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  1. This is all gone so stupid. So protesters yelling the most vile things and one guy who looks more like hes just trying to taunt the protesters says white power and trump tweeting it just automatically makes him a racist. Watching the video the guy looked more like he was just trying to rile up the protesters even more. You would have thought trump was in the golf cart. But hey..rage on
  2. Will be interesting to see what comes of this. My gut says that there is so much Intel about attacks they have to prioritize how many or which ones get through to brief everyone on. Possibly not credible enough? Doesnt seem like a terribly plausible scenario.
  3. cyclone24

    Arizona politician slammed for George Floyd joke

    Should see what Kansas state is doing to a kid that tweeted "Its been a month since floyd was drug free" or something to that effect. Mob after him, school after him.
  4. This. If given the choice I'd rather coach them when they are older
  5. cyclone24

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Me.too....im.worried and somewhat hopeful in a weird way that a white backlash is coming and it's not going to be pretty.
  6. cyclone24

    Amazon bought naming rights to Key Arena...

    If they dont have drones bringing me stuff I dont need during the game..what's the point.
  7. cyclone24

    Who the fock can be a stay at home parent all the time?

    Yeah I don't think anybody's job is better than anybody else's by any means but for the most part lets just be honest anybody that's on here on this message board isnt exactly working for NASA 14 hours A-day. We could all if we wanted to probably learn each other's jobs. Can't really teach the patience needed to stay-at-home with kids all day. That's not saying that they are any better but it's just a different skill set....cant really learn it. Just like I could probably learn how to be a police officer but I respect them more than other professions because I don't have the skill set they do to be calm when adults are morons.
  8. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    My wife and kids do. I dont have that deep family connection to pets.
  9. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    Child's play...we're north of $10k.
  10. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    That's the thing. There's toys all over the place and he doesn't touch them. It's all food. Kind of hard to keep toddlers and kids from dropping food 100% of the time.
  11. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    Yeah. Not sure about all that..he grabs shiit and runs off.
  12. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    How do you teach a dog to only eat dog food? Yeah not sure what to do....smh
  13. cyclone24

    This damn dog...

    So I have posted about this before but our dog who is a little over 5 has cost us thousands upon thousands and surgery because he eats pacifiers. So we were clear of that but now we think he is eaten a corn on the cob piece that a kid dropped at a party we were at. I'm struggling because it's not his fault but at what point do you say that just too much? It's not that we don't have the money but it's almost more of its apparently never going to stop. Hes just always going to find things like this to eat.
  14. cyclone24

    Who the fock can be a stay at home parent all the time?

    Lol...been doing it 6 years now. 3 girls..9,4, and 2. It's like anything else it has its pros and its cons. I don't have a work week but I also don't have weekend's. Cook, clean, laundry, groceries, on and on. But.. I wont get that time back. The 9 year old is already off with her friends most the day. I get why people wouldnt do it. Certainly have to be wired for it.
  15. cyclone24

    Moving out of the 5th spot in draft?

    Yeah I think that's the issue...probably swap picks...just trying to see what's fair as far as round