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  1. And this is why oil and gas will be around forever!!!
  2. So like a leper colony. One of the islands off the west coast would be perfect!
  3. Bert

    Get Offended and Feel Shame

    Those damn Clorox people like everything lily white.
  4. Bert

    Sous vide recommendation

    Damn, I bet that is awesome in a sous vide.
  5. Bert

    Kaepernick wants everyone to know

    And so did Ryan Leaf
  6. Bert

    Best way to sleep in a pickup?

    Goose Island State park will put you close to some pretty good fishing.
  7. Bert

    Spermoff: "Hot chicks" you don't find hot

    This plus Angelina Jolie x10, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce and Rihanna.
  8. Bert

    Cigar smoking geeks...

    Romeo y Julieta Reserve - my standard Arturo Fuente Chateaus Opus - on a rare occasion
  9. Bert

    Best way to sleep in a pickup?

    What have you been throwing?
  10. Bert

    Best way to sleep in a pickup?

    It was pretty good. My buddy's cousin lives in Port Lavaca so I had a nice place to stay. Some nice reds and trout. My prize was two 16+ inch flounder. We ate one the day after I got back. It was so good! It was kind of an old school flash back....we were catching reds on gold spoons with the little red plastic "eyes".
  11. Bert

    Best way to sleep in a pickup?

    I was down around Port O'Conner fished mostly around San Antonio Bay.
  12. Amen!!! I didn't go to the best school where I was accepted because I couldn't afford it. F those idiots that take on all those excessive loans.
  13. Bert

    Best way to sleep in a pickup?

    The mosquitoes will still be bad this week. They were crazy a couple of weeks ago at dusk and dawn. Passenger seat or back seat is best. Where are you fishing?
  14. Bert

    **2020 Masters Thread**

    Time to hit the Champions tour.
  15. Bert

    **2020 Masters Thread**

    Is KSB still alive? That 10 at 12 was a glorious thing to watch especially after all the hype about the great shots he has had on that hole in the past.
  16. Bert

    So, Tommy T is an idiot...

    They do. But California, New York, Oregon and Minnesota have greatly closed the gap in the last two years. ETA: I wonder if Jackson Lee was ever able to get them to swing the Mars rover around so she could see the flag Neil Armstrong planted.
  17. Bert

    So, Tommy T is an idiot...

    You are correct. Democrats still have the lead in stupid ignorant worthless focks.
  18. I'm with you. I will support him/her until they start trying to kill my industry or increasing my already significant tax burden.
  19. Bert

    Would you give up the sex .....

    I would take the million and not have sexual relations with a woman just like Bill Clinton.
  20. Canadian's are useless. Trudeau makes Trump look like FDR. Hell even Biden is a better choice than Trudeau.
  21. Bert

    Wart Removal Dr Scholls's Propane Tank

    They also work great for lighting cigars!
  22. Bert

    Tech CEO's testify before Senate

    Other than Beto. Drove his sorry azz to be a prof at a second rate university.
  23. Bert

    Violence Tears Through W. Philly

    This is what you created, enjoy the brotherly love!
  24. Bert

    Violence Tears Through W. Philly

    I agree, however, this group of people do not care about facts and absolutely refuse to admit that their own vile behavior is what caused this "persons" death. You can tell by the comments, Why didn't they shot them in the leg? Why didn't they use a taser?, Why did they pull out their weapons? No, you irresponsible trash, the question should be, Why is anyone upset that a POS thug that charged police with a knife got shot?