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  1. Biggest winner in the TP shortages is cheap-azz brands that you would never normally purchase.  A couple weeks ago my wife managed to score some Angel Soft.  It's terrible but g0ddamn we're glad to have it. 

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  2. Just now, fandandy said:

    I initially thought the OP was for on a deserted island and if so my book would have been Fifty Ways to Fock a Coconut.

    Step 1: Drill a hole

    Step 2: Use sandpaper on the hole or else you'll rip your d1ck to shreds. 

    Step 3: Think of the filthy wh0re GC members' moms. 

  3. I had to head down to the office in order to grab some hardware.  Nice to see the junkies across from my office practicing social distancing by sitting side by side while shooting up.  As an added bonus the POS on the right chucked his orange needle cap into the street when he was done.  Just like cockroaches after a nuclear war I have a feeling that these upstanding citizens will survive COVID just fine.



  4. Just now, The Elevator Killer said:

    She also found some wipes. Hey a little B&D never hurt anyone. Well hurt a little. 

    It's very important to disinfect the gear after each of her clients.  Especially the ball gag.  Gotta stay safe. 

  5. 2 hours ago, supermike80 said:

    I'm pretty sure they are standalone and if you have never played one I highly recommend trying it.  Some folks just love the series

    I'm nearing the end of Witcher 3 so I'll be ordering AC Odyssey shortly.  Given all the recommendations I'm sure I'll enjoy it.  How would you rank the titles in the rest of the series?

  6. 1 minute ago, The Elevator Killer said:

    My girl got some whips from Amazon. I've found TP in Convenience Stores.

    Your girl sounds like she's into some kinky sh1t.  How does TP factor into your BDSM games? 

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  7. 27 minutes ago, vuduchile said:

    You mean like "Why dontcha learn how to fock, you focking fock? Get the fock off me!"


    On second thought, yeah, it might not be as sexy as I imagine...   "You call that a d1ck you little fagg0t boy?" :lol:

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