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  1. lickin_starfish

    Powerball Jackpot rises over $300 million

    Well, he's a liberal troll, so...
  2. lickin_starfish

    Shots fired and multiple people struck at kc celebration

    He's scared of getting shots, just like Timmy.
  3. lickin_starfish

    Pumpkinhead finally kills off Navalny

    What did Navalny know about the Clintons?
  4. And jailing innocent people.
  5. lickin_starfish

    Jalen Carter hands out death threats and includes family

    This is a fitting description of Philadelphia.
  6. lickin_starfish

    Shots fired and multiple people struck at kc celebration

    Everyone knows the solution to this, but none of you will admit what needs to be done. We need common sense Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration control.
  7. lickin_starfish

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    37 is way too young. Invicta, LFA vet Ashley Nichols dead at 37 (msn.com)
  8. Can't vote within 5 years of being on Welfare No more income taxes Repeal SAFE Act in NY
  9. Liberals say that this makes our country stronger, but I'm not seeing how. I must not be good at gymnastics.
  10. lickin_starfish

    MAGAturdism in 2023 results in fewest laws in decades

    0fAIIgEhzgMK.jpeg (514×998) (greatawakening.win)
  11. If he doesn't take a cognitive test, we can't prove that he's retarded. See my previous post, and reference thegenital's comment as an example. The libs think that if they hide or destroy evidence, that people can't figure out the truth.
  12. A man of God promotes peace. Would Jesus go around "triggering" people to cause hard feelings? I highly suspect that you are one of the board's liberal schit-posters, using an alias.
  13. The protected liberal class thrives off of plausible deniability. You can't prove that the drugs in the pictures aren't sugar or candy. You can't prove that Chinese oligarchs bought Hunter's paintings. You can't prove that the shredded ballots were invalid, or that the acid washed computer had top secret information.
  14. lickin_starfish

    Drag story hour

  15. At times like this, I'm glad that I am a descendant of slaves. Gimme my money.
  16. lickin_starfish

    Besides Pat Mahomes...

    The refs to make questionable decisions that always benefit us.
  17. lickin_starfish

    "Black National Anthem" Will Be Performed at Super Bowl

    Where is this country called Black? I can't find it on any map.
  18. He has tested negative for cognition.
  19. lickin_starfish

    Shooting @ Joel's shop

    Wow. What a scumbag.
  20. lickin_starfish

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    He's so fukking gross, but it's okay because he's flooding the country with illegals and sending a bunch of money to foster wars.
  21. lickin_starfish

    Super Bowl Commercial Thread

    Happy now, Mulvaney?
  22. lickin_starfish

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

  23. lickin_starfish

    Are You Going To Watch Usher's Half Time Show ?

    The roller skating was impressive.
  24. lickin_starfish

    ***OFFICIAL SuperBowl Chiefs v 49ers Thread***

    That's one of the side effects.
  25. lickin_starfish

    Super Bowl Commercial Thread

    Jesus has the best commercial so far.