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  1. The Shepherd

    OBJ’s dad posted this video

    Total crap - he deserved getting shipped out. All QBs miss open receivers and throws - especially ones under pressure and dinged up. Dirty maneuver by Beckham.
  2. The Shepherd

    Da Bears' RBs

    I'd actually prefer them letting Monty sit this tough matchup out.
  3. The Shepherd

    Da Bears' RBs

    Thanks much
  4. The Shepherd

    Da Bears' RBs

    Anybody spot Montgomery doing anything indicating when he's coming back? I thought I heard on a podcast Khalil Herbert got dinged up in the SF game - couldn't find anything about that either. I did read Damien Williams has a knee problem. Bears fans: got any updates on these topics? Thanks.
  5. The Shepherd

    Which RB has bigger upside in .5 PPR: Gainwell or TJJ?

    I don't know but I appreciate the "Filthadelphia" comment
  6. The Shepherd

    Tony pollard trade value. To acquire as a zeke owner

    Hey AxeElf, give the guy a freakin break - I doubt he was coveting your specific input in the first place.
  7. The Shepherd

    Foot injury for Travis Etienne

    Robinson will go latest in the 3rd round now - at least he should.
  8. The Shepherd

    FFC ADP Perfect Draft? (Mid May Edition)

    No way in Hades - he'll be round 2 by August.
  9. The Shepherd

    Josh Kelley droppable?

    Actually, I thought he looked pretty good when he got carries.
  10. The Shepherd

    Giants backfield

    I think he could be decent once he gets settled in - depends on whether or not he used the extended absence to get fully healthy and in good shape. I know it's popular to just write him off but I think he could surprise if the Giants can improve their line play a good bit and scheme some running room .
  11. The Shepherd

    Who is your 3rd ranked QB?

    I like Brady in my league with 6 points for a passing TD - last time he had a top WR he threw 50 TDs, so it's possible.
  12. The Shepherd

    Sleeper defenses

    I have the Chargers too - as a streamer week 1 vs the Bungles.
  13. OK - I saw the article - might make it back for game 1.
  14. The Shepherd

    well that was fun

    How about just play football. Yea, there's racism - everywhere, and from all groups against all others. And there are a lot more problems - maybe people just want to enjoy football instead of constantly bringing up the crap that rips people appart.
  15. Bears fans: so who's getting the first team reps- Nall?