. That's the line between lucky and dumb I guess. The weather was supposed to have been pretty bad in Miami for the game. Seems like Dalton and Fitz didn't mind it too much.
  4. cotarice12

    Which Back

    Fournette and Mostert
  5. cotarice12

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    It would be a flex.
  6. cotarice12

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    Washington and AJ Brown are both on waivers. Which way would you lean?
  7. cotarice12

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    Not saying it will happen this week, but Patriots have been gashed on the run a few times this year..
  8. cotarice12

    Billy Volek Award nominees (for playoff studs)

    Last year I lost 2rb's to injury just as the playoffs rolled around and had saved some FAAB money. I picked up Damien Williams, Elijah McGuire, Herndon, and Robby Anderson, all of whom came up huge for me, especially championship week. Without their Volek-like performances there's no way I would have won it. This year, I could see Tannehill, Minshew, or Fitzpatrick at QB, Miles Sanders, Penny, or maybe even Darwin Thompson at RB. WR is wide open. TE- maybe Gesicki or Fant?
  9. Go take a look at your league's positional leaders and see how many guys have consistently hit the weekly benchmarks we look for in starting-level players. There's maybe 5-6 players at each position that hit them, and that is on average. Many of the top 10-15 players in yearly overall points at each position have been bad in roughly half their games. Don't even get me started about TE. Matchups used to be the best predictor for success; that is no longer the case. Ask people who started Darnold, Bell, Philly D, Brees, Thomas, Evans, R. Jones, etc, etc, this week. The thing is, it hasn't just been this week, it's been every week. Sure, some times the matchup is still useful, but with rb platoons (and now it seems WR platoons), bad offensive lines league-wide, and mediocrity across all positions (likely NFL mediocrity), I don't think there has been a time in the 20 years I've played fantasy where inconsistency has been so prevalent. David Blough and Drew Lock started their first ever games this week. In the NFL of old they would have gotten absolutely crushed that first game, especially Blough. Instead, they outscored several high-profile QB's. How many people sat Golladay or Sutton this week? I mean, that should have been the right call. But, it wasn't. For the fantasy player that really pays attention and tries to use stats/matchups to gain an edge, we are reduced to trying to hit on weekly WR sneaky starts (which is still possible, thankfully). Who these trends really benefit is the owners who draft their teams, don't make many moves or pay attention, and just throw out their lineup every week. Sure, some times they will play a guy who's out, but they aren't sitting Golladay against the Bears with a 3rd string QB, or whatever other scenario has unfolded each week this year. The "experts" at many sites just keep ranking guys the same way each week, regardless of much reasoning, and while that frustrates me to no end, I guess we can't really blame them because I don't think you can know much anymore. All of this to say that I hope this trend reverses itself, because I don't think it can be good for fantasy football. It's not fun to play a game where your skill doesn't matter any more.
  10. cotarice12

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    Some interesting thoughts put out there in response. To clarify a couple of things: I've been playing (and have been pretty successful) ffb for 20 years, and have adjusted to the proliferation of info available 24/7. While yes, it does slightly annoy me that owners can do no prep work for a draft and have real-time adp rankings available to them on draft night, and then multiple sites that tell them who to pick up, target shares, snap % etc. that used to have to be done on your own, that is the way of the world = instant information. That wasn't really the point I was trying to make. Nor was I talking about relying on rankings (obviously you need to make your own calls and trust your own ideas/knowledge). My original point was that matchups can still matter, but that they don't as much as they did even just 5 years ago, and that consistency week over week is much tougher to find. I wish I had the time to pour over all the data, for those wanting hard numbers (I don't blame you, I like them too), but I don't. I did look at the top 20 WR in one of my leagues through week 13 this year, and compared to the top 20 through week 13 in 2014, just to see if I was talking out of my a** or not. Over half of the top 20 this year have had 6 weeks that would be considered busts/disappointing. In 2014, that number was about 4 weeks over the same timeframe. If someone else wants to jump on seeing if that bears out over time have at it, but that quick glance matches up with with I was thinking about when I wrote my initial post. Also, 12 WR were averaging better than 15 ppg at this point in 2014, while just 3 are this year (.5 ppr, sorted by total points,). That's a pretty big disparity. This is great point. What do we do if this is the case? I don't have that answer, but I think an adjustment of some kind in how we evaluate players, matchups etc. will be needed to stay ahead of the curve.
  11. cotarice12

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 10

    I need 20.5, and my opponent is done for the week. I have Carson or Lockett tonight. I've got Carson in right now. Thoughts? (standard league)
  12. cotarice12

    Bye week help - who do I drop?

