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  1. The Shepherd

    Josh Kelley droppable?

    Actually, I thought he looked pretty good when he got carries.
  2. The Shepherd

    Giants backfield

    I think he could be decent once he gets settled in - depends on whether or not he used the extended absence to get fully healthy and in good shape. I know it's popular to just write him off but I think he could surprise if the Giants can improve their line play a good bit and scheme some running room .
  3. The Shepherd

    Who is your 3rd ranked QB?

    I like Brady in my league with 6 points for a passing TD - last time he had a top WR he threw 50 TDs, so it's possible.
  4. The Shepherd

    Sleeper defenses

    I have the Chargers too - as a streamer week 1 vs the Bungles.
  5. OK - I saw the article - might make it back for game 1.
  6. The Shepherd

    well that was fun

    How about just play football. Yea, there's racism - everywhere, and from all groups against all others. And there are a lot more problems - maybe people just want to enjoy football instead of constantly bringing up the crap that rips people appart.
  7. Bears fans: so who's getting the first team reps- Nall?
  8. The Shepherd

    Fantasy Strength of Schedule Ranking?

    Yep, this is a very good tool FFToday provides.
  9. The Shepherd

    well that was fun

    I'm sick of the BS.
  10. The Shepherd

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs

    This warrants a discussion on the merits of the metric system. Any of you guys bumping Darrell Williams up in your strategies?
  11. The Shepherd

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs

    So how valuable is Darrell Williams - any info from KC area on what the split will look like?
  12. The majority of 'experts' are predicting a bouce-back year for David Johnson. I didn't draft him - I'll wait for him to go through a very tough early schedule and if he survives that, I'll try to get him through a trade.
  13. The Shepherd


  14. One spot left - who's going to grab it and have the honor of being mauled by the the Shepherd's fighting sheep?
  15. The Shepherd

    Who is you favorite breakout player this year?

    QB: Rivers, Ind: it's been shown there is a correlation between QB play and an O-line that can block. RB: Zack Moss, Buf: tough guy on a cold-weather team - with one small fumbler to beat out. WR: Paris Campbell, Ind: fast as hell and can play, see Rivers above, cool first namejust needs someone to drive him to the stadium. TE: Hooper: stud who might be lost in the Chubb/KHunt/OBJ/Baker shine - can you believe Cleveland's 2 back are named Chubb and KHunt?).