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  1. lickin_starfish

    Terrell Owens...........?

    I'm sure that he will get plenty of passes now that he has publicly criticized Drew Bledsoe.
  2. lickin_starfish

    Bust List

    The Giants Defense Tiki Barber Plaxico Burress
  3. lickin_starfish

    how many of you showered and shaved today?

    I haven't showered since Thursday night, but I probably will tonight.
  4. lickin_starfish

    Giants@Eagles Thread

    Giants fans say thank you, Mr. Cole!
  5. lickin_starfish

    Giants@Eagles Thread

    Giants 20 Eagles/Referees 17 It will be a tough battle, but the Giants will overcome the Eagles/Refs team.
  6. lickin_starfish

    Need a BACK?

    I need a back. I only have Warrick Dunn, Fred Taylor, Julius Jones, Frank Gore, and Brandon Jacobs. However, I also have: Peyton Manning Terrell Owens Marvin Harrison Randy Moss KeenanMcCardell Joe Jurevicious Heath Miller Dallas Clark I went QB/Receiver early - we'll see how this turns out...
  7. lickin_starfish

    Geek steel cage matches you would pay to see

    Sawilson vs. Spiderfantasy Both wearing cavewoman costumes and wielding large clubs. Nothing sexual, just the two of them tenderizing each other's mug.
  8. lickin_starfish

    Charter Cable Subscribers?

    Time Warner is just as crappy as Charter.
  9. lickin_starfish

    If a male porn star was in your town

    My wife would have $1000, and I would have no clue where it came from.
  10. lickin_starfish

    Tiki Barber's Barber.

    edjr's puzzy
  11. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    Is it wrong of me to know what my wife does while she is out-and-about? I ask this because she purposely "leaves things out" about her day. Not big things, just stuff like skipping work and going shopping and stuff while I assume she is at work. She does things like that and has no plans to ever mention it to me. IF I do find out what she really is doing, then she lashes out at me and says that she is an adult and does not have to report to me. I can't imagine hiding stuff from her, so I can't see why she is doing it.
  12. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    Yes, and I thought everything was fine until today.
  13. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    What is that, Make Up Anal?
  14. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    Thanks for the input guys. I have emailed my wife and apologized for being a whiny b1tch. She has forgiven me.
  15. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    I am assuming that she is doing innocent stuff, but I am having a hard time trusting her. She knows that I whack off just about every day. She knows that I have many gigabytes of porn. I don't hide anything from her.
  16. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    Grizzled and puckered small B cup.
  17. lickin_starfish

    Sneaky wife

    It seems to me like you are a sissy who is afraid of a little nagging. I don't hide things from my wife because marriage is about honesty.
  18. lickin_starfish

    Brian Westbrook

    McNabb is the best running back that Philly has.
  19. lickin_starfish

    Broncos Sign Woods....

    Philly... where receivers go to die.
  20. lickin_starfish

    Muslim shoots 5,kills 1 at Seattle Jewish Center

    All Muslims are mentally unstable, therefore this man is mentally unstable. Also, Rude Rick = Muslim
  21. lickin_starfish

    Microsoft Voice Recognition

    Haha, I bet that guy had sweat dripping from his nutbag.
  22. lickin_starfish

    Muslim shoots 5,kills 1 at Seattle Jewish Center

    If the man was angry with Isreal, why was he attacking people in Seattle?
  23. lickin_starfish

    So BLS is gonna dump his b!tch GF....

    Sit her down and explain to her that you are leaving because she is too b1tchy. If she gets mad and hits you, punch her right in the jaw. You don't have to take abuse from a woman, these are the days of equal rights!
  24. lickin_starfish

    Do you think Michael Strahan

    I bet he left his wife because she nagged him too much.
  25. lickin_starfish

    Sawilson Appreciation Thread

    Who is picking on our little angel? Let's beat 'em up!