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  1. Yes, that is by design of the current salary cap era we live in. By historical standards though we have had several all time dvoa rated teams over the past couple years. Ravens this year were the 3rd highest rated dvoa team in history behind the 2017 Pats and 91 Skins. This year's Niners team was the 6th highest rated in history. 2022 Bills and 2019 Ravens are also on this list of top 10 greatest efficiency teams. Only 6 or 7 of these teams won the Super Bowl.
  2. kcBlitzkrieg

    Dan Quinn says Eric Bieniemy won't return to Commanders' staff

    I think you mean, "get the Niners over the hump against KC". Last I checked it was KC hoisting 2 Super Bowl trophies, one of which the Niners watched from the sideline and the other they watched from their couches....
  3. kcBlitzkrieg

    AFC Championship: Chiefs @ Ravens

    ....and if a play or two had gone differently, the Chiefs would've won by two scores....
  4. kcBlitzkrieg

    NFC Championship: Lions @ 49ers

    This was much more a product of the rain and Purdy's smallish hands.... Imho it was Shanny that struggled when Deebo went out. I'm guessing Deebo's factor in this week's gameplan is going to be that of a decoy rather than weapon. Aiyuk is going to be the one who benefits....I'm on his OV props.
  5. kcBlitzkrieg

    AFC Championship: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Me too WP
  6. kcBlitzkrieg

    AFC Championship: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Lucky to beat Buffalo ?? What game were you watching ?? The Bills needed a soft as charmin Mecole hardman fumble through the back of the endzone on the 1 yard line PLUS a Josh Allen fumble that should've just been fallen on for a KC recovery instead of an attempted scoop & score by a rookie DB just to even be in the position of kicking a game tying FG. KC dominated the 2H.....Bills were lucky to lose that game by 3 is the accurate statement.
  7. kcBlitzkrieg

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2024: First Four Rounds

    Mahomes won't be #1 if they don't find someone to stretch the field....no not Mecole, a real WR not a track star. MVS thankfully will be gone. Kelce wasn't even the top TE this year, next year will be his last year. Age catches up with us all and it caught him this year for sure. KC led the entire league in expected EPA vs. actual EPA difference caused by WRs. So the WRs were responsible for the largest gap between real EPA versus what EPA should have been, minus the errors. Another way to look at that is the fact that Mahomes had the "least" amount of help from his WR group in the entire league. We all know about them leading the league in dropped passes but this also factors in the mental mistakes, wrong / poor routes. Entire group minus Rashee needs overhauled. I'm sure KC will be in cap trouble again this year so getting a FA like Higgins is highly unlikely. Maybe a guy like Pittman could work or I'd like to maybe see them take a look at Mooney (hands, route running). Hollywood Brown would fit the field stretcher role nicely too.
  8. kcBlitzkrieg

    Time to Fire Some Coaches

    Chargers have a horrible owner. They care nothing about winning. Just because they are in LA and have Herbert doesn't make them the #1 option. Cali taxes, one of the worst ownership groups in NFL, tough division. You look at the salary cap space the Chargers have?? (vomit) Very likely not otherwise you would've shied away putting them at the top spot. Skins and Pats have picks #2 and 3 in the draft with 2 of the top 3 most salary cap space in the league....WAS #1 and NE #3.... Titans are #2 and Vegas #10. TONS of cap room. Titans and owner are gunning for new stadium and she is committed to winning Super Bowl at any cost (allegedly). Seattle has one of the best owners in football. As does NE. Not sure why Bama is even listed.... 1. Atlanta (talent, ownership, shitty division) / Washington (cap space and Caleb Williams) 3. Seattle / NE / Tenn 6. Vegas / Chargers 8. Panthers
  9. kcBlitzkrieg

    Time to Fire Some Coaches

  10. kcBlitzkrieg

    All white vs all black pro bowl

    Who said it's over ?? Reminds me of the epic skit from Chappelle on the racial draft....."who gets Tiger ?" lmao The two biggest questions are.... 1. Who gets Mahomes ?? 2. Who gets the polynesians ?? Nacua, Hufanga, Sewell, etc.
  11. kcBlitzkrieg

    2024 who are you stashing

    Mooney - for when they shiit can everyone and bring in someone to run a real NFL offense then draft Caleb or Drake.
  12. kcBlitzkrieg

    UPDATE: Justin Jefferson - Chest Injury Wk 14

    JJ coming back just in time for the playoffs Too bad he doesn't have a QB now.
  13. kcBlitzkrieg

    Haley leads Biden by 10 points, Trump and DeSantis lead by single digits

    “I want to talk about Gov. Newsom. Want to thank him,” Biden said at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, according to a transcript released by the White House. “He’s been one hell of a governor, man. Matter of fact, he could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for.” https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/biden-floats-newsom-for-president-apec-in-sf-18496249.php Newsom just waiting in the wings to take the DNC nom from Biden when he is finally told his time is over by his handlers. Newsome odds have dropped from 20-1 six months ago, to 12-1 and now only 6-1, third best odds in the field. Get yo popcorn ready...
  14. kcBlitzkrieg

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    No shiit buddy.... hence, the link to the entire thread that is mentioned by OP but never posted.... only 3rd party mainstream media hit piece BS. I post a SOURCE to the OP's comment and in reply to the guy who mentions the ADL. Pretty straight forward, I can see you didn't read though just react... problem with people these days... Just sharing FAX bud....get your head right yo.