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  1. Larry David

    Browns at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Breida goes for 83 yards on the first play!! .... and then gets 2 more carries in the half???????? FU Shanahan you brick pastard!
  2. Larry David

    This could be a weird question

    OJ Simpson. Because he killed two people. But seriously, Vontaze Burflict because he seems to genuinely enjoy hurting people... but not in the legal, hard-nosed way.
  3. Larry David

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    Understood. My comment wasn't a reaction to Justin''s mock specifically just towards the consensus over all. I realize this year's crop of QB is much weaker than last year's but I still find it hard to believe the best QB (debatable) will get out of the top 5, but you never know. Maybe the Giants trade for Josh Rosen now that he's going to be available according to someone named Tony Pauline.
  4. Larry David

    * Updated: NFL Mock Draft - 2019 - Version 4.0

    I don't know why every mock has Haskins lasting until the Giants at 6. I think a team like the Dolphins or Redskins will trade up to get him in the top 5 especially since the Jets have already announced they're making their pick available.
  5. Larry David


    The NFL has become a league where teams can get better or worse in a hurry. Look at the Bears, 5-11 in 2017 and 12-4 in 2018 for example. The Giants have a potential hall of fame WR and RB as well as quality pass catchers in Engram and Shepard. If they can get even a decent QB, they could have one of the most explosive offenses in football for the next several years and as the Chiefs proved, if your offense is good enough, you can go far even with a mediocre defense. There's no way I trade OBJ. They could be a Super Bowl contender in no time.
  6. The only thing I can think of is they're trying to create a Kamara/Ingram-type scenario in Cleveland. Probably not a bad idea (from a football standpoint, not a morality standpoint) considering how well it worked for New Orleans.
  7. My guess is that he'll get a 10 game ban BUT they'll consider the five games he missed this season as time served so he'll miss the first five games of 2019. Basically like starting the year on the PUP.
  8. Larry David

    Top 10 picks for 2019

    It certainly is starting to look that way. This could be the second time that a Spencer Ware injury leads to someone taking his job and running away with it....literally.
  9. Larry David


    Yeah, but that was Rodger's 4th year as the starter and he was 28 when he did that. Mahomes is going to throw 50 TDs (assuming he throws two on Sunday) in his first year as a starter at age 23. Imagine what he'll do with a full season under his belt. I wouldn't blame anyone for taking him 1.1 next year.
  10. Larry David

    Watson if Hopkins sits?

    Hopkins is now considered a game time decision. If he sits do I go with Jordy Nelson or DaeSean Hamilton in a standard league?
  11. Larry David

    Hunt went unclaimed today

    Free The Cos! Free The Cos!
  12. Larry David

    DeAndre Hopkins Trade (Dynasty League)

    I think that Golladay and a first round pick would be fair so the extra 2nd round pick makes team B the winner in my mind. That being said I voted that it was a fair trade.
  13. Larry David

    Amari Cooper what should...

    Say it again!
  14. Larry David

    James Connor - Who’s his Backup?

    Le'Veon Bell
  15. Larry David

    An Ode to Amari I wrote

    The bottom line is that Derek Carr doesn't want to throw to Amari. Last year, Crabtree got more targets than Cooper despite playing in one less game and despite Cooper being the so called #1 receiver. So Crabtree's gone. Problem solved. Except that Jared Cook out targeted him 12 - 3 last night. Derek Carr DOES NOT want to throw the ball to Amari Cooper.