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  1. Frozenbeernuts

    Covid investments

    I guess I should have been more specific. Which stocks have taken a hit that will be good to invest in once we get somewhere near the bottom.
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    Internet for All

    If we correlate your nacho tier system to internet tier system, it sounds like you want to fly right pased basic nachos and give people a free upgrade beyond the already free basic nachos. That's going too far.
  3. Frozenbeernuts

    Internet for All

    Are we talking ball park nachos? Nacho flavored doritos? Nacho flavored chips in general? And if we are allowing nacho flavored doritos, can we include ranch flavored also?
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    Internet for All

    I don't understand why internet should be free but not electricity
  5. Frozenbeernuts

    Internet for All

    Is it extremely rural and no company will build the infrastructure? Someone, maybe it was me, posted a link to a story where a town built their own internet infrastructure in PA because isp wouldn't do it. They claimed it wasn't worth the investment financially. Once the area built up the lobbyists were able to convince the state to bar municipalities from acting as their own isp. Now that's some bull shlt. You have to sit back and accept you can't get internet until a company decides your area is worth it.
  6. Frozenbeernuts

    Internet for All

    Utilities aren't free. You need electricity before you can have the internet and that's not free. You can't just start making things free imo. Need to pay someone to do the job of bringing your home and maintaining internet. If you want the gov to start paying them on citizens behalf then it just opens a can of worms There needs to be a balance to this stuff though. There always needs to be balance. We shouldn't be stuck with just Comcast as our only option with barely any competition.
  7. Frozenbeernuts

    The Negative Media

    I thought it was important to cover the strikes, even if the Amazon one was a bit inconsequential.
  8. Frozenbeernuts

    Covid investments

    There are going to be some stocks and industries that are hit hard in the market. Where do you see the biggest potential for gains? Oil is a pretty safe bet imo. When demand rockets past supply, the price is going to be higher than pre covid.
  9. Reducing contact with other people specifically to combat this one threat seems good to me. We get it, you would rather endanger countless more people and make health care workers jobs even more miserable so that you can party. This is all temporary BTW, but keep pretending it's permanant so that you can keep your soap box
  10. When Trump says we should shelter in place until April 30th, then I would say that's a pretty clear sign it's the best option now. That includes not gathering in groups and having parties. People should be prosecuted for ignoring the order because there are plenty of idiots who would spread this virus even worse than it has
  11. Ahh so maintain social distancing, except don't mess with people's right to party. I am not working. I am considered essential but work has slowed down. I work for a company that does a lot of work in food processing plants, so if something goes wrong with the piping we have to come in to fix it.
  12. So your buddy who is an ER doc in bumfock where? The ER docs in NY who are being overwhelmed and scared, they should be ignored? So when there is a threat we just ignore it and go on business as usual? Don't listen to experts, docs, and nurses who say this is a crisis already in certain areas even though we are probably weeks from an apex, because Gladiators says there are threats every day. Covid crisis = drunk drivers
  13. I do agree that we can't kill off the economy, but I posted a link to Bill Gates saying the impact of relaxing restrictions now would be much worse than keeping our current restrictions for longer. This is supposed to buy time. I hope it works. Considering most the people who study virus' for a living and consider the multi faceted impacts virus' have on people pretty much agree we need to do our best top slow the advance of infection, I will listen to these people who are far smarter than me and who are experts.
  14. There are people in this world who cannot understand a scenario until it affects them directly. They cannot wrap their minds around it, like Bandrus and Gladiators. Not unless this covid deeply affected their health or someone close to them. So to them, going about business as usual doesn't matter because they can't imagine how this affects them. It's actually interesting to see there are so many people incapable of this I liken it to rookies coming into professional sports. They are told by guys who blew their money and didn't fully appreciate the position they were in as professional athletes. They are told by guys who made all the mistakes, do not make these mistakes, because you will regret it and you will be screwed. Plenty of the rookies will make those very mistakes and then be the next generation to tell rookies coming in not to be an idiot and make mistakes that are easily preventable
  15. This just seems horribly short sighted. It's not just them, the people at the gathering that become affected. This virus grows exponentially. When I see you and Bandrus say we shouldn't be stopped from gathering, the only assumption I can make is that you couldn't give two shlts about how hard this is going to be on doctors and nurses. You either don't care, or you don't realize how bad it will be. I bet if you were forced to work in a hard hit hospital for a few days, or someone close to you unexpected died you would change your tune.