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  1. The G-man see this as progress because he didn't accidentally shot himself or blow his fingers off.
  2. $250K salary and a $96k housing allowance?!?!?! Religion, the biggest money maker the world has ever known.
  3. Bert

    Prime Age Meats

    I understand they are more but the Prime USDA at the central market here isn't 3 times the prime at HEB. It is only a couple of bucks more per pound. Further, the HEB seafood isn't in the same class as central market. For everyday HEB is fine. For a nice or special meal Central Market is far superior.
  4. Bert

    Prime Age Meats

    HEB doesn't have near the selection and god forbid you ask an HEB butcher to cut a steak to a specific thickness.
  5. Bert

    Prime Age Meats

    Do you have a Central Market near you? Their meat and seafood are incredible.
  6. Bert

    Prime Age Meats

  7. Bert

    Prime Age Males

    I may look older than 54 but i am only 50!
  8. Bert

    Prime Age Males

    :sad banana:
  9. Bert

    Prime Age Males

    For those of us whose Prime years are about to expire. Do we go to choice or do we go straight to select?
  10. Bert

    Barry is going to F up Louisiana

    I love the food and like the music. Other than that the place does nothing for me.
  11. Bert

    Barry is going to F up Louisiana

    In fairness there a a few good restaurants mixed in, but all in all a good description.
  12. Bert

    Barry is going to F up Louisiana

    Let's see how many the corruption in Louisiana and New Orleans kills this time.
  13. Bert

    I'm building a house

    This is the answer.
  14. Bert

    Biggest attention whores in sports history?

    I'll take "Hollywood" Henderson for the win.