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  1. cyclone24

    Back Help

    All i can tell you is how i stretch out your mothers back.
  2. cyclone24

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    I’m going to say my peace on this and be done with it. The thing is I really wish people would stop saying this is not who we are as a country. Are you kidding me? This is exactly who we are as a country. Many of you on here stayed silent all summer while liberals burned down our cities. Many of you and I include myself in this stayed silent and even applauded Trump because he says what he feels despite the issues that causes. It helps absolutely nobody by sugarcoating or being Pollyanna-ish that somehow this isn’t who we are as a country. I mean I think we all know how difficult it is to have a rational conversation with the opposing view that doesn’t end up in a complete disaster. This site is proof of that. We’re like a couple that’s been around in together for decades and we both know it’s not working. One of us just needs to cheat on the other one and blow it up and get it over with. How we do that I have no idea but to act like this isn’t who we are? Ridiculous.
  3. cyclone24

    Class Action Park

    Waiting for the Tiger documentary to drop then using the free week to watch both. Heard it was a good doc...but also heard it could have been alot shorter.
  4. Yeah it may not make any difference but if I'm a 5 star recruit today where am I going? I basically have 3 or 4 options if I want to win a national title. But maybe now I'm a kid from Florida or Texas and my home school has potential of getting in. Maybe I can go to this other school and not have to wait to play at my position where I would at an Alabama. It may not make a huge difference but you at least thin out the highly recruited guys a little hopefully. And my Alma mater Iowa state is a great example. Maybe a kid looks at that school now saying you know what I like that coach in they are clearly building something. Maybe I take a little longer look at them.
  5. Ugly manning senator? Michelle Obama was never a senator. Wow...embarrassing.
  6. cyclone24

    RIP Tanya Roberts

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/tanya-roberts-still-alive-despite-reports-death She lives! Maybe she can appear in one more whackable scene for us.
  7. cyclone24

    Antonio Brown

    Lot of dudes you can part with though too.
  8. cyclone24

    Antonio Brown

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/03/antonio-brown-reaches-250000-bonus-with-45-catches/amp/ According to this he needed the 11. I don't care either way...I think its fun to see actually. Interesting that players and coaches are that aware in game of it.
  9. cyclone24

    Antonio Brown

    100% They do it every week 17. Brady needed to finish 5th to get his...was throwing all over. David Moore from Seattle got the same play to get his when they could have kneeled. Dalton lost $1 million losing yesterday
  10. cyclone24

    Jennifer Connelly appreciation

    Shame that she lost that rack...she could have been one of the greats. Still complete smoke though.
  11. It would help alot.... Right now there's only 3 or 4 consistent teams that are getting there. So if you are a 5 star recruit where are you going to go? If you expand to 8...you start getting some new teams in their on the fringe that maybe now that 5 star or 4 star recruit at least looks somewhere else and you start to spread out talent a little.
  12. cyclone24

    WR dilemma...need some expert thought process

    Sat Sanders for Gage. Probably play Moore over Keenan. Don't need my receivers to go off...just need them to hold serve. Those two should have nice volume im hoping.
  13. cyclone24

    WR dilemma...need some expert thought process

    The other thing I'm trying to factor in is I am a massive favourite in my final. Like 25 point favourite in a standard league or what Yahoo says is a 73% chance to win. So I don't need a huge game from my wide receivers I just need to not take a stinker game...
  14. cyclone24

    WR dilemma...need some expert thought process

    Yeah I might do that. Man just seems like Gage would be the pick though?