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  1. Consumption taxes are not refundable. Technically, yes.
  2. Sales/excise tax on cigs, alcohol and gasoline. Sales tax on fast food. No income tax.
  3. I like it! Or we could have a rational conversation about energy. This guy is pretty good I have heard him speak a couple of times and I met him in 2019. Cool dude even though he is Canadian.
  4. No. Not when they want to US to reduce emissions by 25ish% the first 10 years and China, the world leader in carbon emissions, can continue to increase carbon emissions until 2030. That is just plain stupid. Especially, since the US has led the world in emission reductions since 1990.
  5. Yep. Just like not reporting the deaths and injuries in their mining sector and not reporting spills and natural gas releases in their pipeline system. China has a horrible record on the pollution/environmental incidents they simply cover it up.
  6. And your ignorance is truly profound.
  7. Saaaaawing and a miss. After that effort you need to change your handle to Edsel.
  8. Sounds like some stupidity someone from Michigan, California or New York would support.
  9. Your efforts are completely worthless until you get this sh!t under control. https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/China-Started-More-Coal-Plants-Than-The-Entire-World-Retired-In-2020.html
  10. Rob Manford is simply another woke hypocrite.
  11. Bert


    My girl friend adds walnuts and pecans.