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  1. Bert

    Wednesday non-political thread - Movie quotes

    My grandfather liked that movie. I wouldn't have guessed if he hadn't listed of the actors and I still wasn't sure. "You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill."
  2. Bert

    It's Been Good To Know Ya

    I would say the coronavirus but you never know.
  3. I'm going to Vegas this afternoon for AVN. It is also Chinese New Year so there will be people from China all over the place. I plan to combat Coronavirus with: MillerLitevirus Titosvirus Myersvirus and Artemisvirus Hopefully it works. If not via con dios.
  4. Now people are just making sh!t up. Major League Baseball said Thursday it "explored wearable devices during the investigation (of the Astros) but found no evidence to substantiate it." The Twitter account that first brought light to the issue appears to have been disabled. https://abc13.com/sports/astros-did-not-use-buzzers-to-help-steal-signs-according-to-mlb/5857764/
  5. Yes. And it is getting worse with the cartels taking more and more control from the government.
  6. Bert

    Oceans Are Warming People!

    How much is Mount Taal going to cool the planet?
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/15/success/abigail-disney-california-ceo-pay/index.html
  8. What point are you trying to make? People running for office promise all kinds of stupid crap and elected officials pass all kinds of stupid laws for votes. For every raise in the inheritance tax threshold we have the affordable care act.
  9. No different. Just like changes to the tax code and laws to continue to prop up the wind and solar industry. Or giving deductions to people simply for having children. One of the largest loop holes in the tax code.
  10. And in true federal government fashion it will cost $3.7 million for each $50,000 payment.
  11. Next door to Bier Meister
  12. Bert

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    Maybe the kid likes the db and the grandfather and mom is running interference.