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  1. Senator Lindsey Graham Live on Fox News just spoke direct to Iran: "Let me say tonight if you are watching television in Iran. I just got off the phone to the President. Your fate is in your own hands in terms of the regime's economic viability. You continue this crap, you're gonna wake up one day out of the oil business."
  2. Gepetto

    Need 1 Flex and 1 TE

    ppr, thanks.
  3. Gepetto

    Need 1 Flex and 1 TE

    ppr Flex: Mostert vs Rams Boone vs Packers Thielen vs Packers Chark @ Falcons John Brown @ Patriots Deebo Samuel vs Rams Tight End: Higbee @ 49ers Note: Gerald Everett is not listed as injured any more. Fant vs Lions
  4. Gepetto

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Thanks for nothing Dalvin Cook in championship week 16. Only playing for 3rd though for me, also Dalvin's fault. I'm starting Boone in the flex. If Mattison is somehow playing, I doubt it though, then I will flex in Adam Thielen in place of Boone. BOONE TIME!!
  5. Gepetto

    2020 Keepers on your wire?

    Kerryon Johnson
  6. Gepetto

    Josh Gordon

    Yep, suspended.
  7. Gepetto

    Whot got them WR's Blues

    I'm playing for 3rd instead of 1st because of my wide receivers. We start 4 WRs. They didn't show up last week. Davante Adams DJ Chark John Brown Deebo Samuel Tyler Boyd Adam Thielen JuJu Smith-Schuster.
  8. Gepetto


    Pick in BOLD and shown in my order of preference. PACKERS vs. Bears BUCS at Lions RAMS at Cowboys Difficult week. Thoughts?
  9. Gepetto

    To Saquon: Please save my season!

    I think Eli being in there is going to help Saquon in ppr, dump off passes and screens, hope so anyway.
  10. Gepetto

    To Saquon: Please save my season!

    Full PPR. I need 32.5 to tie and 33 to win from Saquon and Elliott Eagles Kicker.
  11. Gepetto

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I'm starting Dalvin Cook. Not leaving him on the bench only to see him go for 150 total yards and 2 touchdowns. That's a possibility too.
  12. Gepetto

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Well I can flex in a WR in place of Dalvin Cook. That would be Deebo Samuel or Raheem Mostert or I could pick up AJ Brown. Or I could play Rashaad Penny, I'm starting Saquon and Carson. 2 QB league I start Lamar Jackson and DeShaun Watson (Jameis Winston and Sam Darnold on the bench). Also have Adam Thielen but plan to bench him. Receivers Davante Adams, DJ Chark, Tyler Boyd and John Brown.
  13. Gepetto

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    What am I going to do. I have Dalvin Cook and I'm paying the number one scoring team in my league.
  14. Gepetto

    Droppable List

    Adam Thielen JuJu Smith-Schuster Do you agree? In order to add guys like Robby Anderson, AJ Brown, Will Fuller.
  15. Gepetto

    Knowing Your Enemy

    Don't know about D Jones being good those weeks but I picked up the Giants Defense for weeks 15 & 16.