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  1. Trump wins South Carolina 4 minutes after polls close in Nikki Haley’s home state.
  2. This isn't a Live version. It's the original recording playing and the Cure faking playing and faking singing, too bad, great song though.
  3. It said post 80's MUSIC c'mon, give me a break, I'm even sober. post 1. TRANSITIVE VERB If you post notices, signs, or other pieces of information somewhere, you attach them to a wall or board so that everyone can see them.
  4. It clearly says 80's in the 80's. Post means put a youtube video in this thread. Meaning a song sung live in the 1980's that's an 80's song. So no songs before 1980 and none after 1989. And no music sung after 1989. Live performance only when they were in their prime in the 1980's (not later when they were older). I updated the title to make it clearer.
  5. Gepetto

    Unsolved Liberal Mystery

    Kamala sounds like a Kindergarten teacher, although I can imagine the kids confused reactions when she talks.
  6. I did like Spudz McKenzie when I was 11, and those Frogs, and Waaas uuuppppp!!!! and that poster with hot babes in swimsuits!!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1YeOxA6jPI
  8. Gepetto

    Moon Landing?

    Did we though? The amazing Eagle camera was supposed to disembark and snap several high def photos of the landing from above, however NASA powered it down because the landing navigation failed, the lander circled the moon again and they used a new experimental lazer landing device onboard with the cameras off.
  9. Gepetto

    I'm Out Of Shaving Cream!

    Post here again when she realizes she's out of conditioner and has over half a bottle of shampoo.
  10. Gepetto

    AT&T wireless outage

    It wasn't a solar flare, that's just their excuse. Solar flare was just a timing coincidence. Solar flares happen a lot, and one's stronger than this one have happened before. There's no proof of causation. AT&T sucks. Verizon is the best.
  11. Gepetto

    MLB 2024

  12. Gepetto

    Ever go to the movies by yoursef?

    No. But I sat by myself, next to strangers at E.T. because it was packed and went with my dad and we got there too late and there were not two seats next to each other available. He wasn't even close to me in the whole theatre.
  13. Gepetto

    I'm Out Of Shaving Cream!

    I can shave with just water if I want to. I'm a bad ass, haha.