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  1. kcBlitzkrieg

    Gambling Thread

    Going to try and post consistently here.... Initial leans: Lions -7 Buccs +2.5 Den +6
  2. kcBlitzkrieg

    Patrick Mahomes - Dislocated Kneecap

    I bet they keep him out through the bye week which would give him 6 weeks recovery. If they lose the next 3 games then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him vs the Chargers in 4 games.
  3. kcBlitzkrieg

    Patrick Mahomes - Dislocated Kneecap

    packers, vikes, titans, chargers are next 4 Chiefs games....they can get 2 maybe 3 wins out of those with the expectation Mahomes comes back in 3-4 weeks.... MRI is scheduled to be done in about 50 minutes from now so we'll find out soon....
  4. kcBlitzkrieg

    Trade Help

    I'd stick with Saquon
  5. .5ppr flex Keeper league Offer is Julio OR Amari plus Hollywood Brown for DJ and Darwin....I know it looks pretty obvious on paper but I am leaning Amari/Hollywood for DJ/Darwin. Amari won't have keeper value but Hollywood will. I have DJ as keeper next year then he's done. I don't know what Darwin does in practice all week to earn him no PT but its enough for me to consider trading his keeper value away My RBs and WRs Kamara DJ Chubb Connor Darwin Thompson Godwin Samuel J.Brown DRob (AJ Green) I haven't been playing Connor and just getting by with the WRs to pair with Godwin. Who knows what AJ Green is gonna be when he gets back....This trade would make my lineup look like this.... Kamara Chubb Amari Godwin Connor/J.Brown/Samuel @ the Flex Thanks all for the input...
  6. kcBlitzkrieg

    Gambling Thread

    Zona +3 1u $ Zona +145 1u $ Panthers -3.5 1u $ Vikes -5 1u $ Buccs +3 1u L Broncos +6.5 1u $ Best of luck all $ $
  7. kcBlitzkrieg

    1/2 Point PPR WR Help

  8. kcBlitzkrieg

    Any 0-4 teams out there?

    Ok I'll play this game... 2qb superflex... league winner 2/3 past years and took 2nd that other year.... most points scored against by over 100 and outscored by 191 points to start the year... I fully expect to still make the playoffs Watson Jameis Chubby Damien W D.Montgomery Breida Tyreke Godwin Ridley Demarcus and Mecole Waller 0-4 but only 2 games back.... will make the $ Good luck all....
  9. kcBlitzkrieg

    Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

    I know the comparison vs Lockett was already addressed but there is no “2nd fiddle” here as both Evans and Godwin are only separated by 1 target....
  10. kcBlitzkrieg

    Damian Williams update?

    Mccoy is said to be on limited snap count
  11. kcBlitzkrieg

    Cam Newton.. whats his deal?

    Yes he's never been an accurate passer by nfl standards but he has never looked as bad as he has through these 2 games....missing wide open guys all night, should've had 400 yards and 2 TDs.... going on the bench for now but I also don't have high hopes for rest of way. Only hope is that he's still way too rusty from the injuries and he "gets right" within a few games.
  12. kcBlitzkrieg

    FAB $ week 1 waiver pick ups

    Just curious, what are some of the philosophies on FAB money spending after week 1 ? Personally I have no issue spending 20 - 30% on one guy if its a guy I trust is gonna be a big part of my team...or two, leaving roughly 50% of total budget for the remaining weeks. Example: 6pt TD keeper league and DAK is on ww. My QBs are Jameis and Cam. I liked enough what I saw out of Kellen Moore's offense that I'm targeting DAK with 35% of total funds. McLaurin I don't necessarily need WR help but for better depth I'm targeting him at 15%. other philosophies???
  13. kcBlitzkrieg

    Tyreek Hill carted off

  14. kcBlitzkrieg

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    You watch him play or just look at the box score the next day?