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    Wagering thread

    So just for kicks I put $100 into my fan duel account and I’ve just hammered NFL preseason unders. I’m not up anything huge, maybe a few hundred dollars. But in general when a line comes out what is the betting strategy then versus betting right before a game?
  2. As a Bears fan I was looking at this going picks, Picks, picks OK. And we get DJ more?!! That’s hardly just a throw in. Love that trade. We had nothing really to gain by keeping that number one pick. That’s a good haul.
  3. cyclone24

    Guess my wife's hair color.

    I feel like the last time I ran my hands through the top of it while she was down there it was more auburn than anything. Nice lady. (Obligatory mom post)
  4. cyclone24

    Piece Of Sh!t Cars!

    My first car was a old Chevette that I think was my moms. It’s rusted so bad at the bottom. If you pull the driver side mat up, you could actually see the road going beneath you. And in classic 16 year old fashion, I rolled it into a ditch, got ejected by some miracle I only had a little cut in the web of one of my fingers. No joke. I came to on my hands and knees, and I literally checked my hands then my arms and realized I wasn’t focked up. But I must’ve been out for a couple minutes.
  5. cyclone24

    Is there a more relaxing thing than...

    Seeing the top of your mothers head. (obligatory mom post)
  6. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Yeah, I never said I shook his hand or anything. hah
  7. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Hah nice. Yeah, I always like those boilermaker teams. My cyclones and you guys had a really nice battle of number of years back. And then thru a basketball venture Got to know Isaac Haas a little bit. Really good dude.
  8. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Who do you cheer for?
  9. cyclone24

    Turkey/Syria Earthquake

    You read somewhere where that number could be like 20,000 dead. Pretty crazy. And that it was creating earthquakes all over the world because of it.
  10. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Yeah, I mean they were in the first half I should’ve said. Held on at the end. I personally didn’t have a ton of problem with it. There have been far worse that I can even say my cyclones were a part of in recent years. ha. should be an interesting tournament. Doesn’t feel like there’s one no-brainer dominant team.
  11. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    You curb stop number one of an in-state rival. Yeah, you storm in the court. those opportunities are pretty rare
  12. cyclone24

    NCAA Hoops '22-'23

    Yeah, our student section is kind of back to where it used to be. They really get rocking for these big games. I’m not a big fan of some of their chants though lately. Fun game yesterday. Just one of those days in the conference for sure.
  13. cyclone24

    Anybody play craps??

    I’m going to be in Vegas next week but I don’t really gamble. But it’s for a baseball event and we have a Hall of Famer that is getting a private room to play craps and apparently I’m getting lumped in with the cool kids that get to go. I don’t have a clue how to play craps. Can anyone give me a dumb ass version of how to be even remotely functional? I tried to watch a few videos, but I don’t really get it.
  14. I didn’t see anything on this, but what are we supposed to do with fantasy final week that had that game from last night? I mean they have to play that game at some point right? Are we just delaying the final until that game gets played? And what if it doesn’t get played?
  15. I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to let the two finalists decide on whether they want to use next week or wait for a rematch. If there’s no rematch than they are at the mercy of whatever their first round matchup is and will just have to score it manually I guess.
  16. Yeah, but the bills already flew home. I mean I guess I could catch a flight today and go right back. Man, this thing is a mess.
  17. cyclone24

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    Screw that. Pick a punter week. Highest average wins.
  18. cyclone24

    Yahoo reseeding?

    Somehow, this got flipped to yes. Does anyone know how to edit the schedule on Yahoo once the playoffs have started? we have never done it that way, so not sure what happened.
  19. cyclone24

    Yahoo reseeding?

    Yeah, I’ve been looking in there but I’m not seeing it. I’ll keep digging.
  20. cyclone24

    Taysom Hill qb/te on yahoo

    So I have Hockensen , who really has not been great, Higbee, who gets a lot of volume, but not in the end zone. I know it’s against the grain a little bit, but on Yahoo Hill has qb and TE designation, and I’m thinking of throwing him in my tight end spot this week with Winston probably out? bad idea or edgy?
  21. So I’m in a unique position where my starting roster is really really good, but I have probably three bench spots that I could drop that I legitimately don’t need like an extra kicker and tight end. Is there anybody you guys are stashing towards the end of the year? Maybe a handcuff or someone you think is going to break out in the last few weeks? James Cook? Perine? Mckinnon? anybody you guys have a good feeling about?
  22. cyclone24

    Tight Ends

  23. cyclone24

    Tight Ends

    At the risk of hijacking, a thread where Axeelf is sucking his own cack in another thread. I noticed that Dulcich is on waivers and I have fourth priority. I’ve been streaming tight ends…..is Greg worth blowing my waiver priority on? I honestly haven’t watch much of him or Denver.
  24. cyclone24

    I mean…i do this trade right?

    Jets D is still out there on our waivers. Tough schedule coming up though. I agree with you though on the defenses. I just don’t have any confidence in Samuel at this point. Yeah it’s a gamble if Lamb or Jefferson get hurt but you’re kind of screwed if they got hurt anyway.
  25. So I have Jacobs, Walker, and Pierce as my running backs. I have lamb and Jefferson as my receivers with Deebo, and Pickens on the bench. start 2 rb, 2 wr and a flex. The offer is, I would be getting the ravens defense who has an absolute cake schedule to the end of the year for Debo, who I literally can’t play because of other players and he sucks and the Rams defense who just got shredded by colt, McCoy and the Cardinals I take that right?