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  1. Bert

    BangBros bids $10 Million

    The Kardashians approve.
  2. Bert

    BangBros bids $10 Million

    That would be awesome!!!!!
  3. Bert

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Let me guess, with that Wild Rice twig crap.
  4. Bert

    Best fetish You enjoy?

    Fixored. Stocking and pantyhose are two very different things.
  5. Bert

    Best fetish You enjoy?

    Going out to dinner, a party, an event and the chick has on stockings, garter belt and heels under her dress or skirt.
  6. Bert

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Flounder, Branzino, Halibut. Salt, pepper, garlic, lemon and butter. Also like a light sauce with various herbs.
  7. Bert

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Miley has been worse than garbage his last 3 starts. The Astros were going with a 4 man starting rotation and the bullpen for the fifth. Today was suppose to be the bullpen day. After Miley gave up 7 in the first and only got one batter out Hinch said screw it and left it up to the bullpen scrubs to finish yesterday so he could save his good relievers for today.
  8. Bert

    September 11th

    I admit it became real uncomfortable after the second plane hit. I was also leaving from Vegas the next day!
  9. Bert

    September 11th

    Sitting in my cube on the 26th floor of Enron tower.
  10. Bert

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Hopefully the Astros give Miley back to the Brewers. Over two starts he has given up 12 runs and recorded 1 damn out.
  11. I prefer to laugh at their ignorance and simply move on.