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  1. Bert

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Can't do it! I hate strong cinnamon. In a pie or a cinnamon roll fine, candy and liquor no way. Now a shot of Patron on the course.............
  2. Bert

    Cocktail of Choice?

    I am mostly a beer and wine guy but I drink most every thing else from time to time other than gin. I really like single malt and good blended scotch. A good bloody mary in the morning and even a mimosa. A margarita or a run runner in the tropics. Vodka soda, crown & 7, myers & pineapple, woodford on the rocks and a shot of good tequila every now and then. Amaretto, Frangelico & cognac also have their place.
  3. Bert

    Have You Ever Noticed ...

    I bet she is filthy and would do ANYTHING to advance her career.
  4. Bert

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    Damn you are old
  5. It took seven posts to get to the correct answer.
  6. Bert

    Have You Ever Noticed ...

    You would need a way, way back machine! God bless silicon.
  7. Bert

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Amen brother!
  8. And the sports gods blessed us with him never winning a title.
  9. Actually I referenced every time one of our south of the border friends walks into the bar and has them turn that crap on. Same over exaggeration from the players and announcers every single time it is on TV.
  10. I agree baseball has become a joke but it is still far and away better than soccer. Watching soccer is on par with watching a bunch of red neck drive around in a circle.
  11. Now If they could only stop the acid attacks.
  12. And the volume on for a soccer game is a million times worse. "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh what a wonder display of awesome unparalleled athletic ability he showed there!!!!! He almost scored!!!!!! Just tremendous!" F you and all the douchbags that watch that silly sh!t.
  13. Bert

    Anybody try the Impossible Burger?

    Never heard of it.
  14. This is like comparing meals sold at McDonald's with meals sold at Peter Lugar's.
  15. This. Those little flopping fockers running around like LeBron vs Karl Malone. Totally unwatchable.