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  1. Frozenbeernuts

    Mahomes signs 10 yr extension

    He's not. He will make the team more than that
  2. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    The last 4 years he has played 16,15,16,12 games. He gets dinged once in a while but nothing to be worried about. He had 87 rec in 2018 with 1400+ yards and 12 tds. I don't think that's even his ceiling. That was with Mahomes in his first year as a starter. Last year was just messed up because of his and Mahomes injuries
  3. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round Four-Six Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    Most likely I don't have 3 WR's and 1 rb in a real draft. I just did not like the rb options much. I thought I could get better tight end value, and it's too early for a qb.
  4. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round 4 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    4.01 WR Calvin Ridley, ATL
  5. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round 3 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    3.12 WR Robert Woods, LAR
  6. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    I believe he will. While I think he has some issues, from what I read about both situations is he was dealing with a pretty unstable woman. He's split from her now. I got him in the 5th of a startup last year. He fell to 3.03 of a startup this year, which I traded up to get. I also traded AJ Brown and swapped picks so that I move 15 picks back from 22 to 37 in the rookie draft to get him in another league. I also traded him away in two leagues but that was to bolster my team in other ways that were necessary.
  7. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    I will be curious to see if his reception total goes up. I believe 65 or 70 is his career best so far? He also did about the same with and without Stafford.
  8. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    I just can't go wr wr, as much as the top options available are really reliable. While I don't think that Jacobs has much of a shot at being the top rb this year, that offensive line and Grudens loyalty will make him an every week plug and play. Tyreek is my dude when it comes to ffball. He is so good and working with Mahomes.
  9. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round 2 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    2.01 WR Tyreek Hill, KC
  10. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round 1 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    1.12 - RB Josh Jacobs, LVR
  11. Frozenbeernuts

    Frederick Douglas statue ripped from base and trashed

    The people who are doing this were always the asah0les. I know black people that are sane and the same good people that they were.
  12. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    My phone has cracked a few times recently. This morning I thought it had died completely. Luckily the brightness was just all the way down. I thought I was going to leave the draft hanging for a minute
  13. Frozenbeernuts

    ** Round One-Three Commentary - July Mock 2020 **

    I like your team so far Mr. Landry
  14. He also had some really weak games mixed in. The line isn't good enough for him to be consistent week to week. I do not want my first round running back putting up multiple 8 point games in ppr
  15. My town moved the location of the fireworks so that the whole town could see them from their homes. Which was by far the lowest point in the town and no one could see them