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  1. gpann101

    Week 16 Scoop and Play WR - Championship Edition

    Have a hunch NO D will blanket AJ leaving space for Corey Davis to become an unsung hero 4/120/1td
  2. gpann101

    Are You Still Rostering Miles Sanders?

    If you have been relying on Miles to win games...your roster possibly has other concerning issues.
  3. gpann101

    2020 stash

    Chase Edmonds
  4. gpann101

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Curtis Martin 1995 . Anyone have to check newspaper to formulate qb passer rating to determine points? Manually can commish to submit lineup? We are all spoiled today with the internet for sure!
  5. Barkley goes to season ending IR week 3
  6. gpann101

    Mixon vs Chubb

    Mixon and it's not even close.
  7. gpann101

    Andrew Luck retired

    " Mentally exhausted"
  8. Not sure why the change but I'm reading posts from 1-2 years ago stating it's current ones?
  9. gpann101

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    Pay Zeke! Anyone think Gurley would get the contract he did if it was a year later?!!! Rbs take alot of beating..don't blame these guys for getting what they are worth!
  10. gpann101

    Elliott or Kamara number 2 overall

    1) Elliot- why? Talent...talent around him...improves every year 2) McCafferty- dude is a duel threat beast ..on a pretty good team around him 3) Barkley - I hate putting him here. Manning loses his #1 guy...about to lose his job and opposing teams will scheme against the run. Oh yeah.. Giants play DAL,PHI,& REDSKINS twice...not bad defenses that have experienced Shaquon already 4) Kamara- kid is a BEAST! Started out HOT then faded out 5) Mixon- will only go up from here!
  11. gpann101

    Pay attention people

    Most leagues go weeks 1-16 that includes championships. Certain cases leagues go to week 17. Point being for the majority leaguers to NOT include week 17 player stats when considering drafting next year. Just saying..Merry Christmas all!!!
  12. gpann101

    John Kelly

    Conspiracy theory...these beat writers must be going against Gurley in their championship rounds. If Gurley sits...Kelly is up. Heck start CJ as a flex...both backs will get 100 yards on 'ZONA!
  13. gpann101

    Way too early next year's draft question...

    Any player should be ranked based on level of consistency. Mahomes should be considered a top 5 skilled position player in drafts next year due to what he's done week in and week out. Elliot started slow yet got red hot with the Cooper trade...Barkley is every bit of a top 3 player. Gurley as well. Kamara early this year made me feel like he should have been the #1 overall pick but then became inconsistent. Based purely on consistency with a multitude of weeks.. 1)Elliot( if Cooper was there from the git go and a viable te that could be addressed next year...Elliot will be the most consistent back 2)Mahomes find one match-up this championship week that a team does not have mahomes.( I have him in both my leagues for championships) 3)Barkley...rookie..crap oline..and eli...WOW! 4)Gurley been outstanding but I have a feeling he won't be run into the ground like he has next year 5)Mcafferty this kid can do it all! Will continue to get better on a young super talented team. There's my top " consistent" 5..heck,#6 would be Juju
  14. gpann101

    Potential Keepers for 2019

    My keepers... Mahomes Elliot Mixon may be set for a few years