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    Top 10 Signs You’re Wearing Trump Sneakers

  2. lickin_starfish

    Who else is drinking this morning

    I'll probably have a chocolate milk with breakfast.
  3. lickin_starfish

    Google Woke AI thread deleated?

  4. lickin_starfish


    Just switch logins and make some posts. Problem solved.
  5. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    On the bright side, at least she is immune from coovids now.
  6. lickin_starfish

    Google Woke AI thread deleated?

    I wonder if Brooke Shields dad ever lathered up his pubic hair while making her watch? That's a common activity used by pedophiles.
  7. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This was an example in the USA of how people were treated, and your angle is to deflect to racism? You're gross.
  8. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  9. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Is that the angle you're going to take to try and justify how people were treated?
  10. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  11. I came home from work to find that she had eaten the last donut. I thought about that thing during my whole commute home, only to find that it was gone.
  12. lickin_starfish

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    Do you think the DOW will hit 40,000 before the crash?
  13. lickin_starfish

    AT&T wireless outage

    PlbnolvKnLh7.jpeg (605×413) (greatawakening.win)
  14. lickin_starfish

    Measles outbreak at Florida elementary school

    They should give out free hamburgers to people who get the measles vaccine.
  15. lickin_starfish

    Lunatic Alabama Supreme Court: frozen embryos are children

    Many abortion supporters believe that life happens when a baby is able to sustain itself outside of the womb. This means that most liberals are subject to abortion at any age, since they leach off of society long after birth.
  16. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    He's too scared of them, even though they are safe and effective.
  17. lickin_starfish

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Why haven't Epstein's clients been prosecuted?
  18. We see your objective, Timmy. You're not fooling anyone.
  19. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  20. lickin_starfish

    Does hell exist?

    I imagine that hell is a whole lot like my job.
  21. lickin_starfish

    2 cops, 1 firefighter gunned down in Minnesota

    Gooden wasn't supposed to have guns due to his criminal record.
  22. lickin_starfish

    US to build Sub that goes faster than sound

    What if it hits a whale going full speed?
  23. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Get caught up on your shots, Timothy. It's not your choice to make.
  24. lickin_starfish

    King rat.

    They are both too old for each other.