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  1. Frozenbeernuts

    Russell Wilson MVP

    He tries to limit the success. What Hill did yesterday, he could easily have more games like that if Reid wasn't so bent on using him as a decoy.
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    *Official 2020 Erection Thread*

    Consider this a down year
  3. Frozenbeernuts

    When knowledge is implantable...

    It will be like the movie Surrogate, except it will all be in the cloud. We are fvcked. I have a feeling every intelligent society is doomed to this fate. We eventually become a single conscious of robots. Something like that.
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    Entry level smoker

    This. Just be a man and get a weber
  5. Cultural appropriation is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard people get their panties in a wad over.
  6. You still haven't answered why myocarditis is more severe than the head trauma and other injuries sustained while playing. Why that the sticking point that should stop all play? You think the nfl is going to stop because of one player? Players get hurt and retire all the time. The game and fans move on. There is no one player more important than the sport itself
  7. The players want to play! No one is forcing them! They need to feed their families too. What is the government going to pay every sports player his full salary to sit home?
  8. Entertainment business isn't worth operating through covid? Shows shouldn't be produced? Music shouldn't be made? You want to tell other people how to live their lives. Typical high horse rhetoric. You cherry pick which issues should cause the NFL to shut down. One, maybe two guys have myocarditis. How many thousands have permanent head injuries? Knee, back, neck. Players have died playing the game! You are beyond reason. You are getting too into your feelings about covid because the media has gotten to you. Sad.
  9. No its high horse people like you who cherry pick covid as the reason to stop football. Not all of the other issues that players face for the rest of their lives from playing football.
  10. Remember when Johnny Knox broke his back? That was brutal. Guess what, the game still goes on. That can happen any Sunday Head trauma. Players still get concussions every week. Players will still have permanent brain damage on some level. The game still goes on. Permanent physical disabilities. Teddy Bridgewater and Alex Smith each almost lost their leg Drew Bledsoe could have died when he had bleeding in his chest But covid is special. Now the game needs to be stopped so that no one ends up with a potential long last effect from the virus. Never mind the numerous other issues that will plague tons of players for the rest of their lives. Those don't matter
  11. Like I said, the only way to take it more seriously is to close the whole country down. Dont leave your house. Period For a year. Then no one has to get hurt.
  12. This is the comment that caused me to exaggerate. I think the NFL is taking this very seriously already. The only way to take this more seriously is to just stop playing, which is not the answer at all.
  13. I know. Let's ban any activity that could possibly lead to a death or injury so that no one else has to suffer.
  14. Frozenbeernuts

    Happy Thanksgiving Geeks

    This is my first time making all of the staples myself. Here's to my turkey not sucking! Happy Thanksgiving people
  15. We can change all speed limits to 25 miles per hour. No more trips to space. No more flights. That way no one ever dies from anything other than natural causes! We are making progress here. Ban Motorcycles. Ban alcohol. Ban all sharp objects. Metal straws especially.