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  1. Gepetto

    Robby Anderson or Mecole Hardman

    Read this: https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/80843/jets-adam-gase-shows-whos-boss-sends-message-to-robby-anderson On Monday, Gase was ticked off with his wide receivers. He didn't name names, but he was critical of their route running in Week 1. Gase's offense -- his baby -- stunk against the Bills, and he blamed the receivers and the offensive line, shifting the onus away from quarterback Sam Darnold. He was irked by one play in particular, a Darnold overthrow to Robby Anderson that could have won the game. Anderson stumbled as he blew past the cornerback, and the timing was thrown off. He also seemed to downshift near the end of his route; perhaps Gase felt Anderson had given up on the play. Without using Anderson's name, he questioned the fourth-year receiver. "We had opportunities, we had a chance to win the game," Gase said. "We have to come out of our double move. The [defender] falls down, we have to come out running. If we do that, all of a sudden, we're scoring a touchdown."
  2. Gepetto

    Cam Newton.. whats his deal?

    Terrible. You can't put Cam under center and call a QB sneak with Cam just jumping forward with the ball, c'mon. Oh well, good win for Tampa Bay and they needed it.
  3. Gepetto

    Ronald Jones to get more carries....

    Yea, that's too bad, I just picked up Ronald Jones, didn't start him of course, just trying to improve my bench depth.
  4. Gepetto

    Ronald Jones to get more carries....

    He just had a really nice carry for 12 yards, cutting and breaking a tackle.
  5. Gepetto

    Cam Newton.. whats his deal?

    He has issues. He did hit Curtis Samuel on a well thrown deep ball, early in the game.
  6. Gepetto

    Cam Newton.. whats his deal?

    He has a mid-foot sprain, and it looks to me like he aggravated it tonight. It affects his accuracy.
  7. Yes, hurry and get Mahomes and Ronald Jones.
  8. Gepetto

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    The rape was in 2018
  9. Gepetto

    Trade JuJu for Julio???? I would get Julio....

    Falcons O-Line can't pass block. Matt Ryan has very little time to throw.
  10. Gepetto

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    You should read this: https://haaslawpllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/1_Complaint.pdf Makes her sound credible with the details explained.
  11. For like occasional flex usage or bye week fill in and also consider starting likelihood and potential upside: Ronald Jones Latavius Murray Royce Freeman Justice Hill DJ Chark AJ Brown Corey Davis Curtis Samuel Devante Parker John Ross Marquise Goodwin Marquise Brown
  12. Gepetto

    Week 1 Waiver Wire Targets

    AJ Brown
  13. Gepetto

    Week 1 best performances on your bench

    Ugh, I lost by 0.5 points on Emmanuel Sanders last touchdown. Didn't help I had Texans D/ST get -7 points so wasted efforts by Deshaun Watson, Saquon, Dalvin Cook, and Carson. My WRs didn't do enough either and my poor start/sit decisions were the nail in the coffin.