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  1. The Shepherd

    Established Standard Re-draft League

    Hi Gasti, Thanks for reaching out. I checked out the site (looks great) and the set-up looks good to me. So if/when you need a new guy, drop me a line and I'll be glad to join you. The Shep (Mike)
  2. The Shepherd

    Antonio tweets he's done

    The wackjob who gave up millions because his IQ is lower than his jersey number was. I hope he gets a job at the Pittsburgh airport cleaning urinals.
  3. Hi All, My 25-plus-year league folded (we started in '93 - when Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice were the gleam in every FF-owner's eyes) and I'm looking for another good league to join. I'd like to join an established 10 or 12 team standard or half-PPR re-draft league with a good group of owners, with something close to the usual rosters (1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1TE, 1 flex, 1 Def (no IDP), 1 K and bench slots), best with FAB for waivers. So if any of you need an experienced and active owner for the upcoming season, drop me a line. The Shepherd - fearless stick wielding flock-leader of the Fighting Sheep. I live in Germany, so sometimes it takes a while for me to respond depending on when emails come in. Thanks
  4. The Shepherd

    Skipping This Season

    I like this solution the best - maybe not defining the IR number for COVID - you get however many you need.
  5. The Shepherd

    FA Defenses Week 14

    Nice inputs. Some good points - Chicago is definately a big risk - GB's riding high. Buffalo does make good sense - I could see that game getting ugly. I thought about the Jets too, but left them out for 2 reasons: 1) although they're available in my 12-team league, I figured they's be owned in most others, and 2) I'm not so sure Josh Freeman won't do OK against them. He got frustarted last week and imploded, but he used his mobility and made good decisions to dump Green Bay. I wouldn't be surprised either way there I guess. Houston was a surprise. I know their run def is good, but I think they can be passed on - even by Seattle with Housh and Burleson.
  6. The Shepherd

    FA Defenses Week 14

    Here are some def's that are still out there in a lot of leagues which I think could do well this week: 1. Miami: I like them because their def played well last week, they're fighting for a PO spot, they scratch, bite and pull hair for every W, they always have a return TD threat w/Ginn, Jax gives up a boat-load of sacks, and Miami is close tied for 3rd getting them. 2. Tennessee: StL coming to town and will get pressed into passing situations. The Titans have been more physical as of late too. 3. New England: not the defense of years gone by, but with ugly weather, a ticked off coach, and a turn-over happy Carolina team coming in - this could be double digits for the the Pat's def. 4. Chicago: They're calling for 32 degrees and 60% precipitation - wind only estimated to be 10-15 mph, but those excellent conditions for turnovers. Green Bay is coming off a big Monday Night win, which makes them vulnerable this week. And Rogers can be sacked. Just some thoughts - as every point counts this time of year.
  7. The Shepherd

    Chris Johnson misses practice.

    Johnson has been practicing busting out of wet paper bags to simulate the rams' defense. He figures hopping on one foot could affect his timing, but remains confident of another 100+ yard performance and 6-8 touchdowns.
  8. The Shepherd

    Michael Turner

    The follow-on is then, Snelling or Norwood. I could see Snelling putting up decent numbers, eg what he did vs the Giants.
  9. The Shepherd

    Sneaky DST plays

    the Bears - available in a lot of leagues after last week's fiasco - should kill the clowns and they're at home. But be careful, Chicago ain't called "the windy city" for nothing - wind and rain could result in a completion or two for Cleveland.
  10. The Shepherd

    Dolphins Defense

    What do you guys think? I watched them last year and they looked physical and really fast. That is a well managed team and they get sacks. Doesn't seem like they get the respect they deserve. They're on the waiver wire in my league sitting there like a fat, ripe apple. Inputs?
  11. The Shepherd

    Lets talk WR2/WR3's

    Nice thread. I picked up Mason late (like every year), and expect even better numbers than last year as he's become familiar with Flacco (last year Smith was throwing at him in the pre-season). Others: Gage (avg points per game were pretty good last year) Britt may turn out to be a Henry-like option there Galoway's an age risk, but if Welker is banged up, I see him getting more attention than converted college QB Edelman Nicks (see Britt) Driver seems to be going too low too Boldin - I know he's not a sleeper and it doesn't really answer the original question, but in non ppr leagues he actually had better numbers than Fitz per game - and anybody else for that matter - and look at the Cards' weeks 14-16 sched. Desean Jackson - seems to me McNabb is really locking in on him with Westy so often MIA, and he's going 5th round in a lot of 12 team drafts.
  12. The Shepherd

    Forte held out of practice thursday...

    Thanks for the info. I wonder why they don't upgrade him to probable.
  13. The Shepherd

    Forte held out of practice thursday...

    Anybody hear if Forte did indeed practice today?
  14. The Shepherd

    Canadians on American Thanksgiving

    No pukes staying home to watch TV in Shanghai - that place where all our jobs are going.
  15. The Shepherd

    Kellen Winslow Has Sprained Shoulder

    Any updates on Winslow's status? Did he practice Friday?