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  1. Uhhhhhhhhgain..for the 100th time. IN HOME. Great…use a bazooka in YOUR home i dont care.
  2. cyclone24

    Could You Pass Army Physical Requirements?

    I felt like I may have had a topic on this years ago about what events we could actually beat Special Olympics kids in. And I think we listed like the times and results of things and it wasn’t very many. Lol. so I’m guessing marine shiit is probably even worse
  3. I know we can’t do it, but I would ban alcohol. It is a societal detriment that kills and provides absolutely nothing positive other than approximately 99% of me getting laid through college. I mean, I know what you’re going after, but it’s it’s like saying why worry about this when cancer kills more people or insert whatever you want. None of it is good.
  4. Not avoiding your question, but I don’t think you can really quantify it. If you have a school shooting where five kids get killed, everyone’s going to say that’s bad and it’s 5 too many. If you have 20 people killed breaking into homes in that same neighborhood everyone’s going to justify all 20. And their most definitely is a WHO is getting killed component to it. Do we really care about daily gangbangers? Of course not.
  5. You’re missing the point. I don’t really care if you have a legal gun or an illegal gun in your house and you use it in your house. Makes absolutely no difference to me. what I care about is all of you legal gun owners saying don’t look at us when legal gun owner owners all over the country are shooting places up on a daily basis. I would also argue I’m not sure I want a bunch of gun owners, playing hero cop in a shoot out at my grocery store or movie theater either… but that’s a discussion for another day again, I would say over 90% of the illegal guns are concentrated in certain areas of your towns you would never step foot in anyway. So who are you probably going to get shot by? A legal gun owner. That’s an issue.
  6. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    I think we should take this more seriously personally. Holy shiit guys. Lol
  7. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    Im suddenly wishing i lost the bet.
  8. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    Nah fock that. Jesus Christ it’s a message board. Id never hold somebody to something so childish. @EternalShinyAndChrome is fine. Christ.
  9. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

  10. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    Ha in fairness i just happened to see it on the twitter. Heck i aint making anyone leave here anyway…lets just see who the guy is.
  11. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    Lol ive been here since what 2005? Not one alias. Fair bet. But ill give you an out…he was a security guard…guessing he has legal guns
  12. cyclone24

    Allen Texas shooting

    Oh hey, what do you know. Just what I was talking about. Guy shows up to a mall and just starts popping. I’ll bet any of you any amount that makes you uncomfortable that it’s a legally owned gun. by the way, where is all these good guys with a gun that are concealed carry that are supposed to show up? Once again, it’s a trained professional that steps in. exactly what I’m talking about. All these illegal guns you’re worried about? Where are they located? I’m guessing 95% of them are in neighborhoods You would never step foot in. let me know if anybody wants to take that bet Tune in tomorrow for the daily mass shooting.
  13. cyclone24

    How do you MEN feel about...

    Lol. I walked into that one didnt i.
  14. cyclone24

    How do you MEN feel about...

    I’m in good shape but I used to have the dad bod and I hated it. 48 and I’m getting to the point where I’m saying in 10 years. My body could be a lot different and I need to get in shape while I still can. I lift just about every day and I get up 200 shots in the gym every day. My last grasp on youth athleticism I guess.