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  1. cyclone24

    Woman killed by industrial meat grinder...

    Soooo....boss give her tomorrow off or nah?
  2. I just thought it was funny that a kid that got thrown off a balcony was named Landen. Sometimes the humor God's love irony.
  3. cyclone24

    Books you are reading

    I'm all over Lou Berney books lately... November Road is excellent.
  4. cyclone24

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    I had to go back and re watch it but did they cover how the group that got their heads lopped off all got caught and taken to some horse stable? I mean they just seem to gloss over that and how the highwayman guys found them? How? Awesome episode and I'm glad they killed that little twit that keeps chasing the girl. Carolines son. And least they killed a lot of annoying people. Alpha is such a great bad character.
  5. cyclone24

    Happy anniversary!!!

    14 years ago today......the gurgle gurgle gurgle stopped gurgling. We've come a long way since then. Now shed be pregnant from a nurse caring for her.
  6. I'm going to give you all a little tip. Take whoever Iowa or Iowa state is playing. Both teams look like dog crap.
  7. cyclone24

    UFC 235

    There's never been a fight with Herb Dean where I've ever said oh my gosh Herb did such a good job. Hes always terrible. Lawler took his foot off the pedal and it cost him. Smith had no business being in that octagon with bones. That was pathetic. The girls fighting just bores me to tears. It's a decision almost every time. Usman Was crazy dominant over Woodley.
  8. cyclone24

    What the actual fock? Mueller Report pre-order on Amazon?!

    It's a hoax that Amazon fell for.. I'm fairly confident Alan is not doing the forward for a book like this...but its fake.
  9. cyclone24

    Favorite NBA signature move

    Seriously...I stole probably 20 moves and worked on them constantly growing up. J kidd had this sweet inside out dribble, avery Johnson had this little hesitation dribble with his left I loved. Worthy though, aside from the shoulder turn spin move, used to get post position...then would step toward the passer with one foot to catch, then he'd drop that foot back like he was posted before...you push he does that spin, lay off and he just shoulder pounded and went up. So good.
  10. cyclone24

    Thinking of buying a bar

  11. cyclone24

    Robert Kraft is a cheater at heart

    This isnt the worst news of the day for Robert Kraft. Dude likes hookers
  12. cyclone24

    Savage Mechanical Bull Operator

    Lol that's outstanding.
  13. cyclone24

    Life insurance

    Insurance is always hard because everyone's situation is different. My wife and I both have million dollar policies but we also live in a nice house and have 3 small kids. I think once the term of this ends we will be in our early 60s? And then we will just let it lapse because by then will be financially secure that those million dollar policies wont be as valuable. Just hard to put a stamp on this is what you should do. But obviously the older you are the less you really need it because you're probly financially in a good spot. Or you should be you piece of shiit.
  14. cyclone24

    Denise Milani Tribute Thread

    Haha..I dont know how to tell her this but with those narrow hips she cant have but 6 or 7 children.