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  1. cyclone24

    Antonio tweets he's done

    Dropping juju for him. Upside is just too much...if he sucks? Probably sucks as much as juju, AJ Green, etc....can just go back and get them.
  2. Won 5 out of 19 years but still... Already dealt Benny Snell and Drake for Aaron Jones. Now look at this shiit.. I can either do: Derek carr and Josh Jacobs for lamar Jackson or Matt Ryan, juju, jacobs and damien Harris For Mahomes and Amari cooper. (Carson, jones, Mohstert, Jacobs, pollard, Mattison, and Justin Jackson are my backs) Wtf...fleece city.
  3. cyclone24

    Mostert FTW!

    Umm..well cmon ha
  4. cyclone24

    Vice presidential debate.

    Yeah but correct me if I'm wrong but if you're making let's say $350000 you weren't seeing that tax break anyway were you?
  5. cyclone24

    Vice presidential debate.

    Jillian Mele.... Fox and friends...absolutely smoke.
  6. cyclone24

    Mostert FTW!

    This was the 1st year I stopped following this site for their rankings. Almost none of them make sense on a weekly basis. Damien Harris is at 39? I'll chew off my left foot if he is 39 or lower this week.
  7. cyclone24

    Potential for a lot of week 5 upsets

    Bears aren't winning that game.....they are trash.
  8. cyclone24

    Raheem Mohstert dropped?

    Guy with some serious roster issues just dropped him. I know he's hurt but shouldn't he be scooped up or is he going to be in timeshare hell when he comes back?
  9. 15 roster spots i have 7 running backs. WRs can be found but man forget it if you lose a stud rb. (4 functioning backs and 3 lotto tickets in Williams, mattison and pollard)
  10. cyclone24

    Any in season trades going on?

    Swung kenyan drake and Benny snell to the connor owner last week for Aaron Jones. Lol. Robbery.
  11. cyclone24

    Week 3 Waiver Wire

    Why is everybody on mckinnon? I mean when mohsrert is healthy this is his backfield. What am I missing?
  12. cyclone24

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    Got rooftop tickets at Wrigley field to watch the cubs twins series. That was pretty fun.
  13. cyclone24

    Type in Antifa.com in your browser

    Yeah I highly doubt Antifa has a website or needs one. I feel like there was something similar towards trump as well.
  14. cyclone24

    Joe Biden said what?

    Lol I put that on FB..that if ge drags Hillary in with her hot sauce packets im voting for Biden...because that level of pandering can't not be rewarded haha
  15. cyclone24

    Jalen Reagor hype?

    What am I missing here? Hes available in our league as nobody drafted him. But hes getting a ton of hype? Is he worth grabbing?