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  1. Gepetto

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Trump would have already fixed the problem if he hadn't prevented it to begin with, which he did while in office.
  2. Gepetto

    Brady 600 TD pass

    I was wondering what was negotiated. Seems like a new game ball and a signed Jersey would be nice to have, but probably should have gotten more. I would want a Tom Brady game used Helmet signed. That 600 passing touchdown football is probably worth a ton of money thinking about it some more. It's Tom Brady, greatest QB in history of football, maybe the greatest player ever and it's the one and only 600 passing touchdown ever to exist and probably that ever will in our lifetimes.
  3. Gepetto

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    Patrick Mahomes
  4. Gepetto

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    That's malpractice.
  5. Gepetto

    Sterling Shepard - OUT

  6. Gepetto

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    1st degree premeditated murder
  7. Zero. I dislike both teams. Tomahawk chop is so annoying.
  8. Gepetto

    Dear Joe Bryant

    Same, and when he writes something from his head it's really mind numbing. Luckily, he has an old email of mine that I rarely look at.
  9. Gepetto

    Best TE in NFL History

    Antonio Gates
  10. Gepetto

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Yep, working from home during this pandemic I've been able to watch a lot of Monk reruns.
  11. Gepetto

    Gabby Petito

    Depends if he killed himself and how, or if an alligator or snake, or starvation, or something else killed him. Actually I'm glad this story is over.
  12. Gepetto

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    This was an episode of Monk during a play within the show with a knife.
  13. Gepetto

    Broncos at Browns: TNF Discussion

    This is the perfect scenario for me. I started Teddy Bridgewater, Melvin Gordon, and Javonte Williams (with my top players all on bye (Dak Prescott, Dalvin Cook, & Mike Williams) and on two plays now I got double touchdown points from each QB-RB combo.
  14. Gepetto

    Wk 7 WW: so many teams on BYE..

    I have Dak, Dalvin, and Mike Williams on bye. Starting 3 Denver Broncos in their place: Bridgewater, Melvin Gordon, and Javonte Williams. Both my defenses are on bye and we start 2 defenses but I stream. Added Saints D/ST and 49ers D/ST for this week.
  15. Matt Damon - "How do you like them apples?" Barkley and Jordan