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  1. lickin_starfish

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    So, no examples.
  2. lickin_starfish

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    For crying out loud, just let Mulvaney and Bolton testify.
  3. lickin_starfish

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Is today the day that we find out which law the Orange Man broke?
  4. lickin_starfish

    #2A rally/lobby/counter-protest in VA on 1/20

    Liberals don't care about being lied to, as long as it aligns with their whackadoodle beliefs.
  5. lickin_starfish

    I see your Greta and raise you a Tyler

    Probably those azzhole liberal teachers put the idea in his head.
  6. It is well established, and irrefutable the Democrats are the racist party.
  7. lickin_starfish

    UFC 246...tonight

    If these fights were $10 on pay per view, I might consider watching them live. I'm not paying $80+ for something I can download for free the following day.
  8. It's almost like poor government policies create poor communities.
  9. lickin_starfish

    UFC 246...tonight

    Thanks. I'll find a Torrent of it tomorrow.
  10. lickin_starfish

    UFC 246...tonight

    What happened?
  11. He's just upset that the word portrays him so well. He waits on the couch while his wife bangs her boyfriend, and it secretly hurts him inside. He doesn't tell her though.
  12. When you invite the Third World into your country, your country becomes the Third World.
  13. lickin_starfish

    Weird experience - massage

    His wife never finishes when he's with her.
  14. lickin_starfish

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I want to hear what Hunter Biden has to say for himself. Gonna need some sort of trial to bring out the dirt.