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  1. Bert

    Foxy Knoxy still at it

    It shouldn't be long now and I bet her father can't wait.
  2. Bert

    Poor Musk

    Its a good thing Elon didn't decide to go into space. https://www.forbes.com/sites/siladityaray/2021/07/30/fire-breaks-out-during-testing-at-one-of-teslas-biggest-battery-sites-in-australia/?sh=35c2c13629c4
  3. Bert

    The Best Burger in Every State

    Completely agree. Especially when you look at big states like California and Texas. Hell you can't even figure out the best burger in LA, Houston, San Diego or Dallas much less the whole damn state. Maybe you can do it for states like MT, WY, Delaware, NM or AK but in every other state? Get the fock outta here.
  4. Bert

    What is your favorite sound?

    Those no talent azz clowns focked up a great song.
  5. Bert

    Bunny I got your theme song!

    I always think of Bunny when I hear this song.
  6. Bert

    Bernie Madoff Jr

    Or worse yet Soros Jr.
  7. Bert

    Home warranty

    I've never had one but the people that I know that have them always biotch about the sh!tty repair work and the use of used or refurbished parts. They also complain the contractors try to claim that your problem isn't covered under the warranty for some weird bizarre reason. Sh!t like, Well when your cable company ran the cable it was laid next to the air duck in the front bedroom so that voids the warranty on your compressor.
  8. Bert

    What is your favorite sound?

    The sound of silence.
  9. Bert

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    Well she likes whips and chains.
  10. Bert

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    With his New York brim and his gold tooth displayed?
  11. Bert

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    Wearing Cheap Sunglasses?
  12. Bert

    IRA question

    When people leave a company the can roll 401K and pension balances into IRAs. That would also increase the dollars in those accounts.
  13. Bert

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    Could be, I Heard it on the X that he Just Got Paid and had the Blue Jean Blues.