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  1. Gepetto

    Fishing With (Bikini Girl) Luiza

    That's good then!
  2. My girlfriend got on my ass (no pun intended) to get it done. Kind of a relief to have it done now especially since it was my first. Rholio inspired me too. And I saw how much my dad and grandpa suffered with having surgery, fock that, I don't want a knife to my abdomen like that. My dad got sepsis after surgery and almost died from it. My grandpa did die from prostate cancer that metastisized to his bones. He was still farming the day he fell down his bones got so weak.
  3. Good I had one small polyp in the rectum and he said those usually are not pre-cancerous but I'll get an official pathology report in a week or so. He said get another colonoscopy in 5 years no matter what because he said it would be 5 years with this polyp and/or 5 years with a family history.
  4. Thanks. Good for you getting this done, it's so very important.
  5. My colonoscopy went well today. Eating and pooping again. No sore butt. No pain. They gave me propofol during the procedure.
  6. Just saw this. I would have joined.
  7. Gepetto

    sh1t flows downstream

    That's my poop!
  8. Gepetto

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    I thought of a new slogan for the Democratic nominee: Make America Weak Again! and MAWA! for short and for twitter #MAWA!
  9. Wiff, has Saturday Night Live ever made fun of Obama? Nope, but they did take a stab at Bush's Iraq War with their Obama skit: And it goes on to celebrate Obama as cool and a superhero.
  10. Gepetto

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    How many days did PSA take?
  11. Gepetto

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    Thanks for sharing that info. It's a real nice card bandrus.
  12. Gepetto

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    If buying, buy the card not the grade. Also, if you want to grade your own cards look at sold values on ebay of the card in different grades. PSA sells for more, although they don't necessarily grade any tougher. BGS (Beckett) is tougher on centering. I've seen 1986 Fleer PSA 10s that look like 8s. Find a nice 9 or 8 if you can if buying. I prefer BGS and almost my entire RC collection is BGS out of 1,000+ cards. Do NOT use BGS nonguaranteed service as they are almost a year behind and hold your cards hostage. PSA does not deliver on their number of days or weeks return time and PSA charges more for higher priced cards, significantly more. BGS charges the same price for any price card, their prices depend on the turnaround time you select and they guarantee the 20 day ($20 per card), 10 day ($30 per card), 5 day ($35 per card) and 2 day ($45 per card) services. Prices go down a little bit if you choose not to get subgrades and if you submit over 50 cards and again at over 100 cards. I don't know about PSA prices. BGS also charges extra for Autographed cards and they grade the Autograph.
  13. Gepetto

    Should MJ music be played now?

  14. Gepetto

    The Free Agency Thread

    https://twitter.com/Eagles DeSean Jackson to the Eagles
  15. Gepetto

    The Free Agency Thread

    @AdamSchefter After trade for Odell Beckham Jr., Browns’ GM John Dorsey and agent Drew Rosenhaus mutually agreed to not to follow through on verbal agreement with WR Breshad Perriman, per @mortreport and me. Perriman now will sign a one-year, $4 million deal with Tampa Bay, per source. 7:44 PM - 12 Mar 2019