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    Sleeper RB's - who ya got

    Michael Carter
  2. gpann101

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Dameon Pierce, Texans

    Regardless who starts at RB, I'm concerned of opposing teams stacking the box to stop the run. Cooks won't be able to stop that by himself. There is no viable weapon to rely on in Houston outside of rb3 or wr3 considerations.
  3. Not sure why the change but I'm reading posts from 1-2 years ago stating it's current ones?
  4. gpann101

    What do you need Wk 14 MNF?

    Van Jefferson 5 / 150 / 3 tds
  5. gpann101

    Anyone else pickup Adrian Peterson ?

    Expect ADP to chase Sanders yards total and claim the 3rd spot in rushing tds. He wouldn't come back to sit on the bench.
  6. gpann101

    Chicago Bears

    Is it me? Does it seem like the Bears want and are hoping to move Forte? Seems like all evaluations for other players are in. However Bears make statements.." he could play week 9" lol. If that doesn't scream that the are trying to move him!
  7. gpann101

    Le'Veon Bell to KC Chiefs

    Not saying Priest Holmes 2.0 but Jets were not best fit coming from a well rounded team like Steelers. Head case aside,he's in a great motivation position to establish himself respectfully one again
  8. gpann101

    AJ Green done?

    Mixon is a hold/ buy low canadiate. He didn't find his groove until halfway through last season. New team around him now and he will be a part of league champs this year as he was last year.
  9. gpann101

    Keep one

    Consensus QB1 vs. Every down pass cathing back?
  10. gpann101

    Keep one

    14 team 3 keeper league... 1) Zeke 2) Mixon 3) Mahomes or Sanders?... also have Godwin
  11. gpann101

    Keep one

    Miles makes me nervous.. injury last pre season,took a hot towards end of last season where Scott flourished, and now current situation. I question the durability for a 3 down pass catching back BUT upside is HUGE!. AS FOR Mahomes, if he's back in 2018 form with help from CEH...that's hard not to consider as well!
  12. gpann101

    Bold Predictions

    Most passing yards...Mahomes Rushing title ..Joe Mixon WR1...*Godwin *10 yards shy of Jerry Rice's best season Hurst finishes top 3 TE ROY ..CEH connecting with Mahomes through the air 20 times sealed the deal Superbowl winner...ATLANTA
  13. gpann101


    RoJo NFL comparison= Jamal Charles..."*"
  14. gpann101

    Is Miles Sanders a top 20 pick?

    Yeah, i read Miles was mistaken for Corey Clement....stay tuned!
  15. gpann101

    Week 16 Scoop and Play WR - Championship Edition

    Have a hunch NO D will blanket AJ leaving space for Corey Davis to become an unsung hero 4/120/1td
  16. gpann101

    Are You Still Rostering Miles Sanders?

    If you have been relying on Miles to win games...your roster possibly has other concerning issues.
  17. gpann101

    2020 stash

    Chase Edmonds
  18. gpann101

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Curtis Martin 1995 . Anyone have to check newspaper to formulate qb passer rating to determine points? Manually can commish to submit lineup? We are all spoiled today with the internet for sure!
  19. Barkley goes to season ending IR week 3
  20. gpann101

    Mixon vs Chubb

    Mixon and it's not even close.
  21. gpann101

    Andrew Luck retired

    " Mentally exhausted"
  22. gpann101

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    Pay Zeke! Anyone think Gurley would get the contract he did if it was a year later?!!! Rbs take alot of beating..don't blame these guys for getting what they are worth!
  23. gpann101

    Elliott or Kamara number 2 overall

    1) Elliot- why? Talent...talent around him...improves every year 2) McCafferty- dude is a duel threat beast ..on a pretty good team around him 3) Barkley - I hate putting him here. Manning loses his #1 guy...about to lose his job and opposing teams will scheme against the run. Oh yeah.. Giants play DAL,PHI,& REDSKINS twice...not bad defenses that have experienced Shaquon already 4) Kamara- kid is a BEAST! Started out HOT then faded out 5) Mixon- will only go up from here!