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  1. cyclone24

    Newtown wins state title...

    https://mobile.twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1205998358835449856 On the 7th anniversary to the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, Newtown wins a state title on the last play of the game. Kid who caught it, a senior, like many on the team...were in 5th grade at the time. Awesome.
  2. cyclone24

    Times person of the year

    Plot should be good.... Greta: "Can't believe how hot it is in February with this global warming...I need to cool down and get out of these clothes " (Actor with green eco friendly decomposible condom putting it in her arse) "How dare you!!"
  3. cyclone24

    Workplace End of Year/ Christmas presenta

    Just blow him....that's essentially what you want to do and he'll appreciate that more than your desk golf set gift.
  4. cyclone24

    Soccer ball................size?

    Which one you asking for?
  5. cyclone24

    Times person of the year

    Fighting for democracy doesnt fit a liberal agenda magazine.
  6. Sorry kid. Saying dumb things like you do doesn't make it true. Weren't you just crying about name calling and now you're going to try ad hominum attacks because your argument is so weak? Get out of here.
  7. Dope at least quote my entire sentence if you're going to say something stupid. Better chance than some mythical shootout in my home? Absolutely. Farming machinery? What in the actual fock? Weird argument. "Well well guns aren't as bad as ________ so it's all good. " so odd.
  8. Well hes essentially making the same argument I am just in reverse. Where I'm saying that the functionality of a gun to kill living things is not the same as an automobile which main function is transportation. Yeah you absolutely could reduce the number of cars and I would venture to guess you would also lower the number of auto fatalities. Just as you would reducing a number of dangerous thing this we do. For me it just comes back to design of use. A car was not created to kill living things. A gun was.
  9. Cute that you think youd stand a chance if our gubment wanted to exterminate us all. Yall wont stop mass shootings but suddenly going to stop military arsenals? Oh ok.
  10. True but everyone is a responsible owner right up until they are not. Thus..why we dont go a week without a child under 5 dying from a gun.
  11. I dunno. We didnt grow up with them...so I'm sure that's a personal factor. IMO...and I get folks will disagree...IMO theres a far greater chance me or my kids get killed with a gun in the house accidentally than itll ever be used in some shootout.
  12. And again you're trying to get away from the point. You have to miss use a car to kill someone. A gun is designed to kill living things so when it's used it's working just like it's supposed to.
  13. Dude... I haven't always lived here. I lived in pretty crappy places. One of them I was called the spot because I was the only white guy around and that's what the brothers called me because they could always find me. Places where I would play pick up ball in I could see a guy playing with a gun on him. Lived in another place where I saw guys welding a metal ball to the end of a crowbar for a weapon. Still didn't need a gun. Like I said get out of here with this nonsense.