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    ***Wagering thread***

    So just for kicks I put $100 into my fan duel account and I’ve just hammered NFL preseason unders. I’m not up anything huge, maybe a few hundred dollars. But in general when a line comes out what is the betting strategy then versus betting right before a game?
  2. cyclone24

    War-mongering MAGAturds want Mexico invasion

    Haha you morons are funding at least 2 different proxy wars and on the verge of a 3rd. Have a shred of self awareness before posting this drivel
  3. cyclone24

    Sweat to Bears / Chase to 49ers

    The only thing I can think of is, it’s really hard to find edge rushers of his talent. My guess is they didn’t do this deal without at least a gentleman’s agreement that they could sign him in the off-season to stay. They have plenty of cap room. as a Bears fan, it would be the most bears thing ever to give up a second round pick, and then the guy walks at the end of the year on a bad team. So certainly not ruling out that little fiasco.
  4. cyclone24

    Any guitar geeks here?

    So been playing a few months self taught, know a good number of chords, strumming rhythm is getting better…picked up a Taylor 414CE (which sounds unreal) today… Im struggling doing barre chords. Big hands and cant seem to get that index finger to stay down. Anybody that plays have any tricks or tips? Feels like this is my big hurdle
  5. Exactly. The guy accounted for over 425 yards yesterday. It might help if this elite defense he supposed to have wouldn’t keep getting shredded every week lately where he’s got a try to throw them back in the game. He’s not Josh Allen or Mahomes. And he still down his best receiver.
  6. cyclone24

    I’m Tired And I…

    This is the only real answer… Guy was nice enough to take on two dipshiits, and what did it get him? Eaten by a shark.
  7. cyclone24

    Any guitar geeks here?

    Yeah, what worked for me Was going back a little bit and relearning like an A chord or especially in a Minor or E and playing with my bottom Three fingers. That helped a ton because you basically have to do that on those barre chords. Starting to hit them now. my biggest thing is confidence in it. Played with a guy the other day that does gigs and he said if you just play it loud you play just as well as guys that are getting paid around the city to do gigs. Now my singing on the other hand? Yikes.
  8. cyclone24

    Mass Shootings Maine

    Hey, I was just checking in to see if the good guy with the gun showed up? No? OK
  9. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    Went and saw it this morning. I think if you haven’t read the book, you’ll find it pretty fascinating and not that surprising at the same time. (blowing my brains out that I basically said the book is better like some sort of arsehole.) Thought it was well done. Very respectful to the Indians. You can tell a lot of work was put into that. Although I came off thinking, Indians are some pretty stupid people. Long movie but definitely watchable. Leo and Robert give pretty good performances I would say. Couple nice cameos at the end from Brendan Fraser and John Lithgow. I’ll give it four middle fingers. Not elite, but definitely more than watchable.
  10. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    Ahh you know what my bad. I was thinking of Florence Pugh her character in that movie. She gets after it in Oppenheimer but is in Black Widow. Never been a big Scarlett Johansson fan
  11. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    She bangs it out in Oppenheimer if that does anything for you
  12. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    Oh, so liberals will absolutely love this then.
  13. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    Yeah 3:26 run time…jesus.
  14. cyclone24

    Killers of the flower moon

    I read the book so I’ll probably go see it at some point. Long freaking movie though.
  15. cyclone24

    OK am I in the wrong for this?

    So we’re in Nashville. We’ve been drinking all night. Met a group of guys we think they’re pretty cool but I’m a fairly big guy 62 210 I work out. So I go to the bathroom I come back my wife tells me that one of the guys in the group you’ve been hanging out with try to kisser. So I get in his face and I say OK try it now motherfucker that I’m standing here. She says oh that’s not what happened and so I’m like literally telling the guy OK that’s cool. I just want to make sure that we’re good that you’re not trying . am I in the wrong being a little bit pissed off with her after the fact. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not American bad ass or anything but like I know at least two of the guys I could take at the same focking time if they wanted to start something. so what am I supposed to do here. I think it’s a bunch of that in front of the guys she said that’s not what happened.
  16. cyclone24

    OK am I in the wrong for this?

    Man..havent been here in awhile but your reading comprehension hasnt gotten any better.
  17. cyclone24

    OK am I in the wrong for this?

    Ohhhh…we did. Hah. Young girls are exhaustingly dumb.
  18. cyclone24

    OK am I in the wrong for this?

    Lol at least someone would get some..
  19. cyclone24

    OK am I in the wrong for this?

    Yeah we’re not messy drunks (when we even drink which isnt that often) we’re more like we’re running for mayor drunks and just talk to everybody, buy drinks, etc. So she said she saw me in his face and im not yelling im just in a good tone asking if hed like to try it while im standing there…and she said she saw that it might escalate and thought the best plan was to say it didnt happen so i didnt kill him. Trust me I tried to explain what a dumbass that makes me look like… I dunno…wimmen.
  20. cyclone24

    planet K2-18b shows potential signs of life

    I can’t remember who said it but what’s the quote? There’s either no aliens and we’re all alone or there’s lots of aliens, and both are equally terrifying.
  21. cyclone24

    Spread Eagle

    Theres actually a great site if youre into that stuff www.lemonparty.org Solid stuff
  22. So I have Kelce who is hurt, Taylor out and Kamara out for three games. Thinking of trading Kelce, Pickens, Higbee, and Achane for Waller Kupp and Jeudy. Should I just grab better talent and assume I’m going to be crap for the first month which I might be anyway and then try to make my run after that? Or is that a bad trade?
  23. Re-draft. And it’s a Pickens, the wide receiver, not the quarterback. Have Barkley, Walker and Kamara and Taylor has running backs.
  24. Yeah, but if any trade for him was that first rounder and everything else is a nonstarter then why go through the process at all? I just can’t see Miami making all those moves and saying oh well they’ll probably settle for a second round or at the end
  25. I just don’t understand what happened from the miami side. The last two days they’ve been moving heaven and earth clearing up cap space and making moves.