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  1. I also took her to San Fran after the wedding to meet this yahoo and his cool wife.
  2. My wife and I were married on the library terrace at Pebble Beach overlooking the 18th green last month. Not much more to expound on.
  3. . This isn't one of your relationships.
  4. It's the media playing up black violence. They are a peaceful people.
  5. A wedding at the library terrace overlooking the 18th green at Pebble Beach.
  6. Bert

    Sweet potato or pumpkin?

    Pumkin but Pecan is king!
  7. I just hope some POS, liberal, ACLU lawyer doesn't sue the Army vet and transvestite for beating the crap out of the POS shooter.
  8. Bert

    Death Pool Update - D!ck Van Dyke

    No. Confirmed dead. I saw it on Autopsy: The Last Hours, so it must be true.
  9. I can wait to see the moron walk back that post. I am sure it will be similar to Bojangles (aka the Whitehouse Secretary of Press)
  10. The problem is Spanos is that stupid. The chargers are the angles of the NFL. All of the talent in the world and they sh!t the bed every year.
  11. Bert

    Death Pool Update - D!ck Van Dyke

    Just admit you confused him with Andy Griffith.
  12. Damn, that almost doubles Pena's salary.
  13. He will try to use the international development banks that are largely funded by the US.