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  1. cotarice12

    The "I started Rivers and still won the Ship" thread

    Despite knowing better and debating it for most of the week, I started Rivers as well. Even taking a 3 from him, I was able to bring home the championship. I lost Hunt, and had Collins, Breida, and Ware all go down, along with James White's disappearing act over the last month, but was fortunate enough to have Damien Williams and McGuire over the past couple of weeks, which was the difference. A last minute add of Robby Anderson as my flex and Herndon at TE was big too. (Who would have thought starting 3 Jets for championship week was the right plan?) A monster week from Antonio Brown pushed me over the top, and T. Hill and the Rams with solid days all combined to make up for the QB misfire that I thought would bury me. Going into the weekend I really didn't think I had much of a shot, as my opponent's matchups were excellent. He scored well this week, but needed a monster game from J. Cook on Monday night that thankfully didn't happen. Sometimes the best wins are the unexpected ones. This has been one crazy fantasy season. Congrats to all who pulled it out in the end.
  2. cotarice12

    Soooo. Derrick Henry

    He's the type of back that needs to be featured and get 20+ carries. He'll take a lot of stuffed at the line runs, but eventually will hit a crease and go for a big one. For a big back he's got really good speed once he gets going. Not much agility behind the line though. When he sticks to hitting the hole hard and staying north-south, he's a damn good back. It's not like the offensive schemes the past two years have been very good, so maybe they finally figure out how to use him? (I doubt it, but maybe.)
  3. cotarice12

    Saints v. Panthers - MNF - What do ya need?

    I'm up 25 and done, while my opponent has Thomas and Saints D tonight. Rams defense didn't help my cause last night, so now I need to hope Panthers score and move the ball while not giving up sacks or turnovers, and Thomas gets held down yardage-wise and kept out of the end zone.
  4. cotarice12

    So...What Kicker You Rolling With In The Playoffs?

    I'm still debating for this week. I dropped Badgely before game-time on Thursday, and was glad I did. I'm looking at Parkey at home vs. Packers, Cantanzaro for Panthers at home vs. Saints.
  5. cotarice12

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    I'm right there with you. I need him to get 26.5 for the win. It's .5 ppr, so 9/100 and 2 scores puts him there (or some combo which equals 26.5). Like you said, unlikely but possible. He's got it in him, we just need it to be a Diggs game, not a Thielen or Cooks game.
  6. cotarice12

    Titans @ Houston - In-Game Discussion

    Considering I need 30 from the Texans D, I'm hoping for a couple of defensive scores and a boat load of sacks and turnovers from Watt and company.
  7. Watkins active but not on field so far. That's gonna screw some people over tonight.
  8. cotarice12

    Antonio Callaway

    I dumped Stills for Gabriel this week to cover AB's bye in week 7, and I like him for this week as well. I have Brown and Tyreek Hill, so I'm willing to use my reserve WR spots on guys like Gabriel and Callaway for the upside. If they bust out they're much easier to drop and replace.
  9. cotarice12

    Antonio Callaway

    While I don't love him this week, his schedule from 7-14 (minus the bye) offers a ton of potential. Will he take advantage? I'm not sure, but I'm resisting the temptation for better one week options to hold him and hoping he steps up. With Higgins out a couple of weeks, there's a chance he blows up.
  10. cotarice12

    Kenyan Drake

    He's a hit or miss RB 3 for me.
  11. cotarice12

    Am I Getting Screwed? (Trade timing dispute)

    He needs to be aware of the rules. You don't get penalized because he didn't stay on top of it. That's on him.
  12. cotarice12

    Calvin Ridley?

    Keep in mind he did just face the worst starting corner in the league this year in Ken Crawley. I'm not saying he's not good, but if you look at what Crawley has given up this year it's outrageous.
  13. cotarice12

    anyone have bell news?

    The left one is hanging quite a bit lower than the right. Oh, you said Bell news. My bad.
  14. cotarice12

    Emmanuel Sanders on waivers...blow FAAB?

    Assuming you have to carry 2 TE, K, Def given your sig? I'd rather start him than Gordon, and Jones as well some weeks. You get bonuses for long scores which helps those two more than Sanders, but I think he is going to be the more consistent option. I like him better in PPR though.
  15. cotarice12

    Julio to hold out of training camp

    I'd happily take Julio on any of my teams, but I can't spend a first round pick on him. Each season he ends up with strong yardage numbers and has a few amazing games, but at this point the lack of touchdown numbers is to be expected, not seen as an aberration. Will he get 12 td's along with 1300 yards this year (or any year)? It's possible, but not likely given history. Obviously, he is a much better player, but the stats get skewed like they used to with Marques Colston with the Saints. It's crazy what 3 monster games a year can do to boost season long stats. The wins those weeks are great, but I want a 1st round pick to be a consistent, weekly high-floor, high-ceiling guy, and I don't personally feel that way about Julio at this point. It all depends on what's off the board, but I likely wouldn't take him until mid round 2 at the earliest. But that's the beauty of fantasy football; someone else will value him as a top 10 pick, and then we will see who was right.