    I'd go Cam as well.
  13. cotarice12

    Sony Michel for Josh Jacobs

    I agree with this 100%. If you need a one week fill in, Hilliman for the Giants, maybe Chase Edmonds if Johnson is banged up should get some points.
  14. cotarice12

    ROS RB

    I'd go Fournette as well.
  15. cotarice12

    running back help

    The 49ers just ran on the Browns for over 200 yards, so Carson should be a solid play this coming week. I think you are in good shape overall, as Bell should improve in a couple weeks once the Jets schedule gets easier and Darnold gets back all the way. Ekelar is still going to be involved in the passing game and get some carries.
  16. cotarice12

    Parity is gone.

    I agree that CMAC has been terrific so far this year, but there has definitely been cases of a player being more productive, consistently, and for longer. I suggest taking a look at LaDainian Tomlinson's entire 2006 season, but especially a stretch from end of October to Mid-December. https://www.profootballhof.com/news/lt-s-2006-season/ Shaun Alexander in 2005, and Priest Holmes in 2003 or 2004 were pretty impressive as well.
  17. cotarice12

    The "I started Rivers and still won the Ship" thread

    Despite knowing better and debating it for most of the week, I started Rivers as well. Even taking a 3 from him, I was able to bring home the championship. I lost Hunt, and had Collins, Breida, and Ware all go down, along with James White's disappearing act over the last month, but was fortunate enough to have Damien Williams and McGuire over the past couple of weeks, which was the difference. A last minute add of Robby Anderson as my flex and Herndon at TE was big too. (Who would have thought starting 3 Jets for championship week was the right plan?) A monster week from Antonio Brown pushed me over the top, and T. Hill and the Rams with solid days all combined to make up for the QB misfire that I thought would bury me. Going into the weekend I really didn't think I had much of a shot, as my opponent's matchups were excellent. He scored well this week, but needed a monster game from J. Cook on Monday night that thankfully didn't happen. Sometimes the best wins are the unexpected ones. This has been one crazy fantasy season. Congrats to all who pulled it out in the end.
  18. cotarice12

    Soooo. Derrick Henry

    He's the type of back that needs to be featured and get 20+ carries. He'll take a lot of stuffed at the line runs, but eventually will hit a crease and go for a big one. For a big back he's got really good speed once he gets going. Not much agility behind the line though. When he sticks to hitting the hole hard and staying north-south, he's a damn good back. It's not like the offensive schemes the past two years have been very good, so maybe they finally figure out how to use him? (I doubt it, but maybe.)
  19. cotarice12

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    I'm up 25 and done, while my opponent has Thomas and Saints D tonight. Rams defense didn't help my cause last night, so now I need to hope Panthers score and move the ball while not giving up sacks or turnovers, and Thomas gets held down yardage-wise and kept out of the end zone.
  20. cotarice12

    So...What Kicker You Rolling With In The Playoffs?

    I'm still debating for this week. I dropped Badgely before game-time on Thursday, and was glad I did. I'm looking at Parkey at home vs. Packers, Cantanzaro for Panthers at home vs. Saints.
  21. cotarice12

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    I'm right there with you. I need him to get 26.5 for the win. It's .5 ppr, so 9/100 and 2 scores puts him there (or some combo which equals 26.5). Like you said, unlikely but possible. He's got it in him, we just need it to be a Diggs game, not a Thielen or Cooks game.
  22. cotarice12

    Titans @ Houston - In-Game Discussion

    Considering I need 30 from the Texans D, I'm hoping for a couple of defensive scores and a boat load of sacks and turnovers from Watt and company.
  23. Watkins active but not on field so far. That's gonna screw some people over tonight.
  24. cotarice12

    Antonio Callaway

    I dumped Stills for Gabriel this week to cover AB's bye in week 7, and I like him for this week as well. I have Brown and Tyreek Hill, so I'm willing to use my reserve WR spots on guys like Gabriel and Callaway for the upside. If they bust out they're much easier to drop and replace.
  25. cotarice12

    Antonio Callaway

    While I don't love him this week, his schedule from 7-14 (minus the bye) offers a ton of potential. Will he take advantage? I'm not sure, but I'm resisting the temptation for better one week options to hold him and hoping he steps up. With Higgins out a couple of weeks, there's a chance he blows up.